This Zoom Play Comes With a Multi-Course Meal From a Local Pizzeria

Love Story: A Meal in Five Courses is an interactive exploration of what we talk about when we talk about love.

Il Tuo Tavolo, one of the District’s newest pop-up restaurants, has a twist: You can only get a table there on Zoom. It’s the fictional setting of Love Story: A Meal in Five Courses, a new interactive theater production produced by Joy and Pang Productions.  Opening March 5 and running through April 4, Love Story […]

The Pandemic Has Spurred a Food Truck Turf War at Construction Sites

Downtown food trucks and their unlicensed counterparts fight for the same dwindling dollars.

Any weekday morning after 9 a.m., near Union Market, Navy Yard, or wherever a high-rise condo is going up in D.C., you can find one or two aluminum-paneled catering trucks arriving to serve construction workers on the job. In Navy Yard, one honks its horn as it passes and workers turn to follow. The items […]

Big Bear Cafe Started Serving Some of D.C.’s Best Pizza Two Months Ago

A new wood-fire oven at the Bloomingdale mainstay has Chef Robbie Tutlewski in his element.

In the basement of Bloomingdale’s beloved coffee shop Big Bear Cafe now stands a wood-fired oven made from French clay bricks that can fit five pies at a time. That’s where you’ll find Chef Robbie Tutlewski topping 14-inch pizzas with pickled fresno chilies, arugula, hand-pulled mozzarella, fresh ricotta, parmigiano reggiano, shaved pecorino romano, and honey […]

New Seed-Sharing Initiative Seeks to Address Shortages, Spread the Love

Those donating spare seeds through the Slow Food USA program are encouraged to include notes and recipes.

A seed shortage brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic created growing pains for would-be gardeners last spring. Whether looking for a new hobby or fearing food shortages, city dwellers started “panic planting” anywhere they could, from community gardens and backyards to porches and window sills. Anticipating demand could be high once again, a local organizer […]

French Brasserie Duck Duck Goose Is Coming to Dupont Circle

Chef Ashish Alfred's third Duck Duck Goose should open in late spring. The others are in Bethesda and Baltimore.

Local chef Ashish Alfred opened his first Duck Duck Goose in Bethesda in 2016, where fans congregated to enjoy brasserie fare like a colossal côte de boeuf, duck confit, French onion soup, and a few surprises, like fresh pasta. Two years later, Alfred installed a Duck Duck Goose in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood.  He hasn’t […]

D.C. Council Could Further Regulate Delivery Apps With New Fee Cap

Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh proposes a 5 percent commission fee cap on pick-up orders.

Update 3/2: The D.C. Council unanimously approved the emergency legislation this afternoon. The 5 percent fee cap will take effect once the mayor signs it. She has 10 days to do so.The D.C. Council could further regulate third-party delivery companies should it adopt new emergency legislation capping fees on pick up-orders introduced by Ward 3 […]

Restaurants Are Experimenting with Cryptocurrency. Customers Aren’t.

"Dogecoin is for the people and pizza has always been for the people."

Michael Bozzelli is hell-bent on making it possible for customers at his restaurants to buy pizza and sandwiches with Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency with a Shiba Inu meme mascot. The co-owner of four locations of Bozzelli’s in the D.C. region takes his cues from Elon Musk. The man behind Tesla and SpaceX has been tweeting about […]

Get Korean Chinese Dim Sum Delivered From CHIKO on Weekends

Try cumin lamb dumplings, kimchi pancakes, and confit duck spring rolls.

CHIKO doesn’t deliver its cumin lamb dumplings and chicken spring rolls on a cart, but D.C. adding a new dim sum option is still welcome news. Two of the three locations of the Chinese Korean restaurant will introduce a permanent takeout and delivery-only dim sum menu this weekend after a successful test run during the […]

It’s Been a Year Since D.C. Bartenders Actually Tended Bar

What do they miss?

Stable runs a retail shop selling all things Swiss. The H Street NE restaurant stocks its entryway with everything from fresh baked bread to schnapps from Thursdays through Sundays. One can find pre-mixed cocktails mimicking the ones on the dinner menu, only they’re presented in plastic pouches meant to take home to consume. But when […]

Can the Commercial Real Estate Market Hint at the Future of D.C. Dining?

"The Roaring 20s after the 1918 flu will be more like 2023 and 2024."

Seasoned commercial real estate broker John A. Asadoorian says the restaurateurs with futures in D.C. recognize we’re not going back to the before times once the coronavirus pandemic lifts. “The longer we went through the period of uncertainty, the more separated we became from the momentum of the market before COVID,” says the Southeast D.C. […]


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