Technology has completely transformed the adult entertainment industry. A few decades ago, there were magazines, videotapes, and porn booths to fulfill fantasies. These days, there is no shortage of high-quality HD videos and explicit content online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another technological advance in the adult entertainment world is simulation. In these online games, you basically simulate intimate moments with your idea of a perfect partner. You “build” your ideal partner by choosing their physical characteristics as well as scenarios and locations to meet up.

Sex Emulator is a good website to participate in adult gameplay. Below is a full review of Sex Emulator, where we discuss what the game entails, how it works, and pros and cons. We’ll also review three alternative sex emulation sites that are similar — Jerk Dolls, Erogames, and Hentai Heroes.

SiteBest For
Sex EmulatorHas something now matter what your kink/fetish may be 
Jerk Dolls3D graphic characters and customization
ErogamesErotic visual novels
Hentai HeroesBattle scenes and famous characters

Sex Emulator

With tons of choices, lots of membership options, and great graphics, Sex Emulator is one of the most popular online sex game sites around.

Sex Emulator Overview 

Sex Emulator is an incredibly realistic interactive XXX game site. The company is continuously expanding the game with new models, actions, and game features to make the overall experience and interactions with other players more realistic. 

If you are someone who likes open-minded and interactive virtual connections, a high-quality adult website like Sex Emulator is an ideal optoin. You can create your own “doll” and make her your new 3D girlfriend. Sex Emulator caters to all fetishes, kinks, and romantic niche, helping you design the partner of your dreams.


  • Over 400 sex games to choose from
  • Great lifelike, 3D graphics
  • Plenty of regular porn movies also


  • Paid membership has ads
  • Rather expensive
  • Thumbnails have very little info

How To Play Sex Emulator 

When you arrive on Sex Emulator’s website, you immediately have the option to play. This gives you a nice preview of the game. There are plenty of acts to choose from; however, you need to create a profile to access some of them.

Next, it is time to create your play girl. She sits patiently as you look through the options and try them on her to find your favorite. You have the option to choose her hair color, size, ethnicity, and skills.

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Once you make your choices, the game loads and you pick a fantasy that your doll will act out on screen. She sits and waits while you explore the various acts available. From the beginning, you can choose the intensity of the interaction in the game from soft to intense. 

Sex Emulator Sign Up Process 

Creating on account is quick and easy on the Sex Emulator website. It should only take a few minutes to complete the sign-up process. You simply need to provide some basic information, like your name and email address.

This will give you access to lots of free options to play around with. Free content includes various games, adult videos, and even some live shows. It is available for play on a desktop so you don’t have to download anything, which is very convenient. 

Sex Emulator Pricing

There are both free and paid memberships available on Sex Emulator. A free account will give you access to plenty of gameplay and video content. A paid membership offers a lot more than the free option, like better camera angles and other premium features. 

However, it is fairly expensive at $39.95 per month. Sex Emulator also offers a free trial version with limited features to experience the game firsthand.

Sex Emulator Key Features 

There are a lot of virtual adult games out there, and Sex Emulator ranks as one of the highest. Sex Emulator offers some of the best customization features ever seen on an online game, and the play is second to none.

Additionally, the graphics on Sex Emulator are very realistic, so it’s easy to see why the game is so addictive. The women are very attractive across all ethnicities, and do a great job of enticing potential members. 

There is also a feature called Command and Obey that allows users to tell their new 3D girlfriend exactly what they want — and brush up on her skills in multiple scenarios and situations.

Sex Emulator Alternatives

Jerk Dolls

Jerk Dolls is an adult game that allows users to build their own dolls and control them in various scenarios. This site is ideal for those who are bored with conventional adult dating sites. It’s a great way to get your feet wet and try out intimate online games and videos. 

Users have the ability to create their versions of a dream girl — she is customizable in every feature from hair color and body type to nationality and skills. These characters quickly become hot girls begging you to play in just a few clicks. The location or scenario in which you want her to act is customizable too. 

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The best part about Jerk Dolls is the exceptional visual quality of the characters. The game is extremely realistic, right down to the body parts and skin tones of the dolls. 

Navigating the site is incredibly easy, and they offer literally hundreds of well-organized online games. They even have a guide for newbies who are unsure where to start.

Jerk Dolls is completely free to play, with the exception of optional purchases. These options include erotic outfits, sex toys and more for your dream girl. 


  • Free to play
  • High-quality graphics
  • Extensive customization


  • Average loading speed
  • Limited customization options
  • Sound isn’t good at times


Erogames is a hentai gaming platform that features lots of erotic girls that you can play for free. There is a wide range of content on Erogames, including indie games where users fight battles and have lots of  encounters inbetween scenes. There are also visual novels — these are made in Japan, and are very fun and engaging.

Erogames is compatible with a wide range of devices and platforms, you can access it on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The platform is extremely easy to use, and keeps users entertained for hours all day long. New games are added regularly.

Although using Erogames is completely free, you need to register for an account on the site. Once your account is created, access to the site’s content is granted. You don’t need a credit card to play Erogames.

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There are some premium games that require a payment. They are typically priced individually. To pay for these premium games, you buy tokens in bundles. Overall, Erogames is a very well-designed experience for simulated online experiences.


  • Lots of amazing games
  • Free to play
  • Compatible with all devices


  • A lack of lack of LGBTA+ content
  • Not as customization options compared to other sites
  • Most of the best games are premium

Hentai Heroes

One of the best browser games around, Hentai Heroes is a RPG adventure game with stunning graphics. The goal is to build your ultimate harem, fighting battles, and interacting with well-known characters from other manga. Your hero gets wealthier and stronger, and has the ability to have simulated sex with other characters.

