Hispanic Heritage Month Starts Early for the Hispanic Heritage Foundation

The foundation hosted its 36th annual awards ceremony at the Kennedy Center on Sept. 7, honoring Latine artists, creators, and entrepreneurs. The ceremony airs on PBS Sept. 29.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation hosted its annual awards ceremony honoring Latine artists, creators, and entrepreneurs on Sept. 7.

Turning Pointe: Gian Carlo Perez Leaves the Washington Ballet for Houston

After nine years dancing in D.C., many of which as the company’s leading man, the Cuban ballet dancer has followed Julie Kent, and his dreams, to Texas for a bigger stage.

Gian Carlo Perez can’t go to Cathedral Heights Starbucks or the grocery store without being recognized by fans. At least that’s what the Cuban ballet dancer tells City Paper on a stroll through Bishop’s Garden. As genuine as Perez seems, I don’t believe him—at first. In the ballet world, Perez is well known. Septime Webre,…

LOL With Washington Improv Theater This July

Under the thematic banner “Genre is a Construct,” WIT promises to deliver unscripted satire and silliness from some of the city’s most talented improvisers.

Washington Improv Theater has packed tons of wit into its July programming. The District’s one-stop shop for long-form improv, WIT has been on a mission to unleash the creative power of improv in D.C. for 25 years. And, for the second consecutive year, WIT has signed on to continue calling Studio Theatre home. Under the…

Balancing Hope With Departures at the Washington Ballet

A quarter of the company is leaving along with artistic director Julie Kent, but the Washington Ballet remains optimistic as it starts to rebuild ahead of the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

A quarter of the company is leaving, but the Washington Ballet remains optimistic as they start to rebuild for the 2023-2024 season.

Drag Is a New Conservative Target, But Turns Out, the U.S. Military Loved It

Because drag is great for morale, World War II Army training manuals taught soldiers how to make a wig out of a mop or a bra out of a face towel. Now drag is being banned in states and events are being pulled from bases.

The U.S. Army’s love affair with drag burned hot during World War II. Thousands of archival documents—training manuals, official memos, and photos—show the military considered drag mainstream entertainment from at least 1941 to 1945. Soldiers (men specifically) stuffed bras, applied rouge, and pulled skirts over their boots on stages large and small, from the London…

Drag Trivia at DC9 Supports Trans Communities Under Legislative Attack

Funk the Fundraiser on April 25, hosted by Funk the Facts’ Hunter Horton and Gabby Migliara, unites with local drag queen Mari Con Carne to raise money for organizations fighting for LGBTQIA rights.

Allyship is a word that gets tossed around a lot in 2023. It’s easy enough to call yourself an ally, but it’s another thing entirely to put your work, money, and time on the line. That’s not the case with the April 25 Funk the Fundraiser—a play on DC9’s monthly Funk the Facts trivia night,…

Sonic Transducers Invite You to Do the Time Warp Again. And Again.

Many members of the local Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast have been performing for more than a decade and they’re still drawing new audiences to their monthly performances.

D.C.’s Rocky Horror shadow cast is still drawing new audiences to their monthly performances.

GRIDLOCK Dance Explores Technology and Truth Through Movement

GRIDLOCK founder Madeline Maxine Gorman discusses the contemporary dance company’s latest project to be performed at Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival on March 10.

Dance, as a whole, has the misfortune of being perceived as a niche market. Ballet can feel antiquated. Casting lists still get posted to a corkboard outside the studio. Instructors hold to the techniques of old innovators such as Lester Horton or Martha Graham. But on the other end of the spectrum, contemporary dance, much…

Chitra Subramanian Creates Community Through Dance

Running March 18 and 19, TEMPLE, from her chitra.MOVES dance collective, embraces Indian classical movement and hip-hop to explore belonging.

Lynchburg, Virginia, is not the easiest place to be different—especially for a Hindu family from south India. But this largely white, conservative city is where Chitra Subramanian’s family came to call home. Her father found engineering work in Lynchburg and the family immigrated from West Bengal in the 1980s, when Subramanian was three. Her classmates…


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