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Pet parents tend to be quite passionate about their pet’s health and for good reason. There are many different conditions and diseases that dog owners can prepare for simply by knowing their dog’s breed. In part, this is because the genetic predisposition of each dog will make them more vulnerable to certain health conditions.

Still, there is no way of knowing every health-related risk when you first get them. This is true whether your dog is adopted or bought by a breeder. You can either deal with these problems as they arise or get a dog DNA kit to test your dog and prepare for the things they’re most susceptible to. With a simple cheek swab, you can learn more about the health risks associated with your dog’s genetic makeup, diseases they may carry, and even your dog’s breed mix.

Dog DNA testing kits have gained a lot of popularity over these past few years. With various testing kits available, it’s important to evaluate your options to determine the best dog DNA tests for your needs. For example, each dog DNA test will provide you with different information about the family tree, dog’s breed, personality traits, pet genetic makeup, and health. 

Here are the best dog DNA tests for your pet’s ancestry details, dog breed, and overall health. 

SiteBest For
Embark Breed & Health KitMost comprehensive dog DNA results for health and breed
Wisdom Panel 2 in 1Best DNA test for breed identification
Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification TestMost affordable DNA test kit

Embark Breed & Health Kit

The Embark dog DNA test is one of the best options for testing your dog’s breed and health. It’s also one of the easiest tests to use–from gaining the first swab from your dog’s cheek to finding all the results in the Embark Wisdom Panel. 

As with many other dog DNA tests, this one will require you to register your dog DNA kit online before use. The swab is mailed in a package with clear instructions. This makes the whole process of getting the sample and mailing it back quick and simple. 

Apart from the cheek swab collection process, you will also need to answer a basic questionnaire about your dog’s behavior and possible breed mix and upload a photo of your pet. All of this basic information about your pet will help to give you clearer, more detailed results from the test.

For pet owners with multiple dogs, you can easily use Embark to test all of your dogs. Simply click the “add a dog” option online and get started! 

What the Dog DNA Test Includes 

While test results can take up to two months to receive, the extensive details provided in the Embark kit make the wait well worth it. The Embark dog DNA test offers a lot of in-depth information about your dog’s breed composition. Just from the small swab sent in, the wisdom panel will evaluate your dog’s vulnerability to 171 different health risks and genetic health conditions.

Apart from letting you know about your dog’s health, more information about each condition is also made available. This makes discussing your health concerns with your vet that much more important. 

This breed health kit also provides further details relating to the ancestry and exact breed of your dog. The results are given as a percentage breakdown in video form. The information you will receive will let you know whether your pet is a mixed breed and whether they share DNA from other animals that have also taken the test.

When it comes to your dog’s breed portion of this dog DNA test, you will receive a custom-made video that tells you a bit more about your dog. The video is a nice way of adding to the overall excitement surrounding the journey you and your dog embarked on. 

Your dog’s breed will help you better understand what health risks and concerns you should be focusing on. It will also help you understand your dog better. As a pet parent, this is a most welcome part of the Embark test kit. As such, there is a specific section where your dog’s traits will be discussed.

Based on both your dog’s breed and its family tree, you will get to know a bit more about why your dog likes certain things or dislikes others. Additionally, their maternal and paternal haplotypes will be tested during this part. This helps you get an idea of how your dog made its way to you. This is a fun section of the dog DNA test kit and adds some interesting elements regarding your dog’s ancestry. 

The panel will also have more data about the breakdown of the dog’s 38 pairs of chromosomes. This is quite a unique aspect of this dog DNA test kit. It is something that is usually only found in human test kits.


While you do end up getting a lot of information from the Embark dog DNA test, not all results are 100% accurate and some are even cause for speculation. Much like with human DNA tests, some dog DNA tests use specific information found to try to upsell you on additional products. For example, the company may make it seem like these results are part of a much larger story that requires a more expensive plan to gain access to. 

With the Embark dog DNA test, this isn’t much of a concern. It appears that the researchers aim to ask all of the possible questions–both during the survey and testing phase–to provide you with the most comprehensive results possible. The vast amount of information you will receive in the results is even cross-referenced to ensure its accuracy. 


The Embark dog DNA test is one of the most expensive kits on the market. The Breed and Health Kit costs $199. There is also an option to purchase the kit without the health component included, which costs only $129. 

