courtesy of modernlove. promo

Ultra-contemporary indie-pop anthem makers modernlove. are coming to town. There’s an energetic renaissance of the indie music you fell in love with circa 2007–10 courtesy of Passion Pit and Two-Door Cinema Club, and this Dublin band are leading the way for the latest crop of bright, youthful newcomers. In their bio, modernlove. are described as “a new generation’s brightest hope,” and I’m inclined to agree. Their shows are gathering attention, no doubt due to the joie de vivre meets je ne sais quoi they exude. One listen to “Follow You,” about sharing cheap wine, and you’re officially in pursuit of the iridescent new horizon of indie pop that finally matches and may even surpass its predecessors. modernlove. will have you pouring a cup of Barry’s Tea and wishing you could find a boy band to love in a sleepy Irish town whose music revitalizes the dreary cobblestone streets into joyous technicolor indie dance floors. modernlove. play at 7 p.m. on March 6 at Songbyrd. $15–$18. —Simone Goldstone