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There are great sportsbook apps available in DC for people who are looking to participate in sports betting on their mobile phone. These apps are the most popular platform bettors use when wagering on sporting events. This is no surprise considering the advantage sports betting apps have.

Due to the fact that sports betting can only be done within two blocks of a stadium in DC, the best option you have is to download one of the legal sportsbook apps in the district on your iPhone or Android device. This way, even if you don’t live inside of a gambling zone, you’ll be able to travel there and bet on your phone. This will allow you to access a great selection of bonus bets, high quality streaming and an overall stellar sports betting experience in DC.

Top DC Sports Betting Apps – June 2023

Washington D.C. BETMGM App Logo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Welcome Bonus
Get up to $1,000 in Bonus Bets

App Store
(152k reviews)

Play Store
(19k reviews)

Washington D.C. Caesars Sportsbook App Logo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Welcome Bonus
Get up to $1,250 in Bet Credit

App Store
(41k reviews)

Play Store
(20k reviews)

10 Reasons Why You Should Use a Sports Betting App

Unlike their desktop counterpart, sports betting apps are viewed in a much more favorable light by users and offer a host of better services. Here are our top 10 reasons to use them:

  1. Remote Registration – You can set up your account from anywhere in the district, whether you’re a resident or non-resident.
  2. Live Betting – The best user experience and the quickest time to find and place bets come courtesy of apps.
  3. Easy To Use – All you need to get started is a phone and Wi-Fi or data.
  4. On The Go Access – A mobile phone fits in your pocket and is accessible in public places, compared to a laptop.
  5. Exclusive Promos – While welcome bonuses are available on all platforms, now and again sportsbooks offer exclusive promos for app users.
  6. Interactive Features – Gone are the days of waiting for an email to receive news about your bets. Thanks to apps, you can now get instant notifications about every piece of information you could ever need about your bets.
  7. App Updates – With more than 70% of online bets in DC coming from mobile phones, companies often prioritize fixing and updating their app compared to other platforms.
  8. Social Media – If you want to show off your latest winnings with your friends, or even get opinions on Twitter about your new parlay, the easiest way of doing this is on a phone. 
  9. Odds Checking – You’re a few quick taps away from finding out the odds on other apps, meaning it’s relatively easy for you to compare bets across different platforms.
  10. Customer Support – Many sportsbook apps have 24/7 customer support that allow you to create live chats, to help with any queries that arise.

Comparing Sportsbook Apps in DC

Take a more in-depth look at what the few sports betting apps in the district do well. Bettors can become customers on both platforms to see which suits their needs better.

Best App Overall

Washington D.C. BETMGM App Logo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Welcome Bonus
Get up to $1,000 in Bonus Bets

Best Feature
Fast Payouts Available

BETMGM – They offer a fantastic platform that includes everything bettors could ever ask for: Great odds, enticing promos, an easy to use design, quick payment processing times, helpful customer service and overall a great experience. BETMGM has it all.

Best App For Rewards

Washington D.C. Caesars Sportsbook App Logo

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Welcome Bonus
Up To $1,250 In Bet Credits

Best Feature
Watch Live NFL Games

Caesars Sportsbook – The rewards Caesars offers bettors are second to none. Granted, they only compete with two other brands in the capital, but they have cemented themselves as a great platform with interactive features. They offer services such as live streaming, in-play betting and parlay boosts.

The Rise of Sports Betting Apps

Mobile sports betting apps are the latest innovative method of wagering on sporting events. Although modern smartphones first came about in 2007, sportsbook mobile apps are relatively new. This is largely due to the fact that sports betting only became legal in several states after 2018. If sports betting had always been legal across America, then these apps would all be at least a decade old by now.

Nevertheless, these apps have helped significantly towards the huge boom the betting industry has received in the US. As of 2023 the majority of all bets placed at sportsbooks are via a mobile app. The convenience provided is a big reason for this. No matter where users are, they can wager thanks to these apps. Also, it’s not like users are receiving a lesser experience thanks to using a mobile, so this also has contributed greatly to the adoption of this method of betting. Apps still allow them to use features such as live betting, streaming and promos.