This price can be difficult to justify when compared to other cheaper tests on the market. However, the comprehensive results and in-depth analysis of your dog’s genetic makeup–both in terms of breed and health– make the higher price worth it. This type of information can only be achieved through high levels of expertise. 

Plus, the test uses over 200,000 genetic markers. That is more than 100 times the amount of genetic information included in competitors’ DNA tests. Embark also checks for more than 350 different breed types and 200 genetic health conditions. This is made possible because they collaborate with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, which is definitely a reputable source. 

Key Takeaways 

While non-pet parents may consider dog DNA tests unnecessary, the information you are getting about your pet’s breed is significant. This is especially important when it comes to their health, behavior, and personality traits. 

If you want to be aware and prepared for potential health risks ahead of time, the Embark dog DNA test kit may be one of your best options. The test is easily shareable with your vet, so you both can discuss possible precautions to take. 


  • One of the most in-depth analyses of your dog’s breed and dog’s genetic makeup
  • Health kit is very extensive, with over 171 health conditions tested
  • Comprehensive breed database available 


  • One of the most expensive dogs DNA tests on the market
  • Some of the results may be speculative
  • Some swabs need to be redone

Wisdom Panel 2 in 1

The Wisdom Panel Premium Breed Identification & Health Condition Identification DNA Test is perhaps one of the most comprehensive dog DNA tests available on the market. The tests are professionally packaged and the testing kit instructions are very clear and easy to understand. This dog DNA test also offers accurate results and comprehensive reports that clearly indicate all of the details found. 

For example, customer reviews typically note how the test results are always consistent. This helps solidify that testing samples and methods are accurate. Plus, the results are also presented in a way that’s easy to comprehend and even enjoyable to read through.

What the Dog DNA Test Includes 

The Wisdom Panel Premium Breed Identification & Health Condition Identification DNA Test claims to have the world’s largest breed database. It offers more than 350 breeds options in the database. 

If you have a mixed breed pup, for example, The Wisdom Panel Premium Panel has a great shot at finding all of the mixed breed types that are in your dog. The Wisdom Panel is also known to be very accurate for purebred dogs and rare breeds as well. According to their website, they have carried out over 2 million dog DNA tests for purebreds, mixed breeds, and rare breeds alike. 

This dog DNA test also evaluates your dog’s family tree, and possibly even the dog’s breed composition dating back at least three generations. The DNA is also tested for around 25 key gene mutations.

Finally, The Wisdom Panel Premium Panel provides an extensive traits section that includes both behavioral and appearance-based details. The traits section mainly offers more information on your dog’s appearance, weight, personality traits, potential behaviors, etc. 

How It Works 

The Wisdom Panel Premium Breed Identification & Health Condition Identification DNA Test does not use cotton swabs for the DNA sample collection. If you are familiar with other testing kits, this aspect of the test may be surprising. 

Instead, there are tiny bottle brushes that are used to swab your pet’s cheek. Once you have finished the sample collection, you can leave the swabs to air dry in the box provided. 

Before returning the sample to the kit and mailing it back, you will need to register the box. You can do this by setting up an account and registering the sample ID given in the box. If you already have an account, you can simply add the other dogs being tested to your existing account. 

Once the samples have arrived at the testing facilities, your results will be made available in approximately three weeks or later. It should be noted that the results from the wisdom panel are generated through the use of algorithms and databases. Then, they are put through extensive biological testing. 

The results received are accessible through The Wisdom Panel website. However, it’s not easy to share with others or even print out in PDF form. This can be frustrating if you want to share the results of the dog DNA test with your vet and discuss certain health concerns. 

In terms of packaging, The Wisdom Panel is mailed with the utmost care. The box mailed to you can also be repurposed as the package used to return your dog’s DNA samples. It includes free postage if you are shipping from the US. Additionally, instructions on how to complete the entire process can be easily found inside the box’s lid.


The Wisdom Panel Premium Breed Identification & Health Condition Identification DNA Test is one of the more affordable options on the market. The kit is available for just $128. If you want two kits, Wisdom Panel offers a 2-count purchasing option for just $192. 

This specific kit provides access to a dog DNA database with over 350 different breeds, types, and varieties. The kit will also test for over 200 genetic conditions, as well as risk for inherited diseases, adverse reactions to popular medications, etc. 

