As cannabis-derived products gain worldwide acceptance, THCV gummies are becoming increasingly popular. Offering numerous benefits, such as appetite suppression and energy stimulation, these potent treats provide a convenient way to enjoy THCV. This article will delve into the details of THCV gummies available on the market, covering their types, potent effects, and key factors to consider when choosing the perfect product to match your wellness needs.

Best THCV Gummies to Try

1. Canna Slim – Best for Weight Loss

Key Features

  • Delicious orange flavor
  • 30 gummies per bottle
  • Infused with CBD
  • Most Servings in One Bottle!

Ratings – 9.5/10

Canna Slim THCV gummies are an all-in-one package for your daily routine. You get 30 gummies in one jar, compared to 10-20 gummies from other brands. The pricing is reasonable, and you get discreet shipping from the company. On top of that, you can get 30% off on your first purchase and a 10% flat discount on these gummies, giving them all the reasons to get a 9.5 rating.

Product Summary

Canna Slim THCV gummies are not only to help you cut weight but also an excellent option for relaxation, thanks to a fantastic CBD concentration. Yes, these gummies contain premium CBD, which helps your body relax, so you can sleep better when you’re extremely tired. In addition, Canna Slim sources its hemp from Colorado’s top hemp farms to get a fresh harvest each season. 

After cleaning it using the best extraction methods, they extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant to manufacture these gummies. Since there is no delta-9 THC in these gummies, you won’t feel high, but they’ll give you a buzz for relaxation and lower your cravings to help reduce weight.


These gummies are only available in orange flavor with a combination of multiple fruit juices, so you can enjoy a blast of flavor when chewing these gummies. You’ll also find some sugar sprinkles on these gummies to enhance their sweetness, which helps overcome the bitter after-effects of hemp. Customers have mentioned that these gummies don’t offer a strong taste, but it is enough to let you enjoy the chewing experience. However, you must swallow it instantly once the flavor has faded so that you won’t get any nasty taste in your mouth.


There are five hemp extracts available in these gummies, based on their Lab Reports

  • THCV – 60 mg per bottle
  • CBDV – 90 mg per bottle
  • CBG – 0.088 mg per gram
  • CBD – 600 mg per bottle
  • CBGA – 0.056 mg per gram

The ingredients that are used in these gummies are:

  • For sweetness and softness, they added tapioca Syrup, sugar, and water
  • The sweet orange and fruity flavor is there thanks to the natural flavors with concord grape and blueberry puree they have added to the gummies.
  • The juiciness of these gummies is enhanced using strawberry and lemon juice concentrate.
  • Furthermore, you’ll see agar, citric and lactic acid, pectin, and cornstarch. The company added sunflower lecithin, fruit and vegetable juice, and beta-carotene for the colors.


You’ll get 30 gummies in each container, which can easily last for a month if you eat one gummy daily. However, you can reduce the potency by consuming half a gummy daily and making a container last for up to two months.


  • No delta-9 THC
  • Tested by independent labs for safety and purity
  • Extremely potent
  • All-natural flavors


  • Lack of flavors

Customer Reviews

Canna Slim THCV gummies have 38 reviews on the Diamond CBD website. One customer mentioned that these gummies helped him reduce his cravings, and they tasted great. Another customer mentioned that these gummies are excellent appetite suppressors; they are expensive but a better option than other brands because of their potency, taste, and servings.

General Disclaimer: It is essential to educate yourself about the potential risks associated with consuming cannabis products, including THCV, before using them. Additional information on this topic can be found here.

2. Joy Organics – Premium Isolated THCV Gummies

Key Features

  • 100 mg THCV per jar
  • All natural ingredients
  • A slight hint of delta-8 for relaxation

Ratings – 9.3/10

The only reason this brand has lower ratings than others is because of its lower servings per bottle. Apart from this one downside, these gummies are great for both beginners and experienced people. They are made from natural ingredients and are safe to use. There’s no delta-9 THC, meaning no jitter and no high sensation; you’ll always stay in your senses.

