Buying art can feel daunting, and most D.C. row house and apartment dwellers probably assume they don’t have the space to display sculpture. The exhibit SSSSSS // Small Scale Site Specific Sculpture Show seeks to upend that idea. As many designers would say, form follows function, and there’s no reason why something utilitarian can’t also be a unique work of art. The show is organized by Nancy Daly and Rex Delafkaran, who work under the moniker “but, also.” Their previous incarnation in a cozy gallery space on Georgia Avenue featured exhibits of artist-created tote bags and cat towers, and transformed into a holiday season gift shop selling mass-produced editions of art objects. The driving force behind “but, also” is creating opportunities for artists to make sellable work that can supplement their main artistic focus. This show, like other “but, also” projects, features a mix of local and further afield artists. For SSSSSS, the exhibition space will be remade as a sort of model home, with pieces displayed on windowsills or desks, demonstrating how they might actually be integrated into living spaces. March 5 to April 9 at 1418 N. Capitol St. NW. Free.

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