There are also other options provided by Wisdom Panel, some more affordable and others more expensive. If you want to test for more than just your dog breed composition, then you can upgrade to the more expensive option for $159. This higher tier kit will further test the DNA test sample provided and check for over 210 genetic health conditions. 

If you’re interested in a more affordable option, the Wisdom Panel Essential Breed Identification DNA Test for Dogs only costs $79.99. This option provides access to the DNA and breed database but does not test for possible genetic conditions. 

You may think the extra cost is too expensive and your dog is probably fine, but over 15 percent of dogs tested by Wisdom Panel have had one or more mutations. 


  • World’s largest breed database, with over 350 breeds, t​​ypes and varieties available
  • Comprehensive genetic testing, with over 210 conditions checked
  • Return postage included in the DNA kit 


  • Biological testing is not as extensive as competitors 
  • Reports are not easy to shareable 
  • Basic plan provides limited information 

Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test

The Orivet at-home dog DNA test kits are considered some of the best options for identifying mixed breeds and health conditions. These testing kits are available on Chewy. 

They’re great for owners interested in learning more about their breed breakdown, genetic makeup, and possible health-related concerns. We recommend the Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test for comprehensive, accurate results. 

What the Dog DNA Test Includes 

The Orivet Geno Pet Dog DNA Breed Identification Test can help provide insights into various aspects of your dog. Here is some of the information included in the kit – the percentages of your dog’s DNA, details regarding the dog’s personality and behavior, and inheritable health risks. 

There are 350 recognized breeds available in the database. This even includes rare breed types and even some breeds that are unique to certain areas of the world.

In terms of the health results, there are over 200 canine health conditions that they test for. If you are looking for comprehensive DNA results relating to your pet’s health, then you may be able to get all of the answers you are looking for through this DNA test.

You will also find a comprehensive three-generation family tree in the report. While this does not date as far back as some of the other dog DNA test results, it is still an interesting component of this test.

It comes with a personalized wellness plan, which sets this particular test apart from its competitors. This information can help pet parents improve their dog’s health drastically. Orivet has a decade-long collaboration with various veterinarians and breeders, who are the ones ultimately providing this personalized wellness plan. 

How It Works 

This dog DNA testing kit is very easy to use and understand. Because of this, many previous customers have given the company and kit a high rating. 

First, you will activate your kit on the Orivet website. Then you will collect a sample of your dog’s DNA. Use the provided swabs and rub them on the inside of your dog’s cheek for 10-15 seconds. Your dog shouldn’t eat for 10 minutes before this collection. 

Next, allow the swabs to air dry for at least 10 minutes before putting them back in the pouch. You should not tightly seal the pouch. Finally, you will mail back the samples to Orivet. Place the pouch containing the swabs into the envelope provided and mail them back to the company. These clear instructions make the whole process fast and easy. 

You should expect to receive your dog’s test results by email within three to four weeks. Some customer reviews have mentioned that it sometimes takes longer than this, especially if there was a mistake that occurred during the sample collection process. 

Even when you want to correct this mistake, customer support can be exceptionally hard to reach. This can be frustrating as you will not be able to get immediate assistance to fix any problems with your dog’s DNA results.


The Orivet DNA test kits are some of the most affordable on the market. There are two available options – the Dog DNA health screening and the Mixed-Breed Dog Identification DNA Test. 

The Dog DNA health screening and Life Plan option costs $124.99. The Mixed-Breed Dog Identification DNA Test and Life Plan costs an additional $69.95. This makes the test one of the cheapest options available. The more premium line is even cheaper than both Embark and Wisdom Panel options. 

Unfortunately, this lower price point does not mean that the dog test results may be less accurate compared to other, more expensive options. 

Key Takeaways 

Even though the customer support team can be questionable at times, Orivet remains one of the leading testing companies on the market. They were an integral part of the development of dog DNA testing. As such, the expertise of their team is very extensive and the breed identification tests and health screening offered are both accurate and reliable.


  • Very affordable DNA testing kit
  • Personalized wellness plan can help improve your dog’s life
  • Comprehensive DNA testing from a highly skilled team


  • Results are not as extensive as Embark and Wisdom Panel
  • The customer service team is not always easy to reach
  • Longer wait time for results to be posted

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Dog DNA Test Kit?

