It’s true: Backpage was a handy online platform to find dates, or if you wanted to buy and sell some stuff online. 

However, Backpage is all but a thing of the past these days.

Thankfully, there are a lot of Backpage alternatives you can use right now. In this article, we’re going to list some of the best replacements where you can do some legit searches whether for casual dating or e-commerce.

From mobile options to online hotspots, we’re here to provide you with some of the best Backpage alternatives that you can check out in 2021!

So, fret not and let’s march onwards!

Best Backpage Alternative Sites for Dates

If you’re looking for an online site or app that proves to be a great Backpage alternative for casual dating, then check out the top picks that we prepared for you. 

These range from Backpage alternate websites to mobile apps that let you find a casual partner on the go.

1. Seeking – Innovative Site Better than Backpage

Backpage was one hell of a casual dating ads site, but let’s be honest: for everything it was, BP was pretty much a mishmash of various genders and preferences. 

Seeking does away with all that and instead just focuses all its attention to one particular type of casual dating setup.

So, if you used Backpage to find hot dates to accompany you on dates and social functions up until its untimely demise back in 2018, then you should definitely check out what Seeking has to offer.

First off, this Backpage alternative website is perfect for female users looking to become professional companions. They get to sign up for an account at no charge at all. Simply key in the necessary information on their signup sheet and find yourself a sugar daddy.

If you’re a guy, though, you’re going to have to pay for a membership right from the start. 

But believe us: it’s well worth it. 

With a high female to male ratio, finding a sugar baby you can take out and take care of is a sure thing here (well, as long as you can afford their rates).

2. Adult Friend Finder – Best Backpage Alternative for a Sure Thing

If you miss Backpage’s wide and diverse casual dating community, then look no further than Adult Friend Finder to fill that hole in your heart. 

As a matter of fact, you’re going to find that AFF is more than just a great Backpage alternative website; it’s a legitimate platform in and of itself that’s centered around building casual dating communities.

AFF allows you to create a basic account for free, but if you want the whole kit and kaboodle that lets you access all the forums and chat options, you’re going to need to go for a paid subscription. 

But their rates are honestly not that bad!

In a nutshell, AFF doesn’t just let you post your wares; it helps you find the right people that share your preferences, which makes it absolutely one of the best Backpage alternatives for hookups and casual dating!

3. Ashley Madison – Good Alternative to Backpage for Dates

Ah, Ashley Madison: you might have gotten yourself a bit of a reputation, but that just makes you all the more enticing.

As far as Backpage alternative sites and casual dating apps go, AM is one of the finest platforms you can use to look for quick and easy hookups.

For one, they have tens of millions of active members who are all either married people looking to get a piece of sweet action on the side or singles who have a certain fetish for MILFs and DILFs. 

So, if you belong to either of those categories (or even if you don’t), finding a HOT casual date on AM is almost a done deal.

Plus, this is one Backpage alternative that’s available throughout the world, which allows you to hook up with other users wherever on Earth you may be. 

Whether you’re using a desktop or your mobile device, AM lets you find a partner quickly and easily much like—if not more so—than Backpage!

Top Sites Like Backpage for Classified Ads

The previous section of this article showed you the best sites and apps similar to Backpage when it comes to finding casual dates and hookups. 

But we all know that’s not the only thing Backpage was good for.

As such, here are the 10 best websites like Backpage that are specifically made to help you post classified ads. 

Whether you’re looking for a job; you’re out to buy products online; or you want to sell some of your stuff on the internet, sites like Backpage will definitely help you conduct your business!

4. Craigslist – Best Overall Backpage Classifieds Alternative

Craigslist is perhaps Backpage’s no. 1 rival back when they were both active online. Much like BP’s fate, though, Craigslist Personals—their section meant specifically for casual dating—was taken down for the same reasons.

However, Craigslist’s classified ads section is still going strong today, and it remains one of the best Backpage alternatives you can use for buying stuff, selling your wares or services, or finding some gainful employment.

It’s got one of the largest online classified ads communities around, which means finding what you need is easy on this site.

5. Gumtree – Top Community Similar to Backpage

Gumtree is another great site similar to Backpage in that you can use this both for e-commerce and as a one-stop hub for utilities and services that you might need in everyday life.

On one hand, Gumtree has the usual classifieds section where you can post your products, from cars to real estate, as well as answer to posts made by other users.

Then, there’s the Community section on Gumtree, and this one is geared towards services. 

Here, you’re going to find job postings from people and companies looking to fill positions in their respective businesses or users who are selling their services (such as plumbers, electricians, mechanics, and everyone in between).

It’s also really nice that Gumtree has a dedicated Lost and Found section, which helps the community—well—find things that they’ve lost, from gadgets to pets.

