Sugar relationships might be pricey, but it’s one of the most fun and mutually beneficial dating setups available.

Some dating sites don’t provide this option, though, so which sugar dating site is right for you?

Below you’ll find the top 11 sugar daddy sites and apps for 2023, ranging from premium platforms to free services and everything in between.

11 Best Sugar Daddy Dating Websites Reviewed

Top 5 Quick Glance

  1. Versatile adult dating platform – AdultFriendFinder
  2. Best “luxury dating” site overall – Seeking
  3. Unique auction system – What’s Your Price
  4. Top security features – SugarDaddyMeet
  5. App for sexy luxury trips – Miss Travel

1. AdultFriendFinder – Versatile Platform for Sugar Dating


  • Large & diverse community
  • Nice sugar dating guides
  • Lots of sugar baby accounts


  • Not really designed for sugar dating
  • Transactions could get risky

Originally, Adult Friend Finder was designed to be a casual hookup site, but given that it’s got one of the largest numbers of active accounts – why not include sugar dating, too?

Plus, not to mention that the users on this site come from diverse backgrounds, so you can quickly turn this from a regular old casual dating site to a sugar hookup platform.

However, remember that since AFF wasn’t created to be a sugar daddy website, the transactions with your chosen sugar baby will be done outside of the platform. As such, you should be aware of the risks it entails.

However, there is a silver lining!

AFF is well aware that some of their users like to date, well, sweetly. So, they took it upon themselves to also provide both sugar babies and daddies with helpful guides and reading materials to help them properly conduct sugar dates on the platform.

Plus, AFF is great at providing you with lots of subcategories for your sugar baby or sugar daddy searches, which range from more vanilla to ones that turn the hotness dial up to eleven.

Additionally, there are active forums aimed toward sugar dating on AFF, so you can also check that out for better matches.

2. Seeking – Best Luxury Dating Site Overall


  • Large luxury dating community
  • Mobile app available
  • Lots of attractive and rich members
  • Free for women


  • Only free for female members
  • Not for MILF lovers

Seeking, also known as Seeking Arrangement, is a great luxury dating app if you’re looking for an option that will help you get a sweet batting average of almost 100%. 

By that, we mean that nearly each and every female account on this app is legit, ready, and willing to take on a luxury dating partner as long as they have the funds for it.

And if you’re a girl, you’d be pleased to know that Seeking is one of the best luxury dating apps out there as well, since they provide their female members with an absolutely free membership!

Best of all,

Seeking Arrangement has tens of millions of active members and, most importantly, the female to male ratio here is great as well. So much so that a rough estimate would place it at 3 women for every man on the site – with more women signing up every day.

Yes, every male member on this site must pay a membership fee right from the start, but with so many great perks – it’s definitely worth it!

3. What’s Your Price – Great Auction Feature on Site


  • Works using an auction setup
  • Nice starting bids
  • Great customer service


  • No set starting bid amount
  • Small community overall

If you’re a sugar baby looking for a rich benefactor, then it’s time to put yourself on the auction block – which is exactly what What’s Your Price provides its members. 

And if you’re a sugar daddy who’s tired of the traditional sugar dating setup of buying “gifts” for your baby, then the thrill of WYP’s sweet auction system is a perfect alternative for you.

This website gives you a chance to go into bidding wars with other men out there and – the ones with the deepest pockets get to take home their sweet prize!

Sounds pretty good, right?

WYP also provides starting bids for their babies for as low as $10, but it really all depends on the sugar babies themselves since they get to set their own starting prices.

And if you’re worried that a potential scammer might just run off with your money once you win an auction, don’t be: each and every transaction on WYP is done in-site, so there’s no way you can get duped.

But if there’s ever any issue that you might encounter, you can rest assured that WYP’s active customer service team is on the case. Simply put, this sugar dating website values your time and money and always gives 100% when it comes to providing you with the sweetest sugar date possible.

4. SugarDaddyMeet – Best Sugar Daddy Security



  • Only available in select cities
  • Small overall community

SugarDaddyMeet is one of the best sugar dating sites if your primary concern is security

Whether you’re a sweet poppa or a sugar baby, SDM makes sure that all your information is properly – and effectively – kept safe in their systems.

This sugar daddy site primarily does this by providing a thorough verification process right from when you create an account to ensure you’re not just there to catfish their users. 