While Hentai Heroes is sexual in nature, it’s also an adventure game in its own right. Players must monitor things like money, their health/energy, and more. The women in the game reward you via experience points in return for services rendered, which is a plus.

The battle scenes in Hentai Heroes are incredibly well-done from a visual standpoint. The 3D sex games draw players in, and all characters are designed for you to have a different experience with them. 

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Upon first visiting the site, you can play in free mode to explore the game and decide if you want to register. Keep in mind that you’ll only have access to a few game functions while you are in guest mode. You can then decide whether you want to upgrade to a premium account. There’s also a shop where you can buy things like armor and clothing.


  • Many famous characters from all kinds of franchises
  • Lots of game content
  • Free to play


  • Limited customization of characters
  • Some games are slow
  • Sound design is repetitive

Sex Simulator FAQ

Is Erotic Gaming Worth It? 

Gaming is one of the most powerful tools to fulfill your fantasies. It offers a safe, fun, and exciting escape from real life, where you can immerse yourself in the alternative reality. This is true of all genres – from adventure games to virtual sexual encounters. 

Compared to video adult content, games and simulation provide you with the freedom to control erotic situations. This wouldn’t be practical with real actors in a video. Plus, adult games allow for more interaction between characters and exploration of your sexual desires. 

What Are the Best Sex Simulator Games? 

The best sex simulastor games worth playing are Sex Emulator, Jerk Dolls, Erogames, and 

Hentai Heroes. These sites are known for high-quality adult games, realistic graphics, and intimate narratives. 

What Are Sex Simulator Games? 

Sex simulator games are essentially realistic erotic games designed for adults. They are interactive gaming experiences, where you control the eroctic action of the characters. 

How Do Sex Simulator Games Work?

Most sites provide an easy and intuitive gaming experience, where you don’t need any extra skills to participate. You can sort through various adult categories and play a game that sounds interesting to you. There are various genres to choose – including standard stuff, hentai, and much more. 

Sex Simulator Games are interactive. This means that you’re leading the process, while also interacting with your online character. You will pick a plot or scenario and make choices that affect your partner, location, positions, etc. 

Can Inexperienced Players Enjoy Sex Simulator Games? 

Yes, of course! The rules of the game are quite simple – you choose a game to play and engage with the 3D ladies. 

We recommend starting with Jerk Dolls. It’s a great sex simulator site for beginners. 

Are Sex Simulators The Same as Porn Games?

While they share similar characteristics, sex simulators and VR porn games are slightly different. They both involve having sexual encounters with whoever you want. However, VR porn games have somewhat of a plot involved to them. Some games might require play to get what your character wants.

Sex simulators take you in fantasy world where you can do whatever you want. There are not many plots involved, as these games are focused more on the act of sex. While this is great for some players, others may want a little more gameplay.

What Are VR Sex Games?

VR or virtual reality sex games use virtual reality techology to interact with real, live people online. While VR sex and virtual sex are similar, virtual sex generally pertains to any online sex. VR sex involves interaction. Many people prefer VR sex over virtual sex because it is more personal.

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VR porn games feature explicit adult content, choices of scenes, and different actions. These games offer a lot more adult fun than regular porn video sites, and are generally more expensive. 

Are Sex Simulator Games Customizable?

Most sex simulator games allow you to customize characters. There are typically endless possibilities when it comes to designing the woman of your dreams. These games let you choose everything from hair color and clothing options to skills and experience level. 

Some games allow you to customize your own avatar. You can create the body you’ve always wanted in these games, right down to specific body parts. There are no limits when you are playing these amazing games!

Are Sex Simulator Sites Realistic?

In a nutshell, yes — these games are incredibly realistic. Many of them are shot with real people. The camera angles are meant to make you feel as though you are in the video as a participant. 

While the characters seem realistic, they usually have a filter-like look to them. Many of the lower-budget games have cartoon-looking characters, mostly anime. However, games like Sex Emulator are so realistic, players forget that they are simply characters on their screen.

What Do You Need to Play Simulator Games?

Like anything else in life, there’s the bare minimum and then there’s everything with the cherry on top. When it comes to playing simulator games, ideally you only need a desktop or mobile device. 

You can get a lot of enjoyment out of these games with just a device.For those who want more bells and whistles, consider investing in a high-quality headset.  This will enhance your sex game experience while giving you a little privacy at the same time. Also, your neighbor won’t hear you enjoy your simulator games 

Are Sex Simulator Games Free?

Like most online games, you ideally need a credit card to enjoy even a trial. However, for games like Erogames, it’s free to sign up and play. If you want to get certain upgrades, a credit card is usually required. 

Most sex game sites prefer Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards. Some sites even accept PayPal and Bitcoin. Keep in mind that if you use a card to pay for a sex game site, they usually preauthorize a specific amount.


If you are a person who enjoys lots of variety in their sexual experiences as well as more interactive porn, sex games websites are worth checking out — especially the above sites. The days of simply sitting there watching a movie are over, as these sex simulation games are completely customizable to your imagination.

Build the partner of your dreams and live out all your wildest fantasies with SexEmulator, Jerk Dolls, Erogames, and Hentai Heroes. These high-quality sex games websites are all smart choices, and will change the way you look at adult video games forever.

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