The Nest Is Not Feel-Good Fare

It's the sort of film "that is easier to admire than like."

There are questions at the center of The Nest: Why do we want more? When we work in service of our ambitions, who exactly are we trying to prove wrong? The new dramatic thriller is from Sean Durkin, whose last feature film was the intense cult thriller Martha Marcy May Marlene. Once again, he can […]

City Lights: Let Dead Emerson “Sucker Punch” You

Dead Emerson’s latest single dwells on the delicate balance between self-sufficiency and the vulnerability required to let others be part of your life.

Dead Emerson, who grew up in the D.C. area and played in local band Todo Mas, shaped his musical sensibilities through an adolescence spent attending D.C. house shows and making music with friends at the University of Maryland. Now based in Los Angeles, he releases solo tracks from his bedroom studio in between playing guitar for […]

City Lights: Embrace Embroidery or Sign Up for a Smithsonian Scavenger Hunt

If you need a new quarantine hobby, DC Design Week will teach you the ins and outs of embroidery.

If you’re fixing to learn a new quarantine craft, the only hoop you need to jump through is an embroidery one. On Sept. 20, DC Design Week will gather amateur craftspeople from the comfort of their homes for an Introduction to Embroidery virtual class. […]

How a Big Collaboration Between Rare Essence and Snoop Dogg Came Together

New single "Hit the Floor" premieres this Saturday.

It all started with an Instagram post. Back in the summer of 2018, Snoop Dogg shared a brief video of himself seated in a car, blunt blazing as he cranks to Rare Essence’s go-go classic, “Hey Buddy Buddy.”  Bicoastal discussions ensued, and months later, when Snoop brought his stage play, Redemption of a Dogg, to […]

City Lights: Celebrate with Black Cat or See What’s New From Japan

Black Cat turns 27 this week and is ringing in the anniversary with a livestreamed concert on YouTube.

When the Black Cat first opened its doors in 1993, its founders were worried that D.C. was losing its place in the music world. There were hardly any independent music venues left, and there was no home for the city’s booming underground music scene […]

City Lights: Watch The 51st State or See Renate Aller’s side walk

Arena Stage's fourth commissioned film turns interviews with District residents into a staged work that addresses this tumultuous summer.

Ten DC playwrights work to capture the tumultuous summer of 2020 in The 51st State, the fourth in a series of films commissioned by Arena Stage. Local dramatists were tasked with interviewing residents about moments that have defined the summer of 2020 […]

City Lights: Attend Adams Morgan Day or Watch Will on the Hill

The 42nd annual Adams Morgan Day has a virtual lineup that offers live music, dance, history panels, and kids' activities.

D.C.’s Adams Morgan neighborhood may be, to some, just a locale where one can drink heavily and eat a jumbo slice, but this Northwest section has always offered way more than that. The 42nd annual Adams Morgan Day will make that clear with a virtual schedule that offers […]

Cuties Is a Complicated, Uncomfortable Coming-of-Age Drama That Refuses Easy Answers

The challenging film, marred by poor marketing and controversy, "refuses to pick a side."

There is a moment in every child’s life when they realize their parents don’t have all the answers. For Amy (Fathia Youssouf), the 11-year-old protagonist of the provocative adolescent drama Cuties, it comes when she eavesdrops on her mother, tearfully explaining to her friend that her husband is taking a second wife. They are a […]

City Lights: Learn About Dolores Huerta’s Life or Explore the Desert in Rock / Canyon

The National Portrait Gallery's 2015 exhibition tracking Huerta's life and accomplishments is available virtually.

One Life: Dolores Huerta welcomes viewers with a vivid portrait—an iconic rendition of Dolores Huerta, the labor leader and civil rights activist, by Chicana artist Barbara Carrasco. The image sets the tone for the exhibition. […]

City Lights: Get “Clumsy” with Cecily or See Art Through Our Eyes

D.C. artist Cecily's new music video is rich, vulnerable, and worth your time.

The recently released music video for “Clumsy” is anything but. In fact, the video exudes confidence and precision, making it a treat for the senses. Within just a few seconds, a catchy beat and the soothingly sweet vocals of D.C. artist Cecily welcome listeners, as the video’s minimalist but rich visuals welcome viewers. […]


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