Product Summary

Joy Organics gummies arrive in the best packaging you can ever see, keeping the gummies safe from heat and kids. Yes, it has an air-tight, child-proof top that keeps the gummies fresh. Since these gummies have zero delta-9 THC, there are no intoxication effects – which means there won’t be any adverse side effects that people experience if D9 doesn’t suit them well. These gummies are gluten-free and vegan, making them suitable for everyone.


Joy Organics did a good job by only adding a slight flavor to their gummies to ensure you feel any bitter taste. They are multi-flavored, so you can expect a different taste whenever you eat a gummy. On top of that, they are soft and dry. You can chew and enjoy the gummies’ texture without getting overwhelmed by the flavor, which usually ruins the relaxation. Another thing is that the flavor will not last for a long time, so you’ll have to swallow the gummies before the bitter taste hits your throat.


In the lab reports, two compounds from the hemp extract are mentioned.

  • Delta-8 THCV – 4 mg per gummy
  • THCV – 10 mg per gummy

Here are the other natural ingredients in these gummies:

  • For sweetness: organic passion fruit, tapioca syrup, and natural bitterness masking flavor.
  • Organic red color
  • Sunflower lecithin, citric acid, and pectin
  • Flavor Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil
  • Coconut
  • Water (purified)

Remember, every ingredient in these gummies is organic.


One Joy Organics THCV gummies container contains ten servings, each offering 10 mg of THCV.


  • You’ll get the product in two business days
  • No high feeling or jitteriness
  • Multi-flavored gummies
  • No side effects


  • Expensive, considering their serving size

Customer Reviews

Joy Organics THCV gummies have 17 reviews and a 4-star rating on the official website. One customer mentioned that these gummies have helped improve his mood and energy levels, and another loved their taste. However, one customer with a one-star rating stated that these gummies were not worth the price. In our opinion, if you don’t have budget problems or want to use THCV gummies once in a while, these are excellent options.

3. Creating Better Days – Top THCV Gummies For Flavor

Key Features

  • Locally sourced from the best hemp farms in the USA
  • Best to reduce stress
  • Sweet fruity flavor

Ratings – 9/10

These gummies have a unique flavor and effect because they contain a slight hint of delta-9 THC. Which is not strong enough to knock you out but enough to give you a mild buzz to keep your mind calm. On top of that, these gummies are made to improve your mood, enhance energy levels, and improve your focus. So, you eat one gummy, and within 40 minutes, you feel much better. In addition, you get same-day shipping and a 30-day guarantee from the brand if these gummies don’t provide satisfactory results.

Product Summary

The first thing about these gummies is that they are coated with oil to make them extra chewy instead of keeping them dry. So, be ready to enjoy the extra flavor from these gummies you put in your mouth. However, thanks to that oil, they are much easier to swallow, even if you don’t chew them. This benefits the elderly or people who have problems with food sticking between their teeth. Despite having delta-9 THC in them, these gummies are safe to consume because the hemp used to manufacture them was cleansed properly and tested before they reached the shelves. They are vegan, fat-free, and free of animal by-products, making them a suitable option for everyone.


The taste of these gummies is like their name, “Fruit Punch.” With one bite, your mouth is filled with juicy fruitiness that stays on your tastebuds long. They did a good job of putting a blend of multiple fruits in these gummies in such a way that the overall taste doesn’t feel bitter. The good thing is that it’s not extra sweet to give you a sugar rush, which can cause an interruption in your relaxation.


According to their lab reports, here are the four compounds from hemp extract that are used to manufacture these gummies:

  • 10 mg THVC per gummy
  • Delta-8 THCV – 8 mg per gummy
  • CBD – 1.1 mg per gummy
  • Delta-8 THC – 0.5mg per gummy

Here is the list of other ingredients mentioned in the product’s description.

  • Natural colors and flavors
  • Sugar for sweetness
  • Distilled water
  • Glucose syrup, citric acid, and pectin
  • Sodium citrate

Keep in mind that these gummies also have artificial flavors and colors.


You’ll find ten gummies in every container, each with 10 mg of THCV. Considering their price, these servings should have been more than ten.


