Hiatus Kaiyote
Courtesy of Live Nation

There is no reason you should trust my musical recommendations, dear reader. This 30-something newspaper editor and erstwhile fourth-chair high school trumpet player has about as much credibility and musical acumen as an upturned mop with a bucket for a head. But when it comes to Hiatus Kaiyote, it would appear I’m in good company. Would you trust, say, Q-Tip? How about Questlove? Or Stevie Wonder? Erykah Badu? Drake? Prince (RIP)?? The Melbourne-based, Grammy-nominated group are fronted by guitarist and singer Naomi Saalfield, who goes by Nai Palm. She met bassist Paul Bender at a gig where she played a pink guitar, according to the New York Times, but they didn’t get together to start actually making music for another year. It was shortly after they met Perrin Moss and Simon Mavin that the four of them officially started the “future-soul” band in 2013. Their music blends funk and soul, hip-hop and pop. Saalfield’s smooth, melodic vocals flow over Bender’s funky bass lines, while Moss keeps the beat, and Mavin tickles the keys. Hiatus Kaiyote’s debut album, Tawk Tomahawk (and the track “Nakamarra” featuring Q-Tip, which earned them the Grammy nom for Best R&B Performance) is what initially caught the attention of those hip-hop and R&B household names. They’ve since earned two more Grammy nominations, including another for Best R&B Performance and one for Best Urban Contemporary Album for their 2015 release, Mood Valiant. Hiatus Kaiyote play at 8 p.m. on  May 2 at the Fillmore Silver Spring. livenation.com. $35–$55.