6. Kijiji – Best Site Like Backpage in Canada

Simply put, Kijiji is the Canadian version of Backpage and, as such, is one of the best alternatives to that classified ads site if you’re in the Great White North.

Here, you’re going to find all sorts of postings, which range from e-commerce listings that buy or sell cars, real estate, and gadgets to name a few. Kijiji users also use the site to look for jobs as well. And they have a section that’s dedicated to trading items with one another.

There’s also a Kijiji community section for when you’re not exactly sure which category your listing belongs to, where other users can post and answer to any and all kinds of listings that appear here.

7. Geebo – Best for Job Classified Ads

If you’re looking for a replacement to Backpage that focuses more on job listings, then Geebo is one of the best classifieds sites you can go with.

That’s not to say, though, that they don’t offer other types of classified ads—such as products, vehicles, and gadgets. It’s just that Geebo users tend to lean more toward the job market than not.

Another great thing about this similar Backpage site is how they provide a dedicated section for users who are either looking for a living space that they can rent or people looking to rent out, say, apartments or rooms.

8. Bedpage – A Clean Backpage Replacement

Whether you’re in the US or not, you’re going to have a hard time looking for a site like Backpage that’s as organized as Bedpage.

BP neatly organizes their categories, whether it’s for buying and selling stuff; job hunting; or providing various services, just to name a few. There are numerous categories here for whatever it may be that you’re looking for.

On a side note, Bedpage also has sections that you can use for casual dating, and it’s open to any and all genders who might be interested in posting their own casual dating classifieds or answering other users’ ads.

9. Hoobly – Best for Businesses and Job Hunts

A nice replacement for Backpage if you’re out in the job market or you run an establishment and in need of some help, Hoobly is a decent enough classified ads site that lets you find such things.

However, it can do so much better when it comes to providing you with a better search tool. As it stands, Hoobly exclusively relies on filters and tags to categorize their listings. And you might end up having a rather tedious time searching for the posts you want to see.

On the plus side, though, Hoobly purportedly has very few scammers and fake accounts, which makes its overall community a nice serious place to do business.

10. Yes Backpage – Closest Backpage Alternative for Classified Ads

It’s no surprise that Yes Backpage is as close as you could get to the original; it’s right in their name!

To cut the long story short, Yes Backpage came online with the original BP’s demise to help users find a new home where they can post classifieds for any topic under the sun, such as products, services, job posts, etc.

Additionally, Yes Backpage doesn’t limit itself to Uncle Sam’s borders; you’re going to find listings from overseas here as well, particularly from the UK and Australia.

And keeping true to their mission of giving you an experience as close to the original as possible, there’s a Dating section on Yes Backpage where you can post your ads to find a perfect hookup partner to spend some time with.

11. Penny Saver – Best Site Like Backpage for Bargains

Penny Saver might at first glance appear no different from the whole host of other classified ads sites out there, but this alternate website to Backpage proves that you just need one standout feature to make a name for yourself.

Aside from the usual ads that you’ll find here, which are honestly no different from the ones you’ll see on Backpage or Craigslist, PS stands out by providing you with a section that’s dedicated to bargains: Penny Save

Penny Save is the online equivalent of a yard or garage sale where you can find all sorts of doodads and other stuff that you can buy. Of course, you’re welcome to sell your wares here, too.

12. Want Ad Digest – Best Site like Backpage for Cars

Want Ad Digest is a classified ads platform that’s very much like Backpage if you’re specifically in the market for a new vehicle. And we’re not just talking about cars here, too: you’re going to find all sorts of transportation modes here, from trucks to bikes to rowboats.

But what really had us—and we think you will, too—amazed is how WAD also has a Pets section where you can find both listings made by people selling animals (boo!) and ones who are looking for people who can adopt them (yay!).

13. Free Ads Time – A Trusted Alternative to Backpage

Free Ads Time has been around for quite some time now, and their site’s interface shows it. 

However, if you’re not too picky when it comes to visuals, you’re going to discover that FAT is one of the most well-balanced classified ads sites like Backpage that you can use today.

First off, FAT—in spite of its rather dated look—has one of the most efficient search tools among all the classifieds sites you can find right now. That’s not to mention, too, that the users here are numerous and most of them are legit.

They don’t have a Community or Dating section, which even makes this a better choice if you’re strictly looking for a classified ads platform for commerce or business.

Other Backpage Alternatives for Dating

14. Yumi – Best Random Casual Dating Alternative to Backpage

If you’re really not on the market for anything specific and just want someone to go out with for a fun night out on the town, then you should definitely check out this amazing Backpage alternative app.

Yumi is available on both Android and iOS devices with no device compatibility limitations—meaning you’re not stuck with other Yumi Android users and vice-versa.

And instead of opting for the usual pairing algorithm that bases the casual dating app’s suggestions on your profile or preferences, Yumi throws all caution to the window and adopts the same approach as random chat sites.

