Over the last three to four decades our understanding, and acceptance, of mental health struggles in society, has increased significantly. With that shift has come an expansion in the mental health services available to everyday people. Countless studies conducted by mental health professionals have reflected the effectiveness of emotional support animals (ESAs).

For those suffering from a mental or emotional disability, an emotional support animal can provide much-needed companionship. Furthermore, mental health professionals have seen significant success in pairing a support animal with those that struggle with mental illness. If you suffer from mental health disorders, this may very well be the breakthrough you’ve been desiring.

Yet, this does come with its own set of challenges, as several laws and regulations need to be followed. One of the most effective ways to obtain, or classify, emotional support animals is through an emotional support animal letter. Here is a comprehensive list of the best emotional support animal letter providers out there right now.

Much like finding great licensed mental health professionals, the best ESA letter services are defined by a range of qualities.

  1. Esa Pet: Best for those looking for the best, and easiest, online ESA procedure
  2. CertaPet: Fast customer service and support
  3. ESA Doctors: Best for more unique emotional support animals
  4. Real ESA Letter: Best for receiving the most trusted ESA letters in the business

The Best Legitimate ESA Letter Providers

ESA Pet: Best overall ESA letter provider

ESA Pet is one of the newest, but most interesting additions to this list, due to its unique approach to providing ESA letters. Instead of working as a supplementary ESA letter service, EsaPet is designed as a complete package. That means you’ll be connected directly with a mental health professional to help you certify an emotional support animal.

This approach is so revolutionary that it has garnered the attention of the better business bureau. EsaPet has risen in popularity over the years and is one of the most effective methods of obtaining an ESA letter online. It’s widely considered that EsaPet has changed the emotional pet support world forever.

No longer do you have to seek out licensed professionals that will accept medical insurance to ensure you meet the ESA letter requirements. With EsaPet, everything is there, waiting for you to help get your ESA letter signed. EsaPet also offers support for finding housing providers, especially in urban development areas.

The improved access to EsaPet does not, however, mean it’s without a certification process. EsaPet will connect you with a mental health professional, to help you obtain a valid ESA letter. Compared to other services, this process is quite painless.


  • Revolutionary, and streamlined, online ESA letter process
  • 100% Money back guaranteed
  • Offers one of the cheapest ESA procedures on the market
  • Provides a range of package options, to help tailor to personal mental health condition needs


  •  No SMS Support    

CertaPet ESA

CertaPet is a juggernaut in the emotional support animal world, offering a range of services for getting an ESA letter. The company is defined by its fast customer service, consultation support, and rigid compliance with both federal and state laws. CertaPet even has support for enrolling multiple emotional support animals at once, making the whole process a breeze.

ESA letters from CertaPet have long been a foundational pillar for licensed mental health professionals looking to support clients with mental disorders. The team at CertaPet is well-equipped to fast-track your legitimate ESA letter. Ensuring you have everything you need within a few short business days.

For obtaining a certified ESA letter that adheres to federal law, you can’t beat the gold standard service from CertaPet. The ESA letter service from CertaPet also covers a wide range of emotional disabilities and mental disorders. You never have to worry when you’re taken care of by CertaPet.

CertaPet knows there is a wide range of mental disabilities out there. That doesn’t mean you can’t get an ESA letter. With CertaPet, a patient’s mental health is a top priority, and they will work tirelessly to help you qualify for an ESA.


  •       Fast customer service
  •       Long history in the ESA letter business
  •       The online platform for CertaPet is extremely user-friendly


  •       Slightly more expensive than other ESA letter services
  •       Before you can complete your ESA evaluation, you’ll be required to pay the full fee upfront
  •       Can be difficult to talk one-on-one with a specialized licensed mental health professional

CertaPet PSA

Not every emotional support animal is made equal, especially when it comes to a psychiatric service dog. This helpful companion is often a lifesaving tool for many people struggling with severe mental disorders. Obtaining a PSA letter can be a daunting task, as it requires rigid adherence to several federal laws.

