Arts Commissioner Claps Back at Council Chairman Over Political ‘Mess’

Natalie Hopkinson responds to Chairman Phil Mendelson's comments about drama in the Commission on the Arts and Humanities.

Natalie Hopkinson was going to let D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson‘s comments slide the first time. But after Mendelson parroted her thoughts about the “mess” within the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities for a second time, the arts commissioner and scholar had to say something. It started with Mendelson’s comments in a recent […]

City Lights: Spend Sunday at the Moechella Unity Fest

Justin "Yaddiya" Johnson and his Long Live GoGo organization are finishing off their Juneteenth weekend with a Sunday music festival.

Moechella Unity Fest D.C. musician and activist Justin “Yaddiya” Johnson and his Long Live GoGo organization are finishing off their Juneteenth weekend with a Sunday Moechella Unity Fest. He says the “unity” in the title has multiple meanings:  One is to bring together the different variations of the city’s official music. This show will include […]

Political Debate Is a Contact Sport in Alexandra Petri’s Inherit the Windbag

The satirical web series, originally intended to be performed on stage, reimagines the 1968 debates between William F. Buckley Jr. and Gore Vidal.

In Alexandra Petri‘s satire Inherit the Windbag, the past becomes the present. She resurrects the late editor-in-chief of National Review William F. Buckley Jr. (John Lescault) and playwright, novelist, and commentator Gore Vidal (Paul Morella) at the Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library, where, because “America has suffered from a fever of words,” an animated simulacrum […]

City Lights: Ever Told Anyone “Actually, I’m from the suburbs; I just say DC because it’s easier”?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever told a stranger you’re from a well-known city rather than the suburb you actually call home. It just feels easier, right? But maybe it’s more than that. A new Art Enables exhibit “Actually, I’m from the suburbs; I just say DC because it’s easier” by Aaron Maier-Carretero explores what it means to be from the suburbs, the pinnacle of the “American Dream.” He asks, is it uncomfortable to be associated with a “generic” place? And how does suburban culture shape us as individuals, when the culture itself is often shaped by racism, sexism, hidden violence, and dysfunction? […]

City Lights: Re-Emerge and Make Discoveries With Studio Gallery

Jo Levine's Discoveries: Overlooked Beauty and a group show titled Re-Emerge are both available at Studio Gallery through June 19.

To assemble the Studio Gallery exhibit Discoveries: Overlooked Beauty, photographer Jo Levine leveraged her happenstance encounters with bits of botanical detritus into still lifes with deep black backgrounds that suggest Dutch Masters paintings. It all began, Levine writes, “with a sweetgum tree ball and a dried magnolia fruit cone that I found on my path during a walk last fall.” Her approach is hardly groundbreaking; both botanical images and an unplanned method for stumbling across subject matter are staples of photography. […]

City Lights: Brush Up on Hardcore with Punk the Capital

Punk the Capital, now available on DVD and Blu-Ray, aims to tell the unlikely story of how the D.C. hardcore scene came to be.

Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement, Washington, D.C. 1976–1983 These days, it seems natural that D.C. is considered a cradle of hardcore punk. But in the late ’70s, the days of Jimmy Carter and the Allman Brothers, the District was the last place anyone would expect to produce a hard-edged alternative to the self-destructive […]

City Lights: Celebrate with Capital Pride’s Colorful Pridemobile Parade

On June 12, the Capital Pride Alliance will send the Colorful Pridemobile trolley to lead the parade around the city.

Colorful Pridemobile Parade Pride Month in D.C. doesn’t feel complete without a raucous parade. We were sadly not graced by the Capital Pride Parade’s presence in 2020, so now’s the time to make up for it (in a slightly modified fashion). This year, the Capital Pride Alliance will send the Colorful Pridemobile trolley to lead […]

Here’s Where To Dance, Sing, and Watch Live Music This Weekend And Beyond

D.C. is fully reopened. Now let’s party.

Ward 1 Councilmember Brianne Nadeau wants to allow non-citizen, Green Card-holders to vote in local elections. [DCist] Crime lab points finger at federal prosecutors for lost accreditation. [Twitter, DCist] D.C. Council wants the feds to forgive student loans. [DC Line] By Mitch Ryals (tips? Get a First Look at the Dinner Menu at La […]

City Lights: Drop by Rent Is Due and UUV’s Pop-Up Shop

Battle of Da Hustlas pop-up On June 11, D.C. streetwear icons Frank Thompson and Naeem Khaliq will be hosting a “Battle of Da Hustlas” warehouse pop-up shop at an unannounced location in Ivy City. Both artists will be selling clothing from their brands Rent Is Due and UUV from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., accompanied […]


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