  • Delicious fruity flavor
  • Slight delta-9 THC
  • Soft, chewy gummies
  • 100% natural hemp-derived gummies


  • Some artificial flavors are added

4. Koi CBD – Premium Terpenes THCV Gummies

Key Features

  • Juicy strawberry flavor
  • Made with multiple cannabinoids
  • 600 mg of ACV for maximum benefits

Ratings – 9/10

These should be your top priority if you want THCV gummies with maximum benefits. They have a solid amount of apple cider vinegar, but they also have almost six cannabinoids from the hemp extract for maximum health benefits. The acai in these gummies has antioxidant properties that help improve cell health and treat cell damage. If that is not enough, the CBD store offers “buy now, pay later,” allowing you to try these gummies without paying the total price. This is a convenient option, so you can easily try these gummies.

Product Description

Due to the solid concentration of apple cider vinegar, these gummies are excellent for losing weight. On top of that, the THCV in these gummies can help reduce your cravings so you won’t overeat, and yes, the delta-9 THC keeps you calm, helping you stay away from midnight snacks. The company did its best to add as many cannabinoids from hemp that play a role in improving your health as possible to these gummies, and they work perfectly. Furthermore, you’ll see significant changes within a week, thanks to the potency of these gummies.


These gummies are soft, thick, and have less sugar than other gummies, which is why they are not as sweet, but that strawberry flavor covers it up and gives your tastebuds a nice treat. In addition to that, the cool acai gives you a refreshing aftertaste to improve the overall experience. They also offer a slight aftertaste of apple, but to enjoy that, you need to chew these gummies properly and not swallow them until you can’t chew them anymore.


Based on their lab reports, these are the cannabinoids available in these gummies.

  • THCa – 1.5 mg per gummy
  • Delta-9 THC – 0.35 mg per gummy
  • Delta-8 THC – 0.49 mg per gummy
  • THCV – 10 mg per gummy
  • CBDa – 0.56 mg per gummy
  • CBD – 0.28 mg per gummy

Here are the rest of the ingredients:

  • Apple cider vinegar – the main ingredient
  • Sugar and tapioca syrup for sweetness
  • Acai powder – for the cool after effect
  • Water and pectin

They also have natural and artificial flavors and coloring, with less than 2% of sodium citrate, sunflower oil, sodium acid sulfate, and citric acid.


You’ll get 20 gummies in one container, each with 10 mg of THCV and 600 mg of apple cider vinegar.


  • Made according to cGMP regulations
  • Third-party lab testing verified
  • Hemp-derived THCV
  • Delicious strawberry acai flavor


  • Only one flavor is available

Customer Reviews

These THCV gummies have more than 297 reviews on their official website, with a 4.5-star rating. One customer mentioned that these gummies don’t take that well, but they’ll keep you up. Another customer mentioned that these gummies are potent, so he took only half a gummy to get the desired results without causing any drowsiness.

How We Choose the Best THCV Edibles

THCV, a new entrant to the hemp landscape, similar to HHC, has fewer products and brands on the market. Unfortunately, as its popularity grows, the potential for scams and subpar goods also escalates. In response, we’ve established strict selection criteria for identifying the best and safest THCV gummies. We favored brands that not only met these standards but exceeded them by a significant margin.

  • Brand Reputation

Brand reputation played a central role in our selection process. We focused on established brands within the hemp industry, as these entities value their reputation, cultivated over many years. A single negative review could damage such brands, driving them to manufacture the safest products while delivering impeccable customer service to minimize customer complaints.

  • 3rd Party Lab Tests

We insisted on the use of third-party lab tests for all products. Such tests are a reliable indicator of product safety, purity, and brand transparency. As we explored THCV gummy offerings, we ensured that each product came with a detailed lab report outlining the cannabinoids and terpenes involved, along with their concentrations. Moreover, we ensured these reports were accessible for customers to view or download.

  • Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are invaluable for evaluating online products. These assessments offer candid insights into the products from those who’ve personally used them. From the hidden details not disclosed by the brand to the overall product experience, reviews can be a gold mine of information. We prioritized extensive product reviews over mere ratings to gain a complete understanding of consumer experiences and benefits derived from the gummies.

  • Potency

THCV is a potent compound—albeit not as potent as delta-9 THC—so evaluating its concentration in the gummies was critical. As THCV is not as abundant in hemp as THC and CBD, its utilization is limited. We aimed to identify the most potent THCV gummies, each containing at least 10 mg of THCV for maximum benefit.

