Credit: Gab Bonghi

It only took a few minutes for Grocer to hook me. A self-described DIY band from Philadelphia, Grocer live in the margins of between art punk, alternative, and new wave. They’re guitar-based, and they lean in to artsy dissonance with steady drum beats, vocal distortion, and synth waves that tie it all together with alternating singers at the mic. Their sound is aggressive—at times jarring, at times boppy—like maybe you should think about skanking again? They tell City Paper that they’re frequently compared to the Pixies and Talking Heads, but also name-drop local band BRNDA as an influence (which I can hear). Comprised of Nick Rahn (vocals and guitar), Cody Nelson (vocals and drums), and Danielle Lovier (vocals and bass), Grocer played their first show on Jan. 23, 2020. It was a “really great time to start a new project,” Lovier says in jest. But despite debuting shortly before the pandemic pulled the literal plug out of live music, the band have still released three albums (only one of which is an EP: 2021’s Delete If Not Allowed), and on March 3, they’re dropping their latest record, Scatter Plot. Lucky for Washingtonians, Grocer will be on the road when that happens, and they’ve planned a record release show at the Runaway with two local bands, Silent Island and Dr. Horsedoctor. As fans of the local scene, the band note D.C.’s many great music venues, and promise a show worth watching. Lovier says, “We pride ourselves in being a live band first, and the best way to get to know our sound is to see us in person.” Grocer play with Silent Island and Dr. Horsedoctor at 8:30 p.m. on March 3 at the Runaway. $17.85. —Sarah Marloff