Trial Run?

Attorney General Karl Racine tries out his platform for mayor.

D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine may not officially be running for mayor (yet?), but he laid out his platform Thursday in a targeted convocation speech at the University of the District of Columbia. In fewer than 15 minutes, Racine declared the District to be two cities, one wealthy and one that struggles every day. Racine […]

‘Asshole’ Sergeant Bullies and Harasses Officers in Housing Authority Police Department, Officers Say

Several DCHA officers say a culture of abuse and sexual harassment is allowed to run rampant.

By his own account, D.C. Housing Authority Police Department Sgt. Darnell Douglass is an asshole, multiple subordinate officers say. And, he tells those officers, he likes being an asshole. If they don’t like the way he treats them, they can try to take it up with his bosses. But officers say Douglass’ superiors have allowed […]

MPD Keeps Investigations Into Fatal Use of Force Secret Despite Chief’s Promise

MPD says it will publicize investigative information—eventually.

After Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Enis Jevric shot and killed An’Twan Gilmore—the second of three shootings D.C. officers committed in roughly a week—Chief Robert Contee promised a thorough investigation. That investigation will determine whether the sergeant’s actions were justified and whether he’ll face any administrative repercussions. But Loose Lips may not be allowed to see […]

MedStar Threatens Access for Medicaid Users While Amerigroup Demands Sanctions For Deputy Mayor

What a mess.

The ongoing debacle that is D.C.’s Medicaid managed care contract is a story with many potential bad guys. There’s MedStar, a health system and a health insurance provider that’s threatening to exclude 250,000 D.C. Medicaid beneficiaries from its huge network of primary care providers and specialists now that it will likely lose its Medicaid managed […]

Pinto Provides Snitch Hotlines in Welcome-Back-To-School Tweet

Welcome! We know you’ll be loud and dirty.

Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto is catching some blow back for a not-so-welcoming back-to-school tweet that pits students against longtime residents. Pinto (or someone tweeting from her official account) wished Georgetown University and George Washington University students a “joyful return to campus (and to Ward 2) for the semester!” The tweet also encouraged neighbors to […]

Arts Commission Approves New Grant Formula; Ford’s Theatre Director Not Happy

“I believe there will be many Councilmembers who are NOT happy about this development—including the Chairman.”

Ford’s Theatre Director Paul Tetreault feels like his “good faith” has been taken advantage of. His willingness to “compromise and come together” has been disregarded. Tetreault expressed those frustrations in an email to several other area arts leaders about the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities’ new grant distribution formula, approved earlier this week. […]

Another Budget Cycle Goes By Without Removing Barriers to Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants in D.C.

For the past decade, D.C. has required D.C. Healthcare Alliance enrollees to reapply for their health insurance in person every six months.

By some accounts, Ward 7 Councilmember Vince Gray is in a slump. Over the past five months, Gray has lost a handful of hotly debated legislative efforts. He’s twice tried and failed to stop a halfway house from opening in his ward. He carried water for Mayor Muriel Bowser’s unsuccessful efforts to meddle in a […]

‘You Have 30 Seconds Left,’ Neil Albert Interrupts Testimony During Last-Minute Meeting

“Wrap it up.”

D.C. Housing Authority board chairman Neil Albert, apparently, was in a hurry this morning. During a last-minute, emergency meeting in which the DCHA board of commissioners voted to give interim director Brenda Donald a two-year contract, Albert continually interrupted residents and advocates as they neared the end of their allotted times for testimony to inform […]

Comparing Brenda Donald’s Resume to the DCHA Director’s Job Description

The housing authority’s board of commissioners might abandon a national search for its executive director before it even started.

Brenda Donald‘s tenure at the D.C. Housing Authority was supposed to be brief. The DCHA board voted in late May to install Mayor Muriel Bowser‘s former child and family services director as its interim leader while a subcommittee conducted a national search. Donald was just retiring when she agreed to head DCHA following former director […]

The Most Debated Items From the Final 2022 Budget Vote

Contracting at DCHA, a tax abatement for affordable housing downtown, and the cursed McMillan development

After much debate, the D.C. Council on Tuesday unanimously approved the final piece of legislation that makes up the District’s $17.5 billion budget. The Budget Support Act makes changes to the law that are necessary to implement the spending the Council approved last week in the Local Budget Act. In their final meeting before the […]


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