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Sunu P. Chandy’s Poetry Thrives Between Confessional and Communal

In her debut poetry collection, My Dear Comrades, out March 28, the civil rights attorney and activist intimately illustrates how the personal is political for queer women of color.

“It was like it took my whole life [to publish this book] and yet it also happened very quickly,” Sunu P. Chandy tells City Paper about her soon-to-be published debut poetry collection, My Dear Comrades. A civil rights attorney and social justice activist, as well as a spouse and mother, Chandy is a proud multi-hyphenate.…

District Postcard Views Invites You to Send Some of D.C.’s Black History

The recently released photo book from freelance photographer Shedrick Pelt features six dozen old-fashioned images of local landmarks of historical importance to the city’s Black community.

Shedrick Pelt wants you to buy his book. And then he wants you to empty it. Pelt is the author of the just-published District Postcard Views, a book that features about 60 old-fashioned images of landmarks in D.C., with a special focus on sites of historical importance to the city’s Black community. The 5-by-7-inch postcards…

Finding Jackie Reveals Little About the Former First Lady

Oline Eaton’s biography of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis presents the subject as a clever, stylish celebrity, looking out for herself.

If ever there was a symbol of American aristocracy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was, for certain generations, it. Many biographies have been written about her, and for years in the 1960s and ’70s, her actions consistently made front-page news. Part of the cause of her stupendous celebrity was her privileged upbringing, though she was glad to…

In an Alternate America, Scavenger Hunt Drills Into the War on Terror

The debut novel by former Justice Department attorney Chad Boudreaux skillfully succeeds in bringing the post-9/11 spirit back to life, but unintentionally reveals its datedness with support for curtailing civil liberties.

Scavenger Hunt, former DOJ attorney Chad Boudreaux’s debut novel captures the post-9/11 spirit, but unintentionally reveals its datedness.

Thomas Mallon’s Up With the Sun Captures the Nuance of Historical Fiction

Told in two time periods some 30 years apart, this fictionalized retelling of Broadway and TV star Dick Kallman’s murder offers insight into a world we think we know.

Told in two time periods 30 years apart, Up With the Sun is fictionalized retelling of a murder that offers insight into a world we think we know.

Two Members of the Podcasting McElroy Family Deem D.C. Wonderful!

Griffin and Rachel McElroy, co-hosts of Wonderful! and part of the McElroy Family media company, discuss their new life in the District ahead of big shows at DAR Constitution Hall on Nov. 12 and 13.

Podcasters Griffin and Rachel McElroy, of the McElroy Family media company, discuss their new life in D.C. ahead of big shows at DAR Constitution Hall.

Remembering Prolific Reporter Julia Reed Through Her Essays

From covering the Madeira murder to Madeleine Albright and Willie Nelson, Reed’s Dispatches from the Gilded Age, published posthumously, captures her legacy.

When southern journalist and raconteur Julia Reed (New York Times Magazine, Vogue, Garden & Gun) lost her battle with cancer in 2020 at the age of 59, scores of people mourned her death. Not only because she was an engaging and witty writer, but because Reed was a selfless friend. Her essays in Dispatches from…

2022 Fall Arts Guide

How we create and consume art has changed, and local artists were forced to adapt. Many are rediscovering themselves as the scene comes back to life.

Artistic chaos reigns as we head into the fall of 2022. Sitting in no-man’s-land, somewhere between pandemic and endemic, I’ll be honest: I’m tired of writing about COVID-19 and its fallouts. Instead, I wish this year’s Fall Arts Guide could be like the ones from the Before Times. COVID has changed everything and all of…


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