DC Sports Betting App Features

Here are some of the most sought after features that bettors look for in a sports betting app. BETMGM and Caesars cover all of them on their respective mobile apps.

Sportsbook AppLive BettingLive StreamingParlaysOdds Boosts

How to Use a Sports Betting App

It’s easier than ever to access the three sports betting apps that are available in DC. Whether it’s on the App Store or the Play Store, here’s a general overview of how to use them:

  1. Choose A Sports Betting App – After deciding which betting app you want to use, download it on your device’s relevant store. You will need to be within two blocks of the Nationals Park if you are using BETMGM or within two blocks of the Capital One Arena if you are using Caesars Sportsbook.
  2. Sign Up – Once downloaded, open the app and begin the registration process. You will have to fill in all required personal details. Both residents & non-residents of Washington DC are eligible to bet on sports events. 
  3. Claim Your Welcome Bonus – If you have to enter a promo code as part of your welcome bonus, you will do this now. However, most apps don’t require you to enter a promo code and are savvy enough to award you your welcome bonus once you have met the criteria of placing your first bet.
  4. Deposit Funds – Link your payment or bank information to your new sportsbook account and make your first deposit. Most apps accept debit cards, credit cards, online banking and e-wallets as deposit methods.
  5. Place Bets – Find a sports event that you would like to bet on and choose from a host of betting options such as moneylines, spreads, parlays, props and many more.
  6. Withdraw Funds – You’ll be able to cash out your winnings from the app in a number of different ways such as: bank transfers, paypal or skrill. BETMGM, Caesars Sportsbook and GambetDC usually are able to process your funds in less than 72 hours.

New Sportsbook Apps Coming to DC

Three out of a total of five sports betting apps have already launched. This means that only two more brands can ever get an online sports betting license with the district. So far, only one of these final two spots looks to be set. The brands that are launching their mobile betting apps soon are:

  • FanDuel 
  • TBD

iPhone DC Sports Betting Apps

You can find out if you’ll be able to download and use the current sports betting apps in the capital below.

Sportsbook AppiPhone 5-5siPhone 6-8iPhone X – 12iPhone 13 – 14

Android DC Sports Betting Apps

Only select Android phone can use the latest sports betting apps. Check out if your phone is compatible here.

Sportsbook AppAndroid 5.0Android 6.0Android 7.0Android 8.0 – 13.0

Sports Betting Sites in DC

DC Sports Betting Sites

Sportsbook apps are by far the most used method when it comes to sports betting in 2023. However, despite the popularity of these apps in todays mobile friendly world, there’s also an alternative platform bettors can use. Sports betting sites are often viewed as the full package. Apart from the major flaw of not being usable while bettors are out and about in most instances, these sites are usually curated by sportsbooks in a way that allows all of the best features to be enhanced.

For example, the layouts on sports betting sites are more visually appealing due to being custom made to fit on a large screen such as that of a laptop. In some instances, customer support at sportsbooks can only be used on their desktop platform. When it comes to live streaming games, usually a computer can provide a higher quality service than a mobile, although this is changing as phones are continually being improved. Either way, sports betting sites give users who may not be comfortable wagering their money on a mobile an incredibly secure experience, as it allows bettors to navigate the sports markets in a way that feels safe while also being immersive.

The Future of Sports Betting Mobile Apps

The outlook of sports betting is constantly changing as new emerging technologies get integrated with sportsbook platforms. Here are some of the most exciting features that will be coming to the sports betting experience over the next decade on mobile apps in Washington and the rest of the country.

Augmented Reality

AR is an interactive experience that combines the real world with computer generated content. One day, it will play a big role in the mobile sports betting industry. There are a huge number of opportunities that AR offers to sportsbooks and their mobile apps. They will be able to improve the overall betting experience by deploying this technology to work with their platforms.