  • Natural Ingredients

Taste is a significant factor in gummy products, necessitating the addition of flavors and colors. Some brands, however, opt for artificial additives, which we regard as undesirable. In selecting the best THCV gummies, we preferred brands committed to using natural ingredients, and maintaining the product’s safety and purity.

5. MoonWlkr – Best THCV Gummies for New Users

Key Features

  • Low potency, best for beginners
  • Icy refreshing flavor
  • Thick cube gummies

Ratings – 8.7/10

MoonWlkr could have gotten a higher rating from us, but their serving size is smaller, so we gave them a nine out of ten rating. The best part of these gummies is that they have a solid amount of apple cider vinegar, which offers many health benefits. THCV helps suppress hunger, while ACV helps reduce weight, making these gummies a perfect option for those who like to lose a couple of pounds. In addition, you get first-class shipping from the brand if you purchase $75 or more and a money-back guarantee on unopened products.

Product Summary

If you want flavorful gummies until the last bite, offering quick effects, relaxation, and energy, these MoonWlkr gummies are excellent. Adding delta-8 THC improves your senses and focus, allowing you to work better in a stressful environment. These gummies have no specific consumption time; you can eat them at night or during the day to enjoy their benefits. The effects will work based on your mood, so if you want to stay active, take one before work, or if you want to sleep, one gummy before bed does the magic.

On top of that, the ACV and THCV will work slowly, gradually decreasing your weight and appetite within a week or less. Don’t forget the strawberry acai flavor for a sweet, refreshing experience! They also added some sugar to these gummies to give them a sweet experience on the initial bite. Despite their thickness, these gummies are soft and dry, so they won’t stick to your teeth, making every bite enjoyable.


Thanks to the sugar and strawberry flavor, you can expect these gummies to be sweet. With each gulp, you’ll feel the cold feeling in your throat, giving you a fresh feeling to help you relieve the tiredness. However, one customer mentioned that he didn’t like the flavor, so in the end, it all depends on how much you like strawberries. Since the company uses natural flavors, the final touches on these gummies can be a little sour. The good thing is that the flavor releases instantly when you take the first bite, filling your mouth with juicy sweetness.


Based on the lab reports, these gummies contain only two hemp compounds:

  • Delta-8 THCV – 11 mg per gummy
  • THCV – 10 mg per gummy

Furthermore, you can find the following ingredients in these THCV gummies:

  • Apple cider vinegar (ACV) – 500 mg per gummy
  • Sugar and Organic Tapioca Syrup for sweetness
  • Pectin Maltodextrin
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate and Potassium Tartrate

Less than 2% of the following are in each jar:

  • Natural flavors
  • Citric acid
  • Sodium malate
  • Organic acal


Each gummy container from this company offers 20 gummies filled with 10 mg of THCV and 500 mg ACV.


  • Each gummy has multiple but mild fruity flavors
  • No delta-9 THC
  • Third-party lab tested for safety
  • Free, discreet shipping


  • For some, one gummy might not be enough

Customer Reviews

These THCV gummies have 13 reviews on the official website, and only one customer complained about them not working for him. The rest of the customers loved these gummies because of their results and taste. One customer mentioned that he takes these gummies for energy and relaxation; they do the job every time. Another customer said he loved the focus these gummies provide, but be mindful about overdosing so you won’t increase your tolerance.

What are THCV Gummies?

THCV, short for tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a minor cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, similar to CBD and THC. THCV gummies are edibles that contain this compound, offering a unique way to incorporate the benefits of THCV into your routine.

The Main Components of THCV Gummies

THCV gummies typically contain the cannabinoid THCV, sugar, gelatin, or a plant-based substitute, and various flavors and colors. The gummies may also contain additional cannabinoids like CBD or THC, depending on the desired effect. Despite its similar name, THCV is different from THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis. While they are structurally similar, THCV is thought to possess a unique set of benefits.

How THCV Edibles Work

Once consumed, THCV gummies work by releasing THCV into your system as the gummy is digested. The THCV then interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of receptors that regulate various physiological processes. THCV, like other cannabinoids, is thought to modulate the ECS, potentially affecting mood, appetite, pain perception, and other functions. 

