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Loose Lips is Washington City Paper‘s flagship political column, covering all things D.C. politics. Here you will find stories about the D.C. Council, local politicians, the mayor, attorney general, ANCs, elections, government agencies, and more.

Loose Lips Links, Sept. 20

Councilmembers are supporting e-bikes, stadium refreshes, and hearings on the John Falcicchio scandal.

Loose Lips Links, Sept. 19

A single bettor raked in big money by taking advantage of the city’s beleaguered sports gambling system.

A single bettor raked in big money by taking advantage of the city’s beleaguered sports betting system.

Pinto Is Reviving an Old Push for Warrantless Searches. Some Fear It Will Kick-start a ‘Free-for-All’ of Police Harassment.

The Ward 2 councilmember’s crime legislation drew rebuke from judicial leaders who say warrantless searches might violate the Fourth Amendment.

With violence on the rise in D.C., a popular moderate politician proposed legislation allowing for warrantless searches of formerly incarcerated people in a bid to get more illegal guns off the street. That sentence could just as easily describe Mayor Muriel Bowser in 2015 or Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto today. Plainly, history has a…

A Major Criminal Justice Reform Law Forced Police to Collect More Data. But the D.C. Auditor Says No One’s Doing Much With It.

The latest review of the NEAR Act’s impact suggests the law isn’t living up to its potential to spur change.

D.C.’s signature criminal justice reform law of the past decade has made some important changes in reducing some types of discriminatory arrests and pushing police to collect more data, but it has still failed to realize its full potential, according to a new report from D.C. Auditor Kathy Patterson. In a review released Thursday, Patterson…

Trayon White Says He’ll Run Again in Ward 8. Can Anyone Beat Him?

Despite rumors of a potential retirement, White could soon cruise to a third term as the field of challengers grows.

It took Ward 8 Councilmember Trayon White all of 30 seconds during a rare appearance on WAMU 88.5’s The Politics Hour last month to completely scramble the state of play in D.C. politics. After months of radio silence about his political future (and a resulting surge in speculation among politicos that he might opt against…

Neighbors and Colleagues Accuse Ward 2 ANC Joel Causey, Recently Exposed as a Registered Sex Offender, of Years of Bullying Behavior

The debate over a new homeless shelter in Causey’s West End neighborhood has brought simmering tensions to a boil, as acquaintances describe years of troubling behavior.

“This is complete bullshit,” Joel Causey declared curtly as a roughly four-hour-long meeting of his Advisory Neighborhood Commission neared its end on July 26. Causey, who represents a portion of the West End as the commissioner for ANC 2A06, had just come out on the losing end of a contentious vote, as the commission debated…

D.C.’s Efforts to Take Back Control of Parole from the Feds Are ’As Good as Dead‘

Between Mayor Muriel Bowser’s missteps and aggression from Congress, D.C. looks unlikely to regain parole authority anytime soon.

Around this time a year ago, District leaders and activists harbored a faint but fading hope that the city would someday take back control of its parole system from the federal government. These days, that hope has been snuffed out. Loose Lips hears that momentum behind this effort has vanished in recent months due to…


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