Some great ideas so far is to have AR features be available for users who are in an arena watching a sports betting game. AR would allow them to scan the field or court and the user would be able to pick up key stats about each players performance by tapping on them on their screen. Additionally, bets could be placed in AR and there could be a section within it where the user receives updates and tips during the course of the game.

There will also be room for this technology to be used by bettors who are at home or somewhere else other than the stadium, such as by pointing it at the TV or monitor they are using instead of being there phsyically. Although the specifics will have to be hashed out, there is tremendous potential to be had when AR integrates with sportsbook apps.

Virtual Reality

VR is a simulated experience that has near-eye displays to give users the feeling of being in a virtual world. While this isn’t something that is likely going to be used in public settings like AR, virtual reality could still be used in the sports betting industry for users who are wagering at home. In the future sportsbook apps in DC could mix streaming services with VR to create a fantastic virtual betting experience. This means that bettors can feel like they are watching a game live, even though they may be nowhere near the arena.

Enhanced Social Features

While some sportsbooks have regular daily pools that contain a leaderboard, the social aspect of betting usually isn’t great on mobile apps. In the future, updates may be deployed that make it easier for users to interact seamlessly between sportsbook and social media apps. If this isn’t done, then an alternative would be an in-app messaging service and friend network that allows bettors to create their own social betting bubble with friends. This will not only enhance the overall experience, but can be used simultaneously with the likes of AR or VR to maximise social interactions and fun on sportsbook apps.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Sports Betting App

Here are some of the top questions bettors should ask themselves before deciding on which sportsbook app they should use and which they should steer clear of.

  1. Accessible – Are users able to use the app all over DC?
  2. History – Is it a new sports betting app or has it been around for several years?
  3. Reviews – Does it have a good reputation on the app store?
  4. Consistent – Does it offer the same services as their desktop counterpart website?
  5. Updates – Do they regularly update the app and provide fixes to bugs?
  6. Customer Support – Is it easy to access support?
  7. Betting Odds – Are the odds competitive?
  8. Bonuses & Promotions – Are there exclusive promos for the app?
  9. Withdrawal Speed – Can you withdraw money and will you get it quickly?
  10. Available Markets – Are you still able to bet on all markets offered on their site?

Payment Methods at Sports Betting Apps in DC

Every sports betting app is different when it comes to what payment methods you’re allowed to use for both depositing and withdrawing money. Here’s the most widely accepted payment methods for mobile sports betting apps in DC:

  • Debit Cards – Visa and Mastercard let you quickly deposit funds.
  • PayPal – A virtual wallet for money management and transferring funds.
  • Skrill – Another virtual wallet that allows you to complete online payments.
  • Online Banking – Most common method used for withdrawing funds.
  • eChecks – Electronic checks have much faster processing times than their physical counterpart.


Washington DC may not host a grand selection of sports betting opportunities compared to other states, but it is legal and accessible for all residents and non-residents inside district lines.

As time goes on, bettors in DC can hope that the law will change, so more online sports betting apps can bring better odds, promos and competition to the capital.

DC Sports Betting Apps FAQs

What Sports Betting Apps Can I Use in DC?

BETMGM, Caesars Sportsbook and GambetDC are the only three sports betting apps that are currently operational in Washington DC

Are Sports Betting Apps Free to Use n DC?

Yes, all of these apps are free to download and use.

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in DC?

Yes, DFS is legal and available on platforms such as DraftKings and FanDuel.

Which DC Sports Betting App Should I Use?

There are many factors to take into consideration before choosing which sportsbook you want to do business with. Check out our reviews of DC sports betting apps here.

Can I Use Online Casinos in DC?

No, online casinos are currently illegal in the capital.

What Can’t I Bet on in DC?

You can’t bet on DC College teams, horse racing, politics, esports and entertainment events as of now.

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