Catherine Anchin, New Director at Arlington Arts Center, Chats About The Past and Future

This week, the Arlington Arts Center welcomes Catherine Anchin as the center’s executive director. Anchin succeeds Holly Koons, who left the center in October of 2020 to become director of the new Christopher Newport University Fine Arts Center in Newport News, Virginia. For the past nine years, Anchin has worked at the Smithsonian’s National Museum […]

City Lights: SHAED Jump Off the High Dive in Their New Album

“We’re so excited for live shows—I can’t even tell you," says singer Chelsea Lee.

For most of 2018 and 2019, the members of SHAED were touring the world behind the juggernaut of a single, “Trampoline,” the now twice platinum song that simply would not die. The pressure to deliver a full-length album was on, with the band members taking a day off here and there to create new material. Then came COVID, forcing the trio off the road, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. “We had an entire album lined up ready to go before the pandemic,” says band member Max Ernst. […]

In Things We Lost to the Water, Family Is Vital, Even When it Falls Apart

A melancholy sense of loss seeps through the pages of D.C. author Eric Nguyen’s Things We Lost to the Water, about a Vietnamese family of refugees who emigrate to New Orleans after the Vietnam War.

When a family flees their home for another place—or another country—and starts over, they must make sacrifices. That melancholy sense of loss seeps through the pages of D.C. author Eric Nguyen’s Things We Lost to the Water, about a Vietnamese family of refugees who emigrate to New Orleans after the Vietnam War—except the entire family […]

The Killing of Two Lovers Follows a Relationship Gone Wrong with Honesty and Ambiguity

The title is a slight bait and switch—it's more of a drama than a thriller—though the command of tone and character make up for the misdirection.

The Killing of Two Lovers opens with a moment of heightened tension. A man stands in a bedroom where two people are fast asleep. He points a pistol at both of them, then ultimately decides to spare them both, leaving through the window. Over the course of the film, writer and director Robert Machoian answers […]

A New Grant for Local Artists Creates “Community Supported Art”

The program from Rhizome DC and Guilded: A Freelancers Cooperative repurposes the community supported agriculture model for local artists and art lovers.

Starting this summer, there’s a new CSA in town—but instead of receiving heirloom tomatoes or zucchini, participants will receive “shares” of original artwork created by artists in the D.C. area. The Community Supported Art program is the result of a new collaboration between Rhizome DC, the Takoma-based community art nonprofit, and Guilded: A Freelancer Cooperative, […]

City Lights: How Can DIY Maker Culture Change the World?

Wednesday’s DIY Maker Culture event will be a panel discussion with Laura Cohen, Nehemiah Dixon, and Layne Garrett, moderated by Randall Packer.

On May 12th, Third Space Network and the Raw Hope Coalition will conclude their four-part series, Raw Hope of Humanity Rising, a set of public dialogues with artists, activists, and educators making “space for dialogue, participation, diversity and renewal.” Thursday’s event will be a panel discussion with Laura Cohen, education manager at Open Works Baltimore, Nehemiah Dixon, director of community engagement for Phillips@THEARC, and Layne Garrett, the co-founder and program director of Takoma arts space Rhizome DC, plus moderator Randall Packer, Third Space Network’s creative director. […]

City Lights: Across the City, There’s Art in Bloom

Wrap up your cherry blossom celebrations by visiting the 26 blossom statues painted by 25 artists across D.C.

Give purpose to your newfound pandemic walking hobby by charting a course to see three of the Art in Bloom sakura sculptures bringing an infusion of kawaii culture to our city streets this spring. There are 26 blossoms painted by 25 artists positioned throughout the region for the National Cherry Blossom Festival—perfect for celebrating spring without crowding the Tidal Basin. Start your 2.6-mile walkabout in Shaw at 1805 7th St. NW. That’s where you’ll find “Petal to the Metal!” by David Greenfieldboyce. […]

City Lights: Nice Breeze Cast a Spell on Magician’s Rabbit

Musically, these self-proclaimed “abstract poet punks” are staying consistent with their discography.

The pandemic influenced how local rock trio Nice Breeze recorded their new third album, Magician’s Rabbit, and played a role in some of vocalist Andy Fox’s lyrics, but musically, these self-proclaimed “abstract poet punks” are staying consistent with their discography. The 2014-formed group utilizes buzzing chainsaw guitar, and minimalistic rhythms alongside sing-song, shouted, and spoken vocals. So while they didn’t record those elements live, with all of the members together in a studio as they usually do, they ended up with them mostly by having Fox record his vocals over already recorded instrumental takes. John Howard’s noisy string work continues […]

Street Gang Looks at How We Got to Sesame Street

It's fun, but hard, to make a good documentary about a bold work of art: Attempts to explain its greatness can fall short.

When Sesame Street was at the peak of its popularity in the early 1970s, more than 12 million children watched every single day. That’s a bigger audience than the Oscars got this year. The series is still on the air—you can catch new episodes on HBO Max—but it’s hard to imagine it ever having the […]

City Lights: Join MovaKween’s Livestream via the National Museum of Women in the Arts

On May 7, Baltimore artist MovaKween, who blends R&B, jazz, hip-hop, and neo-soul, will perform and discuss her art.

Get ready to transcend: On May 7, the National Museum of Women in the Arts is hosting musician MovaKween as part of The Tea, its virtual concert series under its women, arts, and social change initiative. The Tea showcases women musicians as they perform and discuss their creative process with a cup of tea. This entry will focus on the Baltimore artist, who blends R&B, jazz, hip-hop and neo-soul […]


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