Thankfully, CertaPet has long been a professional in the world of PSA certification letters. If you are diagnosed with a mental health disability, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, then psychiatric service dogs are invaluable. CertaPet provides a comprehensive diagnostic and statistical manual to help in the process of qualifying for a PSA letter.

Whilst psychiatric service animals are less common emotional support animals, that doesn’t mean you’ll need to struggle to get one. CertaPet brings the same impressive customer service, and support to its PSA letter procedure, as it does with its ESA letter process. It’s no surprise that licensed medical professionals all around the US recommend CertaPet PSA.

It’s important to note: that PSA letters are significantly different from ESA letters. This means often consulting a licensed mental health professional before reaching out to CertaPet. Thankfully, CertaPet can help with these as well.


  •       Unparalleled customer service
  •       Provides a licensed professional who specializes in PSA letters
  •       Can help to cover, or educate you, on pet fees associated with psychiatric service dogs


  •       CertaPet offers limited PSA support for the air carrier access act
  •       The PSA letter service is priced at a premium
  •       Will require a more rigorous referral process than a typical ESA referral

ESA Doctors

When it comes to certifying an emotional support animal with an ESA letter, it’s often a struggle to find a complete service. Many ESA letter online providers specialize in specific mental health diagnoses or mental health conditions. This is where ESA Doctors truly manages to shine, offering ESA letter certification for any mental disorder.

ESA Doctors is a business designed around mental health professional consultation and multiple emotional support animal letter packages. This ensures there is always support to quickly gain an ESA letter. ESA Doctors also employs a licensed clinical social worker to help ensure you have the emotional disability support required.

Regardless of the mental health condition, or the ESA letter needed, Esa Doctors are ready. A few short clicks are all it takes to obtain an emotional support animal ESA letter. ESA Doctors also provide support for connecting with qualified mental health professionals, if a prescription letter is required.

For those wanting to educate themselves on emotional support animals, ESA Doctors is one of the best in the business. There is always a licensed mental health professional on hand to answer any questions you might have. The team at ESA Doctors can also provide information around the specific ESA laws if needed.


  •       One of the most comprehensive licensed mental health professional teams in the business
  •       A wide range of support for even the most unique emotional support animal
  •       Competitive pricing, when compared to their level of service


  •       Limited support for a few specific US state law requirements, such as California
  •       Longer wait times, compared to other services
  •       Post service support is lacking, even for basic queries

Real ESA Letter

The prevalence of fake ESA letters is, sadly, a far too common issue for those looking for a valid ESA. This is why a healthcare professional will recommend steering clear of online ESA letters. Real ESA Letter is a company that strives to ensure that you can certify your service animal and obtain a legitimate ESA letter.

Real ESA Letter has been in the business for over a decade now and specializes in ensuring strict compliance with federal laws. If you need an emotional support dog, or any other emotional service animal, Real Esa Letter has you covered. The ESA letters offered by Real Esa Letter are the top-ranked emotional support animal letters in the U.S.

The professionals at Real Esa Letter will walk you through the process, and make sure you qualify for an ESA letter. The legitimacy of an ESA letter from Real ESA Letter can always be trusted. A licensed professional counselor referral is also available for clients.

Getting a signed ESA letter isn’t an easy process. Yet, Real ESA Letter works to bridge this gap of frustration with a team that has seen it all. When working with Real ESA Letter, there is never a doubt about certification.


  •       Highest-ranked ESA letter process in the US
  •       Provides support for all ESA needs, including pet fees, and the Air Carrier Access Act
  •       An ESA letter from Real ESA Letter always adheres to all federal and state laws


  •       Longest wait time out of any service listed here
  •       A more complex process, compared to other ESA letter providers
  •       Only offers a single package deal, which is more expensive than other service providers


Pettable manages to strike a balance of business design, between what EsaPet and Real ESA Letter provide. The company specializes in providing service animal letter support, whilst also connecting you with a licensed professional unique to your case. When it comes to gaining access to an ESA letter, Pettable is one of the most well-rounded in the field.