It’s important to note that while preliminary research into THCV is promising, more extensive research is needed to fully understand its effects and potential benefits.


THCV’s safety profile needs to be better studied, as research is limited. Long-term effects remain unknown, and individual responses may vary.

The Benefits of THCV Gummies

Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) gummies, a novel form of cannabinoid consumption, are gaining popularity for their potential health benefits. One of the primary benefits often attributed to THCV is its potential for appetite suppression. Unlike THC, which is notorious for inducing the ‘munchies,’ THCV may have the opposite effect. This makes THCV gummies a compelling choice for individuals looking to manage their weight or food intake. 

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties

Another significant benefit of THCV is its potential anti-inflammatory properties. Like many cannabinoids, THCV has been studied for its ability to reduce inflammation. This could be particularly beneficial for those with conditions characterized by chronic inflammation, such as arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease. More research is needed to understand these effects fully, but the preliminary findings are promising.

  • Easy to Use

In addition to these health benefits, THCV gummies offer convenience and ease of use. The dosage is precise and controlled, making it simple for users to know exactly how much they consume. This can be especially useful for individuals new to cannabinoids, who might find other consumption methods like smoking or vaping intimidating or complex.

  • Discreet and Portable

These gummies provide a discreet, portable, and enjoyable way to incorporate THCV into one’s wellness routine. They are free from the smoke, smell, and stigma often associated with cannabis use. As such, THCV gummies are an excellent choice for both the canna-curious and experienced users seeking to harness the potential health benefits of this fascinating cannabinoid.

As the interest in and understanding cannabinoids like THCV grows, it’s exciting to see innovative products like THCV gummies come to market.

How to Use THCV Gummies

  • Start with a low dosage: THCV gummies typically have their strength indicated on the packaging. As a beginner, start with a low-dose gummy to see how your body reacts to the compound. This can range from 5mg to 10mg per gummy.
  • Consume on a full stomach: While it’s possible to take THCV gummies on an empty stomach, it’s generally recommended to take them after a meal. This can help mitigate potential side effects and ensure a smoother experience.
  • Chew thoroughly and wait: After eating your gummy, waiting for the effects to kick in is important. This could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on factors including your metabolism and the exact dosage.

Tips for Maximizing the THCV Gummies Experience

  • Patience is key: As mentioned, it can take a while for the effects of the THCV gummy to kick in. Do not rush to take another gummy if you don’t feel the effects immediately.
  • Hydration is crucial: Drinking water not only helps in avoiding dry mouth, a common side effect but also aids in digestion, helping the body to absorb the THCV more efficiently.
  • Consider your daily activities: THCV has been suggested to have an energizing effect, so consider taking your gummy in the morning or early afternoon.

Safety Considerations

While THCV gummies are generally considered safe, it’s always a good idea to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are on other medications. Furthermore, always purchase your gummies from a reputable source to ensure you consume a high-quality and safe product.

Remember, everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabinoids, and what works best for others might not work best for you. It’s all about finding the dosage and routine that meet your needs.

THCV Gummeis FAQs

Q1. Are THCV Gummies Legal?

THCV gummies’ legality varies by location. In some regions, if products are produced from hemp and THCV levels are within allowed thresholds, they’re legal. Always check the local laws.

Q2. Can THCV Gummies Help With Diabetes?

Some research suggests that THCV may help regulate blood sugar levels, but conclusive scientific evidence is still needed.

Q3. Can THCV Gummies Get You High?

THCV is psychoactive but less intense than THC. High doses may result in a mild high, but effects can vary.

Q4. How Long Does It Take For THCV Gummies To Take Effect?

THCV gummies typically take effect between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on metabolism and stomach content.

Q5. Can THCV Gummies Be Used For Pain Relief?

Some evidence suggests potential pain relief, but comprehensive clinical research needs to be more comprehensive to support this claim fully.

Wrapping Up

This article has comprehensively examined THCV gummies, exploring the best products, their varying types, and their powerful effects. The key factors for choosing the right product were highlighted, ensuring an informed decision that caters to individual preferences and needs. THCV gummies represent a dynamic segment of the cannabis industry, combining convenience with potent benefits, making them an attractive option.