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HO HO WHO: Tegan Quin and Sara Quin, the two halves of Canadian indie duo Tegan and Sara. Their first Christmas single wraps longing in a shiny, synthy, bubbly pop package complete with a sleigh bell bow.

MAKE THE YULETIDE GAY: The song anchored the soundtrack to Hulu’s new Clea DuVall movie Happiest Season, an attempt at a classic feel-good holiday rom-com plot with a lesbian twist. The filmmakers spotlight queer artists for the likewise classic-but-queer soundtrack, which also includes Brandy Clark and soul singer Shea Diamond.

I GOT A CHRISTMAS FEVER, AND THE ONLY PRESCRIPTION IS MORE MARIAH: When DuVall approached the Alberta-born sisters about writing a song for the soundtrack, she reportedly asked for a track like “that big Mariah Carey Christmas song.” While landing on a more plaintive confessional, Tegan and Sara channeled the singular romantic desire of the genre-defining “All I Want for Christmas Is You” and added an infusion of ’90s pop nostalgia for good measure, aiming straight for the film’s millennial target audience.

HAVE I BEEN GOOD ENOUGH: It wouldn’t be a Sara Quin song without a melancholy undercurrent. Heartbreak and fallen stars mix with picture-book holiday scenes—snow falling, bells ringing, lights glowing—in verses set to a minimal drum heartbeat. The glitter-pop chorus shimmers in with a bar chime glissando and hits a four-on-the-floor beat, backing earnest, pining lyrics (“You’re the only girl I’ve got on my list / I write your name / I know it’s foolish”) with the intensity of scribbling a crush’s name in a wide-ruled notebook.

CHEER FACTOR: 9/10. “Make You Mine This Season” is equal parts hopeful and wistful, but hopeful wins out. Despite the top note of unrequited love, it feels like this time, as any good romantic comedy promises, the story can’t help but lead to a happy ending.