Jack Evans’ Car Stolen From Outside His House

It was a Subaru, not the Sebring.

Former D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans‘ Subaru was stolen yesterday after he left it running outside his Georgetown home, he confirms in a brief interview with City Paper. Fox5 was the first to report the theft. Evans had just returned from a trip to his house in Florida and needed to defrost the white Subaru Crosstrek […]

Attorney General Cuts Community Engagement Team

AG Karl Racine says the move won't hamper the OAG's relationship with constituents.

The three-person community engagement team in the D.C. Office of the Attorney General was eliminated earlier this month, several people familiar with the situation tell LL. Attorney General Karl Racine hasn’t decided whether he’ll hire replacements, but he says the move will not result in less interaction with the community. “From time to time during […]

Should Young D.C. Councilmembers Get Vaccinated Yet?

Some of them have already received doses.

The day after Mayor Muriel Bowser received the COVID-19 vaccine on camera, D.C. councilmembers received an email from Council Secretary Nyasha Smith. They, too, were eligible to get the shot, an email on Jan. 26 said. “The news was a bit of a surprise,” At-Large Councilmember Christina Henderson wrote in a Facebook post last Friday […]

Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Nominees to the Utilities Regulation Commission Frustrate Energy and Climate Activists — Again.

Time is a flat circle at the Public Service Commission.

Time is a flat circle at the Public Service Commission. In November, almost exactly two years after Mayor Muriel Bowser nominated former Department of General Services director Greer Gillis for a spot on the obscure three-member body that regulates public utilities, she tapped Lorna John to replace her. To the frustration of many working to […]

How To Access Local Officials’ Constituent Services Funds

Local officials have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting in their constituent services funds. They can help with overdue rent and unpaid utility bills.

Mayor Bowser lobbied parents on in-person school in an evening robocall. [Twitter] The price tag for 26,000 National Guard troops to secure the Capitol for Biden’s inauguration? $500 million. [AP] Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert can now legally carry her gun in D.C. Cool. [Washingtonian] By Mitch Ryals (tips? mryals@washingtoncitypaper.com) Where to try pizzas that incorporate […]

ANC 3D Asks for Investigation Into Alleged Blockbusting

A Virginia-based developer is accused of using racist and strong arm tactics to coerce a homeowner to sell. ANC 3D has called for an investigation.

A Virginia-based developer seeking to turn a single family home into an eight-unit condo building has been accused of housing discrimination and blockbusting, an old tactic of real estate professionals that historically played on racist fears of White homeowners in order to turn a profit. In July of 2020, Hossain Kamyab bought the right half […]

D.C. Council Set to Override Two More Bowser Vetoes

It sets up the potential for an awkward Monday morning media briefing.

Well, this could be awkward. On Monday mornings before Tuesday D.C. Council legislative meetings, Mayor Muriel Bowser allows Chairman Phil Mendelson to join her regular media briefing. Before the pandemic, Mendelson held his own briefings ahead of Council meetings, but when Bowser began holding regular weekly pressers last March, they decided to combine the production […]

What Does Chris Geldart Think About Racial Justice?

The new deputy mayor for public safety and justice on his role in his new appointment in the Bowser administration.

Mayor Muriel Bowser‘s cabinet announcements today included a new gig for Chris Geldart, who most recently led the Department of Public Works. Now, Bowser has tapped the long time government official and former Marine to be deputy mayor for public safety and justice. In his first task as the man in charge of the cluster […]

Bowser Administration Sought to Sidestep Judge’s Ruling on Lucrative Medicaid Contract

The Office of Contracting and Procurement continues to skirt the law while Medicaid beneficiaries pay the price.

At the end of December, Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Wayne Turnage came to D.C. councilmembers with an emergency. The District’s Medicaid contract, which, at $1.5 billion, is among the largest that the D.C. government hands out, was in trouble. Turnage lobbied councilmembers on emergency legislation that would essentially sidestep a Contract Appeals […]

Mayor Bowser Gets Vaccinated

Child care workers will continue to wait.

With her eyes closed, Mayor Muriel Bowser received her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine today at Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health on 2nd Street NE. Moments earlier, during a press briefing, she admitted to feeling a little anxious. “I hate needles,” Bowser said. “I gotta tell you. You talk about anxiety producing, getting […]


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