While we know, it’s a bummer to wait…

SDM takes time to cover all the bases to keep you and all their members safe, and it’s definitely worth it.

Plus, you won’t have to spend a single cent during the whole account signup process since you only get charged when you decide to upgrade your membership to a premium account.

And in line with their mission to provide sugar daddies and sugar babies a safe, secure, and legitimate platform – SDM also boasts one of the best customer support teams around, which are available round the clock for whatever concerns you might have.

Overall, the user base on this SugarDaddyMeet is a bit smaller compared to their competitors; however, it’s more a matter of quality over quantity!

5. Miss Travel – Best Sugar Baby App for Luxury Trips


  • Made with sugar vacations in mind
  • Transacted using customized trips
  • Guaranteed safe & secure platform


  • No other sugar payment methods
  • Long verification process

Miss Travel is exactly what its name suggests: it’s a sugar baby app where women can find a sugar daddy online who’s willing to send them on luxury vacations all around the world.

How great does that sound?

As such, there’s no need for sugar dads to go through the trouble of selecting what size of Jimmy Choos or what color of Louboutin’s their sugar baby wants – 

It’s all a matter of setting up a nice vacation for these girls!

On MT, sugar daddies customize their own luxury vacations, after which the sugar babies on the site get to select their favorite trips from the pickings. 

Simply put, sugar vacations are the only currency that you can use on this site, which makes it perfect if you like traveling with a sizzling young thing by your side.

Yes, the account verification process here takes some time, but that ultimately works to your advantage since MT makes sure that every daddy and baby on their platform is legit.

After all, we’re talking about travel here, and safety is of the utmost importance when you’re going out with someone you just met.

6. Ashley Madison – Best for Dating Married People


  • Great account customization
  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Available as a mobile app


  • Not a lot of user variety
  • Not really a sugar daddy app

Ashley Madison is infamous for being a site that’s dedicated to extramarital affairs. As such, AM isn’t necessarily a sugar daddy or sugar baby website, but it sure as hell can be used like one!

Some of the members on the site are older men who both have the funds and the loose morals to nab themselves a hot young thing or two, which makes AM a viable platform for sugar dads and babies to meet, connect, and transact.

Speaking of transactions,

What really makes AM stand out is how the site allows multiple payment options that let you send your “gifts” to your babies much more conveniently.

And since AM is a site made for people to cheat on their husbands and wives (though we don’t condone it!), –  it makes sure that all your information is kept safe in their databases.

Therefore what happens on AM stays in AM. Plus, account customization is also nice here, which allows you to post your own photos and check out the profiles of your prospects.

Best of all, though: it’s available as a mobile app, which means you can basically find a sugar date wherever you are as long as you install it on your phone.

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7. EstablishedMen – Great Sugar Daddy Site Support


  • Search engine is efficient & thorough
  • Convenient & quick “gift” process
  • You can sign up for free


  • Paid account to access all features
  • Poor daddy to baby ratio

EstablishedMen understands that the traditional sugar daddy tends to lean toward the older side of the spectrum, which is probably why they’ve emphasized providing their members with some of the most user-friendly features available.

Yes, even Mr. Burns can easily find a sugar baby on this platform!

We also love that EM can give you a quick signup and verification process without sacrificing your account’s security. Additionally, basic memberships are free on this website, with a premium membership option available for a monthly fee.

While you might find that there are more daddies than sugar baby pickings on EM, you’re going to be happy that nearly all accounts here are legit. Meaning you won’t have to grasp at straws to take home your hot new sugar baby!

EM also features excellent customer service that’s prompt and available 24/7. But perhaps the best feature here is how streamlined the “gifting” process is, which allows you to secure your own sugar baby at a much faster rate compared to other apps and websites out there.

8. RichMeetBeautiful – Best for Mobile Sugar Dating


  • App available
  • Safe & secure platform
  • 100% verified accounts


  • User interface could be better
  • Overall small user base

RichMeetBeautiful touts itself as one of the most secure sugar baby apps out there.

This is a platform where a sugar daddy can find a real, verified girl with whom they can get into a relationship. That’s all thanks to how RMB does its verification process for new accounts.

In fact, they take time to let you know the kind of security measures they take to ensure that their website has nothing but 100% legit accounts – with absolutely no catfishing, scams, or trolls allowed.