A dog DNA test kit enables a dog owner to learn about their dog’s breed, ancestry, relatives, and more. This is typically done with a simple cheek swab. 

Can Dog DNA Tests Help Me Identify My Dog’s Breed? 

Dog owners are usually quite excited to learn more about their new dog – whether adopted or purchased from a breeder. An at-home testing kit is one of the best ways to find out the breed mix of your dog. These DNA kits take a small sample from your dog’s saliva and run it through a database to unlock the genetic makeup. 

The DNA test results are usually quite extensive. They tend to include a percentage breakdown of all the dog breeds in your new furry friend. Apart from the percentage results, most companies will also provide you with some information about how each breed might affect your dog’s appearance, traits, health, and even behavior.

Do Dog DNA Tests Include a Family Tree?

Some kits will also provide information regarding your dog’s family tree and lineage. This does not necessarily mean you will find your dog’s parents or grandparents. They would have to be registered in the database. At the very least, it will help you to know what breed they were. 

Depending on the type of kit that you get, the breed and family tree information provided may be very extensive. For example, the report could contain information about the maternal and/or paternal lineage, genetic age, etc. 

What Are the Benefits of Dog DNA Testing in Regards to Health Conditions?

Extensive health testing for your dog can be extremely beneficial. The health screening can help you have a better idea of what you may be up against in the future. For instance, you can learn which mutations and health conditions they are possibly susceptible to or even currently suffering from. By preparing ahead of time for these genetic risks, you can ensure that your dog will have a longer life ahead of them. 

You will also want to know their genetic background to know what they are a “carrier” for. Even if your puppy is completely purebred, they may still have certain conditions that they’re carrying. Such genetic conditions are often linked to the breed of the dog. This is why health testing and breed identification tests are usually completed simultaneously.

In general, knowing your pets’ possible conditions will make you a better pet owner and parent. This is part of the reason that so many people choose to test their dogs.

Can the DNA Results Help Me Make Lifestyle Changes for My Dog?

DNA test results can provide you with important information about your dog’s health. You and your vet can then determine healthy lifestyle habits and changes that would benefit your dog – such as diet, exercise, and more. 

Most DNA tests do not provide you with exact recommendations based on their findings. That’s why it’s important to discuss the results with your vet and find the best options for your dog.

Some tests will supply you with personalized tips and plans that you can use to improve your pet’s life and help them reach optimal health. For example, the plan might outline the amount and type of exercise you should focus on to keep them healthy. It may also include nutritional needs like diet, supplements, and exercise recommendations for your dog. 

Can I Find My Dog’s Ancestry?

Much like DNA testing for humans, some dog DNA testing also lets you find more information about your dog’s ancestry. Most DNA tests go at least three generations back. This is mainly done to obtain genetic information. 

If one of your dog’s close relatives has also been tested with the same company, however, your results should include this information. From there, you may be able to find your puppy’s siblings or lost relatives. 

The chances are slim, but still, it could lead you down a cool and interesting adventure. This feature is mainly available with Embark. Other dog testing companies do not offer similar services.

Is My Dog Purebred or a Mixed Breed?

If you are wondering about the breed of your dog, DNA testing is the easiest way to get an exact answer and find out what breed your dog is. By getting a small sample of saliva from your dog, you can see which breeds they are made up of. Most testing kits will also give the percentages of each breed.

If you have a mixed breed dog, finding out information about the different breeds could help to improve your understanding of their traits and health conditions. It may help you become a better dog owner in general.

Will My Dog’s DNA Results Be Stored and Shared?

Most DNA testing companies will store your dog’s results in some capacity. The data collected is often used for various veterinary genetic research studies. 

By partaking in this, your dog’s DNA testing could help scientists and veterinarians find solutions to common canine diseases.

If you are using a company like Embark for your dog’s DNA testing, then the data will also be an important part of connecting you to your dog’s relatives.


Dog DNA testing is about so much more than just finding your dog’s breed. You can learn about potentially damaging health conditions your dog may carry, along with personality traits and behavior commonly found in the breed(s). 

By testing your dog’s DNA, you can become a better dog owner. You will be more conscious of the diet that is best suited for the breed of dog you have. You will also be able to adjust their lifestyle based on which health conditions they are at risk of getting.

This is why dog testing is such an important part of being a dog owner. We hope this article helps you find the best DNA dog tests.