Photo by Tim Ebner
Photo by Tim Ebner

The Dish: Taylor Pork Roll Sandwich

Where to Get It: GW Delicatessen, 2133 G St. NW; (202) 331-9391

Price: $5.95

What It Is: Taylor pork, or Taylor ham, is a breakfast staple that’s more common in parts north of Washington, D.C. Ask anyone from New Jersey, and they will tell you that this meat product is largely defined by its slightly sweet, very salty taste. Some refer to it simply as mystery meat, but for hangovers it’s quite simply a gift from the gods. Usually, Taylor pork comes in a breakfast sandwich that’s a Jersey diner staple accompanied by two slabs of American cheese and a fried egg, served on a Kaiser roll.

How it Tastes: The main flavoring agent in Taylor pork is of course salt. There’s also a mix of secret seasonings, preservatives, and some sugar. The sandwich has an industrial and processed taste, and that’s kind of the point. Eating this breakfast sandwich is an act of penance. You’re atoning for the sins of last night, while also punishing your body further with the gooey goodness that is a congealed mass of pork, egg, and cheese. Those who shudder at the thought of eating a Taylor pork roll sandwich have never uttered the phrase YOLO.

Why It Helps: This breakfast sandwich is college tested, and tri-state approved. Taylor pork is typically hard to find south of the Turnpike, but New Jersey is one of the biggest feeder states into George Washington University. Thankfully, the GW Deli does this mystery meat justice. Undergrads will gladly wait in a line that stretches the length of the aisle to get their hands on this sandwich. And, for those who spent the night on frat row, and somehow think the room is still spinning, just be sure to say—Double, Double, Double—when you order. The guy behind the counter will add two times the meat, cheese, and egg to your sandwich and serve it on a sub roll, for just $8.25.