This alternative to Backpage uses a random pairing algorithm to quickly match you up with one of their many users. That means there’s no need to key in your dating kinks and preferences; no need to determine your location; and there’s no need for tedious account setups as well.

Speaking of setting up your account. Much like Backpage, Yumi is a highly convenient alternative. You can sign up for a free basic account that lets you use nearly all its features, and then there’s a paid premium membership tier that’s completely optional.

15. Tinder – A Trusted Alternative App to Backpage

Tinder has been a powerhouse in online casual dating communities all around the world even before Backpage was shut down. And if you haven’t tried it yet, then you’re missing out on some of the most quickfire and convenient Backpage alternatives you can find on the internet right now.

You probably already know this, but Tinder has one of the most efficient location and preference-based pairing algorithms around. So much so, that the whole “swipe left, swipe right” phrase has become synonymous with casual dating.

These days, you can still use Tinder for free, although you have daily limits to the number of suggestions you get and the number of swipes you can do. Unlocking unlimited access to this Backpage alternative app means you need to get a Tinder Gold account, which is paid via a monthly membership fee.

Still, the free basic membership tier is more than enough for you to find a hot date much like you did using Backpage years ago.

16. Plenty of Fish – A Top Backpage Alternative App for Video Chats

Plenty of Fish stands as another great Backpage alternative app option if you’re looking for a casual date. Much like other hookup apps and sites out there, POF makes use of a location and preference-based pairing algorithm to determine which suggestions suit you best.

And like some of the best Backpage alternatives out there, POF is available all over the world. It’s got a fairly large active community that number in the tens of millions, but where it really stands out is how this casual dating app goes above and beyond the usual e-meet and greet.

Instead of simple chat options, POF has a dedicated “video date” feature that allows you to have a video chat with your matches. You can’t overestimate how handy this feature is, especially when you think about how there are so many trolls and scammers out there, so kudos to POF for adding this feature to their Backpage alternative app.

17. HER – Best LGBTQ+ Alternative to Backpage

HER is a haven for LGBTQ+ community members who are looking for a Backpage alternative where they can safely and confidently meet and connect with other people to date and hook up with. This app is great at providing its users with a nice and supportive casual dating community, which is something that even Backpage tends to miss at times.

Using HER gives you access to unlimited messaging capabilities. It also lets you link your other social media accounts to this alternative to Backpage to help users learn about you more.

Plus, this is one Backpage alternative app that gives you lots of detailed user profiles to help you decide whether you really want to connect with any given HER user.

As with most casual dating apps and sites, there’s a pairing algorithm at play on HER. But instead of using your interests to determine your matches, this hookup app combines its location-based algorithm with your age preference in dates. It’s a fresh twist albeit one that’s sort of general.

18. Alt – Best Backpage Alternative Site for Fetish Dates is one of the most popular alternative hookup and casual dating sites around. And if you used Backpage to find someone to put a ball gag on you and whip your booty from here to Sunday, then you should definitely check out this alternative site.

First off, it’s 100% free to use. There’s no need for a premium membership here; just sign up for an account and let it rip. But as with most things that are 100% free, you should be wary of the numerous troll and scam accounts floating around this site.

However, those unlikable characters are overshadowed by Alt’s overall amazing alternative dating community, which are made up of people who are genuinely interested in meeting other users to share their kinks and fetishes with.

So, whether you’re into leather, latex, furry suits, or camel toes, using Alt as your alternative to Backpage is always a nice choice!

19. Feeld – A Top Backpage Alternative for LGBTQ+ Dating

You can use Feeld as an alternative to Backpage if you’re an LGBTQ+ community member looking for casual dates online.

This platform provides you with an inclusive community that’s open to any and all genders as well as dating preferences. That said, Feeld isn’t made exclusively for hookups and one-night stands. People who are honestly looking for more serious relationships can also be found on this Backpage alternative site.

Don’t worry, though: it won’t make your search harder, since Feeld provides each user with detailed profiles that allow them to clearly state what kind of relationship they’re looking for, which is not unlike what you used to do with Backpage when you were trying to look for a hot casual date online.

Lastly, Feeld isn’t exclusively made for singles, either. If you’re an LGBTQ+ couple looking for other couples to have a great time with, you’re going to find that Feeld is basically THE Backpage alternative platform for that.

20. Hinge – A Discreet Alternate App to Backpage

Whether you’re a man or woman who’s looking for a side piece or you just want to compartmentalize your dating life from your other affairs, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better Backpage alternative app than Hinge.

This casual dating and hookup platform prides itself as one of the most discreet apps that you can use right now. Aside from the usual security measures that keep your data safe, one of the most notable things about Hinge is how it allows you to “scrub” your profile when you’re done using it.

