Good Bones
Courtesy of Studio Theatre

Who says you can’t go home? Returning to one’s literal roots to renovate a house is the setup of Good Bones, a play Studio Theatre commissioned from Pulitzer Prize winner James Ijames that pushes past HGTV’s convenient 22-minute transformations to more thoroughly examine themes of displacement, gentrification, and achievement. The main character, urban planner Aisha, is forced to reckon with all of them through the course of the show. These themes resonate broadly in D.C., a city where longtime residents have faced threats of displacement for decades despite the desire to stay in their communities. On Good Bones, Ijames will collaborate with director Psalmayene 24, a playwright and performer in his own right who has elevated Black art and culture at Studio through his “Psalm’s Salons” conversation series. The two artists’ shared commitment to telling Black stories in a historically Black city make this production a must-see for those who want to better understand their evolving world. Good Bones, written by James Ijames and directed by Psalmayene 24, opens May 10 and runs through June 11 at Studio Theatre. $65–$95.