Queer Threads: CURIOUS SPACES Gives Queerness Curb Appeal

The exhibition's two distinct installations, visible through storefront windows, are compelling—but seeing art from a sidewalk is hard.

Queer Threads: CURIOUS SPACES is indeed set up in curious spaces. The collaborative exhibition, put on by Transformer, is a kaleidoscopic mash-up. It builds on a 2014 exhibition organized by John Chaich, Queer Threads: Crafting Identity and Community, which focused on cheeky, unconventional fiber art that explored the textures of queerness, at New York’s Leslie-Lohman […]

The Smithsonian Craft Show Virtually Convenes More Than 100 Artists

Three area craft artists who are featured in the fair explain their creations.

The Smithsonian Craft Show is a prestigious event in the arts. More than 100 artists have historically been selected out of about 1,000 applicants across craft mediums, organized in these categories: ceramics, decorative fiber and basketry, furniture, glass, jewelry, leather and metal, paper, wearable art, and wood. This year, the show is coveted for yet […]

Dupont Underground Has a New CEO

Robert Meins is handing the reins over to Oliver Clemmons, the organization’s former CFO.

At the beginning of the month, Dupont Underground leader Robert Meins turned the organization over to new CEO Oliver Clemmons, who was previously the subterranean arts nonprofit’s CFO.  Clemmons, 29, has been working with Dupont Underground in an official capacity since 2018, and had provided bookkeeping services for the organization from 2016 onward. He’ll be […]

Why Are Artists Furious With STABLE, D.C.’s Progressive Art Studio Space?

A long-simmering conflict over accusations of racial insensitivity at the Eckington studios boiled over last week. Now the arts community is taking sides.

From the beginning, the artists who built STABLE promised a different kind of studio experience. The founders of the artist-run studio and exhibition space in Eckington hoped to start a community, one that more closely resembled the diverse population of D.C. than the art world, and one that was more closely knit to boot. For […]

The Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden’s New Additions Show That It Embraces Fresh, Contemporary Ideas

"We Come in Peace" and "DOUBLE CANDLE" at the Sculpture Garden "are a sign that the Hirshhorn is not content to merely make do with old bronzes."

A creature has arisen from the lower worlds. A witchy figure with twisted features and five furious faces. A swamp thing that looks like it crawled out of the muck, pushed a statue off its pedestal, and took up residence as the new big bad in town. Huma Bhabha’s “We Come in Peace” (2018) is an […]

Six Local Artists Explain the Inspiration for Their HEMPHILL Coloring Book Pieces

They also discuss what they’ve worked on in quarantine.

Nine artists at HEMPHILL created a coloring book during the COVID-19 stay-at-home mandate. The gallery printed limited editions and published adownloadable digital copy on July 15. “Art endures and so will we,” HEMPHILL states in its opening pages. At first glance, the project seems whimsical, but there is also depth to the artwork that speaks […]

The Smithsonian’s Director of Accessibility Explains an Inclusive Reopening Strategy as the Americans with Disabilities Act Turns 30

"Ziebarth and her team are advocating for inclusivity as the Smithsonian discusses how it will operate in a post-pandemic world."

July 26 marks the 30th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The landmark legislation made it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities, and established accessibility requirements for public accommodations (like retail stores and recreation centers), government services, facilities, transportation, and telecommunications. When President George H. W. Bush signed the […]

A Smithsonian Curator Opens Up About Artwork and How Her Own Work Has Changed During the Pandemic

Smithsonian National Museum of Asian Art curator Debra Diamond talks about her relationship with art and making objects sing.

Debra Diamond’s work involves viewing million-dollar art pieces. The experience, she says, just isn’t the same on a computer screen. Diamond is a curator at the Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, now known as the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art. Like many of us, she has been working from […]

With Emails and Virtual Displays, Zenith Gallery’s Art is a Source of Inspiration During Crisis

The gallery has made its presence known digitally throughout the pandemic.

During quarantine, the amount of digitally available content for our learning and entertainment has skyrocketed. That is even more true for the visual arts. We can’t go to the art, but now—from a distance and through a digital screen—the art can come to us. Zenith Gallery sees art as a source of hope. Art uplifts […]

Howard University’s Virtual Exhibitions Widen Access to the Art World

And the curators see the benefits of digitizing the arts even after the COVID-19 crisis.

On May 9, Howard University’s 50th annual art faculty exhibition opened—but unlike in past years, this installation was unveiled online. It runs to the end of July. The curator of 50th Faculty Exhibition, Miriam Ahmed, a lecturer in graphic design at the university, explains that user experience was their primary consideration in creating the 3D […]


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