Yes, creating an account with RMB takes some time – in some cases even lasting weeks before you find out if you’re in or not – but it’s done to ensure that you and all their members are kept safe.

And since RMB is a mobile platform, you can try finding a sugar bay while on the go!

9. EliteSingles – Best for Older Sugar Daddies


  • Customized experience
  • Fun wildcard feature
  • User-friendly site interface
  • Large user base


  • Paid membership needed for wildcard feature
  • Not the best customer service

Made with the traditional sugar daddy in mind – meaning an older man with bags of cash – Elite Singles makes sure that even guys who have never used a dating app before can take advantage of what their platform has to offer.

Of course, that’s not to say that ES is only made exclusively for men of advanced age, as anyone who’s willing to engage in some sweet sugar dates is welcome to create an account with them.

And to really seal the deal…

You’re going to find that this sugar daddy app has a reasonably large community with a decent male-to-female ratio, which means you and your fellow sweet pops won’t have to compete with each other just to connect with a sugar baby.

Speaking of finding a sugar baby, ES doesn’t just leave you hanging once you’ve made an account with their platform; they use an efficient pairing system that matches you with the right sugar baby based on a questionnaire that you can answer on the site.

Talk about making it easy for you!

And if you’re feeling exceptionally adventurous, they have a unique and fun “wildcard” dating system that randomly pairs you up with a sugar baby without the need for the hassles of searching for them or answering their personalized questionnaire.

10. SugarDaddie – A Premium Sugar Daddy Website


  • Deluxe online sugar dating
  • No ads on site
  • Features verified accounts


  • One of the smallest communities
  • No free accounts
  • Lacks content sharing features

You might have gotten soft with age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t always go hard into blowing your stack on sugar dates, which is exactly what SugarDaddie is for. Think of this sugar daddy site as the most luxurious among the already luxurious sugar dating niche.

Given that, 

This platform is also one of the most exclusive, with some of the most strict verification processes. All that to ensure only the biggest fishes and the sweetest sugar baby pros get to join.

They don’t provide any free account signups. But then again, why would they? As we said, this is as premium a sugar daddy website can get, so why tarnish that image by providing you with free accounts?

However, it’s pretty disappointing that despite how SD markets itself as the most premier sugar dating site available, users are only able to share photos with one another. 

Still, you can look at it this way: it adds to the whole mystique of the site.

With guaranteed zero ads and 100% verified accounts, you can easily find a sugar daddy on SD and vice-versa.

11. Sudy – Best Sugar Baby to Daddy Ratio


  • Great user ratio
  • Not all business, works like social media
  • Provides a fun environment


  • App sometimes crashes
  • Verification needed for free access

Sudy is what you can consider as the Tinder of sugar daddy apps.

This is because it uses a similar pairing algorithm in that you swipe left or right based on the app’s suggestions. 

Moreover, it also features chat options that give you a more personal experience connecting with your sugar baby.

Lastly, the sugar baby to daddy ratio is great, too, with more females (babies) than males. So the pickings won’t be slim once you decide to scour the site for the perfect partner!

Top Sugar Dating Sites: FAQs

How Do I Get a Sugar Daddy?

If you’re wondering how to find a sugar daddy, then all you need is to check out the sites we’ve listed here for you. 

Platforms like Adult Friend Finder and Ashley Madison are just some of the great sugar baby apps and sites that you can check out to find a sugar daddy that will shower you with gifts.

How Do I Become a Sugar Baby?

Sugar babies are there to offer companionship and other perks in return for material benefits – like gifts, vacations, and so on. 

And becoming one isn’t difficult either.

To find a sugar daddy that will lavish you with all that and more – try checking out SugarDaddyMeet for a wider pool of sugar daddies or Miss Travel for some luxurious trips!

Are Sugar Daddy Websites Legit?

Yes, most sugar daddy apps and sites make sure that each and every transaction between their users is secure.

Sugar daddy sites also often verify each new account that signs up with them to ensure that there aren’t any scammers on their respective platforms.

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Best Sugar Daddy Sites and Apps: The Takeaway

Whether you’re looking for a partner to go on a mutually beneficial casual date with or start something more long-term – finding the right sugar baby or sugar daddy online has never been easier.

While we love Adult Friend Finder due to its large pool of members and SugarDaddyMeet for its affordable rates – all the sites we’ve listed here provide you with a variety of choices that let you engage in some sweet encounters with a simple click of a button.


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