That means other users—or other people online for that matter—won’t be able to find any trace of what you’ve been doing on Hinge once you decide to deactivate your account or delete the app. And should you decide to come back, you’re going to be glad to find out that there’s no need for you to create a whole new account; you just pick up from where you left!

21. Zoosk – Quick and Easy Backpage Alternative Dating App

Zoosk doesn’t have the immense user base of other bigger casual dating Backpage alternative apps and websites out there, but it has one thing that makes it stand out among its peers: a social media account linking feature.

By that, we mean that you just don’t get to provide other users with direct links that lead to, say, your FB or IG account. Instead, Zoosk goes above and beyond that by not requiring you to manually sign up for an account. As such, all you need is your FB account to sign up for Zoosk and you’re good to go.

Don’t let their relatively small user base dishearten you from finding a right casual dating partner, though, because they more than make up for their lack in numbers with lots of activity!

22. SilverSingles – Best for Mature People looking for a Backpage Alternative

SilverSingles is a Backpage alternative website and app that’s specifically made for older people who are looking to date within their age. As such, this isn’t necessarily one of those shady platforms for dirty old men; it’s an honest to goodness hookup site for mature men and women looking for a bit of romance or fun (or both).

With SS, you can sign up for a free account, but the real good stuff appears when you decide to up your game and go for a premium membership. Doing so also grants you access to their mobile app, which lets you take your senior dating game anywhere.

Additionally, SilverSingles has a very efficient pairing algorithm that bases your matches on preference and location, so finding someone to go with on a casual date is easy using this Backpage alternative site.

23. Bumble – Best Backpage Alternative for Women

Bumble is inarguably one of the best alternatives to Backpage if you’re a woman looking for a safe and secure way to meet and date people online. That’s thanks primarily to Bumble’s unique way of connecting its users with one another, which only allows their female members to initiate any and all chats.

Doing so means that you run little to no risk of catching the eye of weird randos on the internet who might be most likely going to send you unwanted messages. The result: a more streamlined, smoother, and more efficient online casual dating experience that honestly even Backpage wasn’t able to pull off during its heyday.

Using Bumble is free, too, but you also have the option of purchasing a lifetime premium membership to remove all the daily limitations and gain additional features to help you find the right casual date.

24. Fetlife – Best for Backpage Alternate for Couples

Fetlife is less a casual dating Backpage alternative than it is a bona fide social media targeted at couples looking to have fun with other couples.

As such, this platform features nearly the same tools and content sharing capabilities that mainstream social media sites and apps like Facebook, IG, or Twitter provide.

Instead of barraging you with suggestions based on preferences, Fetlife allows you more freedom by having you manually search for your own preferences and then connecting with the people that you like through comments, content sharing, and chats.

They have over 10 million active users available all over the world, so regional restrictions don’t matter here.

25. BeNaughty – A Fun Alternative to Backpage Dating

BeNaughty is a casual dating platform that’s available to both singles and couples. Simply put, BN is pretty much an all-around hub that you can use to find the right partner to have some fun with.

What’s especially notable about this Backpage alternative, though, is how it’s one of those unusual casual dating platforms that allow women to use it for free. That’s right: there’s no need to upgrade your membership or purchase an account if you’re a female BN user.

It’s one of the reasons why there’s a very high female to male ratio here, which makes it perfect for girls looking for other girls or men looking for women.

If you’re a guy, though, you’re going to need to pay for a monthly membership fee right out the gate. Their rates are reasonable and if you’re specifically looking for a woman (or female couples), you’re definitely going to find BN to be an absolute banger of a Backpage alternative for all your casual dating needs.

26. Reddit Personals R4R – The Closest Site to Backpage Right Now

If you’re looking for an alternative website to Backpage that’s as close to the now-dead personal ads platform as you can get, then Reddit Personals R4R is going to be your best friend.

Much like Backpage, this is less of an online casual dating hub that relies on pairing algorithms than it is an active online community that revolves around dating other people from all over the world.

The forums within this subreddit are divided by locations and further subdivided into dating preferences, which means there’s a community for you.

And as with other subreddits out there, Reddit Personals R4R is absolutely free to use and you won’t even need an account to start posting your ads or answering to other hopefuls that you can go on a casual date with.

Best Backpage Replacements Verdict

There’s no reason for you to not find what you’re looking for online even in a world where Backpage doesn’t exist anymore. With sites and apps like Backpage made for casual dating—such as Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, or Seeking—you can easily hook up with people over the internet.

If you’re more of a business-first type of person, the classified ads sites similar to Backpage, like Craigslist or Geebo, provide you with an online platform to find products, services, and even jobs.

All in all, these are the best alternatives to Backpage that you can find right now regardless of what you’re after. It’s all just a matter of finding the right platform and creating attractive listings that catch the attention of other users.

Good luck on your search!