The company employs several licensed healthcare professionals, highly trained in a wide range of emotional issues. This includes a family therapist, a licensed therapist, and a licensed mental health professional. The support offered by Pettable, to help obtain your ESA letter, is one of their major selling points.

Regardless if you suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder or another mental or emotional disability, Pettable is here to help. The process of obtaining a valid ESA letter from Pettable is streamlined, and equipped with no shortage of emotional support. Pettable can also help you with the pet fee, an ESA prescription, and even the local laws for specific states.

Certifying a support animal doesn’t have to be a struggle. Pettable has managed to define, and excel, in the ESA letter business for good reason. Ask your licensed therapist about Pettable, and learn about their gold standard history in the field.


  •       The only service that provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, with a full refund offered
  •       Support for service animals of all shapes and sizes
  •       Competitive pricing, when matched with the support they offer


  •       The Pettable website is less refined than many other recommendations on this list
  •       Whilst their website advertises a quick wait time, customers have reported weeks of delay for certain cases
  •       Access to qualified mental health professionals locked behind a paywall

Emotional Support Animals – FAQ

Let’s cover some frequently asked questions about emotional support animals to help you get an ESA letter.

What is an Emotional Support Animal?

An emotional support animal is a broad term that refers to a companion animal that provides comfort and support for those with mental or emotional disabilities. This can include those who suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, a phobia, or any mental health condition.

Those who own emotional support animals are protected by a range of federal and state laws. Any property owner must comply with a legitimate ESA letter, as they provide vital emotional support.

What is the Process for Qualifying for an Emotional Support Animal?

Firstly, a qualified emotional support animal must come with a referral from a mental health professional. The nature of this referral will differ from person to person.

For ESA pet owners, there is a range of methods to signal your emotional support animal is what it is. This will help you if asked to prove the legitimacy of an emotional support animal.

Do I Require a Special Certificate, or Other Documentation, for my ESA?

An ESA letter is all that is required to prove you have an emotional support animal. However, the ESA letter must be legitimate.

Once in the possession of an ESA letter, landlords cannot request a certificate, license, or registration for the emotional support animal. The rights of citizens to own an emotional support animal are protected under a strict set of laws.

Do Emotional Support Animals Require Specialized Training?

No, an ESA does not require any form of special training. Emotional support animals differ significantly from service animals and are not held to the same high standard.

Despite this fact, it’s important to outline that an effective emotional support animal is well-trained. Basic obedience training is highly recommended for emotional support animals, where applicable.

What Laws Surround, and Protect Emotional Support Animals?

The most commonly known, and relevant, federal law that protects emotional support animals is the Fair Housing Act. The U.S Department of Housing has created a set of guidelines for property owners to follow, protecting the presence of emotional support animals.

If you find yourself in a situation where your landlord is requesting to remove an emotional support animal, make sure to highlight the Fair Housing Act. If the problem persists, contact relevant authorities, to ensure your rights are protected.

Is an ESA Allowed to Enter a Restaurant, Hotel, Grocery Store, or Other Public Areas?

No, an ESA cannot automatically enter public spaces that prohibit animals. There is no legal argument to be had when it comes to a private business rejecting entry either.

Owners of an ESA are protected under the Fair Housing Act, which permits them to have their animals at home. However, this does not apply to service animals, as their rights are more significant.

What Kind of Animals Are Permitted to be an ESA?

There is a wide range of animals permitted to be an ESA. The most common choices are by far cats and dogs.

However, under the Fair Housing Act, ESAs can be a dog, cat, small bird, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, fish, turtle, as well as a wide range of other domesticated animals. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a readily available animal that cannot qualify as an ESA.

