Synetic Theater Tells a Series of Stories in The Decameron

The Crystal City-based theater company presents a series of web vignettes inspired by Boccaccio's stories.

The Decameron, a series of 14th century Italian novellas about surviving the Black Death, is enjoying a surprising renaissance during the current coronavirus crisis. On July 7, the New York Times Magazine released “The Decameron Project,” a series of 29 short stories that contemporary authors wrote in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. For New York’s […]

Women Who Experienced Harassing Behavior Respond to the Actions of Flying V Theatre’s Former Artistic Director

Jason Schlafstein has a history of sexual harassment stretching back more than a decade, multiple people who know and have worked with him say.

Jason Schlafstein, the founder and artistic director of Flying V Theatre, a small, nearly 10-year-old theater company based in Montgomery County, has a history of sexual harassment stretching back more than a decade, multiple people who know and have worked with him say. Although Flying V previously investigated his behavior, Schlafstein was not fired and […]

Reopened Theater Lobbies Become Rest Areas for Protesting Community Members

Protesters can visit the theater lobbies to use restrooms, charge their phones, and pick up a snack.

Theaters were among the many cultural and community organizations that halted operations in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Productions were cut short or canceled, and staff were left wondering how they could use their physical spaces and other resources now that meetings, rehearsals, and performances were paused for the foreseeable future. Now, as many […]

Globe Online Brings The Trojan Women Into the Zoom Era

A nearly 2,500-year-old drama remains relevant, even when presented online.

The theater invites audiences to explore that which makes us most human. Originally produced in 415 B.C., Euripides’ The Trojan Women paints a world of pain and heartache, where the women of Troy must face the terrors of a lost war. It is thanks to director and founder of the newly established Globe Online, Arielle […]

Performance Interface Lab is Spicing Things Up for Virtual Theatergoers During Quarantine

The lab's experimentations toy with the bounds of theater.

With theaters closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, both venues and individual artists are attempting to reach out to their audiences. Some theater companies are streaming archival video of past performances, and others are moving into the realm of podcasts. Some individual performers have taken to streaming monologues and dialogues from home, via Facebook or […]

Flying V Theatre’s Audio Anthology Paperless Pulp is Perfect for At-Home Binging

The nine-episode podcast series presents a range of genres.

COVID-19 has shut down live theater in the DMV and beyond, but some local theater-makers are brainstorming how to use technology to present shows as their audiences stay at home. Podcasting may be the answer: Just a month before Flying V Theatre’s fall short play anthology Crystal Creek Motel was staged at the Silver Spring […]

In Alexandria, Henry V Meets COVID-19

It turns out Shakespeare knew a thing or two about rapidly spreading diseases.

Twice during Shakespeare‘s writing career, from 1592 to 1593 and again in 1603, London experienced plague outbreaks. Despite the primitive state of understanding of contagions, public venues were shuttered on government orders. Theater ceased. Despite these precautions, the two outbreaks killed roughly a quarter of the city’s population. Though health experts of our era are […]

Theater J’s The Wanderers Examines the Difficulties of Modern Marriage

The play makes its East Coast premiere on 16th Street NW before moving off-Broadway in 2021.

Forget “Bond, James Bond.” For my money the best line Sean Connery ever uttered comes midway through the 2000 drama Finding Forrester. That’s when Connery, playing a reclusive novelist, gruffly informs an aspiring teenage writer that “writers only give readings to get laid.” That truism jumpstarts Anna Ziegler’s wise and witty new playThe Wanderers, now […]

Kathryn Hunter Enlivens Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Timon of Athens

Director Simon Godwin presented the production in the U.K. and New York before bringing it to D.C.

Timon of Athens is quite possibly the weirdest play in the Shakespeare canon. Based loosely on the life of the ancient misanthrope described in Plutarch, there’s no record of it ever being performed or published in Shakespeare’s lifetime. Many regard it as an unfinished work nearly lost to history, as it was only a late […]

The Pagans Have More Fun in WNO’s Samson and Delilah

No one likes a killjoy.

The Bible story of Samson is an odd source of inspiration for an opera. Among the more violent stories from the Book of Judges, it celebrates a freakishly strong man with an unparalleled knack for killing people, who massacres a thousand Philistines and ultimately commits a suicide attack in a house of worship. Presented as […]


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