BRNDA | melan
BRNDA's "Service Loser" Credit: Ryan Merkley

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Baby, it’s cold outside. But instead of debating for the umpteenth time whether “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” is pro-date rape or very outdated pillow talk, warm up with two newly released music videos from local acts. Both BRNDA’s “Service Loser” and “Lime Green Feeling” from melan (pronounced “Milan”) will transport you to the hot and sticky days of summer when your days weren’t filled with cancelled holiday parties and COVID holiday planning.

“Service Loser,” the third single off BRNDA’s latest LP, Do You Like Salt, meets the band’s “No covers, No love songs,” rule and achieves their signature off-kilter, art-punk meets indie-groove sound. Formed in 2012, BRNDA has produced three albums and one EP; Do You Like Salt is the first collective release from the band since 2018. At just over two minutes, the “Service Loser” video leans into the song’s repeating phrase “Tennis!” BRNDA’s Leah Gage (vocals, drums, auxiliary percussion) and Dave Lesser (vocals, guitar, clarinet), tell City Paper the song was inspired by a band member getting into the sport. 

“We wanted to try to write a song that embodied the mathematical knife edge which is tennis—we think we kind of failed at that,” the two write via email. “We even named the song for what we thought was a real tennis term but which actually does not exist. So instead we just shouted ‘tennis’ in between what are supposed to be point scoring markers, and we shouted a bunch of random French words, which we then transliterated into English. When you listen to the song, it works in both English and French, which is great.”

Shot on a local tennis court—with a special appearance from this summer’s Brood X cicadas, the video was inspired by The Replacements’ “Bastards of Young” video and features summer lewks, summer beats, and bright colors. 

Check it out here:

Though different in sound, melan’s “Lime Green Feeling” is the perfect summer anthem for the COVID age (it really embraces that desire to get outside, explore, and breathe fresh air). It’s both laid back yet danceable and the video—shot in Rock Creek Park—puts you right in a July mindset. 

A D.C.-based alternative R&B artist, melan began recording and releasing music in the fall of 2020. “Lime Green Feeling” is one of seven tracks off melan’s first EP, A Cool Girl Dream, which she released on Sept. 30. Though the song dropped as a single in August, the video’s premiere was delayed until December.

Watch melan’s “Lime Green Feeling” here:

Listen to the rest of Do You Like Salt via BRNDA’s bandcamp, as well as Spotify and Apple Music. Wanna see them live? BRNDA returns to the stage on Jan. 21 at Pie Shop. You can find melan’s song catalog on Spotify and Apple Music. Though she doesn’t have any shows on the books, melan says she’s planning to perform locally this spring. 

Consider this your holiday gift to prepare you for the many cold, dark days ahead.