Can a Licensed Mental Health Professional Deny a Referral for an ESA?

This is a tricky question to provide a definite answer to, as there is a wide range of variables at play when it comes to the work of mental health professionals. However, there is no justifiable reason to deny a request for an ESA for the vast majority of cases.

If you have been denied an ESA from a licensed professional, seek outside assistance. Many of the ESA letter services above offer in-house referral options.

Do Licensed Mental Health Professionals Support ESAs?

Absolutely. ESAs are a widely supported, and beneficial tool that all mental wellbeing professionals hold in high regard.

You will be hard-pressed to find any professional in the field of mental wellbeing that does not readily recommend an ESA. Endless research into the effectiveness of support animals has been conducted, and the findings are not up for debate.

Are you Permitted to own more than one ESA?

It is uncommon for people to seek certification for more than one ESA, as simply owning one, protects you under state and federal laws. However, it is permitted to certify more than one ESA.

If you are seeking to certify more than one ESA, note that you will be required to provide valid documentation for both. Usually, a recommendation for more than one ESA is left up to your licensed practitioner.

What Kind of Mental Health Conditions Qualify for an ESA?

There is no one true answer to this question, as the choice to refer to an ESA is left up to the healthcare professional themselves. As long as they see the need for an ESA, then a referral will be offered.

The most common disorders that qualify for an ESA are depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or phobias. However, this is far from all of the conditions that can warrant an ESA referral.

Who Specifically Can Write an ESA Letter?

It’s important when seeking out an ESA letter, that unqualified providers are avoided. Sadly, there is no shortage of services out there that provide fake or scam ESA letters.

Only qualified psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners, clinical social workers, physician assistants, licensed counselors, and registered nurses can write an ESA letter. Always make sure you are receiving an ESA letter from one of these professionals.

What Specifically Will an ESA Contain? Does it Reveal Details About my Mental Condition?

An ESA letter will only reveal that you have a disability that qualifies you for an ESA and that you are protected under the Fair Housing Act. This may reveal certain details, in a roundabout fashion, but it will not specifically state any disorders.

The ESA letter will only detail how your companion helps to support you, and the importance of keeping the animal close. Although, as stated above, this does not permit you to take your ESA into a private or public property that does not permit animals.

What is the Typical Waiting Time to Certify an ESA?

There are rigid laws around the procedure of certifying an ESA. For example, a California law enacted in 2022 requires a client-provider relationship to be established, at least 30 days before an ESA is certified.

The waiting period can range from between one week, to six weeks, depending on the complexity of your request. In California, you can avoid the 30-day requirement, if you already have an established relationship with your referral source.

Does an ESA Certification Expire?

Technically, there is no expiration on an ESA certificate, yet there are some instances when obtaining a more recent one may be required. Landlords may require a more recent copy of your ESA certification if it is significantly out of date.

Furthermore, there may be several reasons why your personal healthcare professional may need a more recent ESA document. This can include needing outside verification, or certification, on an ESA for a variety of reasons.

Does a Landlord Require a Hard Copy of an ESA Certification?

No, there is no reason to ever submit a hard copy of an ESA certification. Almost all service providers will offer you an electronic copy, and that is all that is required to prove your animal is an ESA.

It is not uncommon to hear stories of landlords or property owners stating they need a signed original, to prove the authenticity of the letter. This is not true, however, you may need to provide documentation about the origins of the letter, such as the service provider you used.


Strive Towards a Better Tomorrow with the Best Emotional Support Letter Services

For those who have an emotional disability, an ESA may be the difference to living a fulfilling life. The benefits of an ESA cannot be understated, and with these incredible emotional support letter services at your back, you have everything you need to get started.

By making sure to pick the right ESA service, and surrounding yourself with their professional support, there is no reason anybody can’t have the love and companionship of an emotional support animal. We hope this article has provided helpful information, and guided anybody looking to certify an ESA in the right direction.