RankingCollege essay writing serviceReasons to chooseRate from/ page
1.GradeMinersGreat quality$16.55
2.MasterPapersSuperb with complex tasks$16.55
3.EssayWriterGood quality, quick delivery$13.28
4.EssayUSAQuick and efficient$10.82
5.PayForEssayLast-minute deadlines$12.46

College life feels like an exciting journey on a roller coaster. Sometimes, the ride takes you to the highest of heights – and the joy is overwhelming. Being on top of the world, that’s how it feels! But followed by an adrenaline rush of heading down, the ride takes you back to Earth for a reality check: college life is not only about excitement and fun.

The ride is long, and if you want to minimize the falls by staying longer on the top – literally and figuratively – you should read this article. How do students cope with a challenging academic environment amid having the time of their life? A college essay writing service is a quick stop they make on the way. 

Here are top-5 reasons why you should consider a college essay writing service too:

  • A good college essay writing service saves you time and effort.
  • A reliable college essay writing service never fails to meet the deadline.
  • A trusted college essay writing service is safe and confidential.
  • A reputable college essay writing service solves your problems quicker than expected.
  • A committed college essay writing service is always available, even in the middle of the night.

Of course, not every college essay writing service is a safe bet. Search generator will offer you hundreds of options, cheap and expensive. And both can fail to meet your expectations. When it comes to picking the best college essay writing service, price is the one thing unworthy of attention. Sounds odd? Let us elaborate.

The first essay writing service was founded in the early 2000s when paying for services online wasn’t even a thing. However, where there is demand, there are suppliers. The industry evolved quickly, with the demand surpassing the supply significantly. This resulted in dozens of websites offering college essay help of poor quality just for the sake of delivering the service. 

With recent technological advancements and the emergence of AI-generated content, the demand for individual writing services has fallen. Still, the supply remains the same, with thousands of college paper writers available for hire online. How do you distinguish between the good college essay writing service and the bad? Price is hardly the tipping factor. 

What are the decisive points? We did our little research and are ready to share the results, along with the best companies to get college essay help. The top five services are listed below. 

1. GradeMiners – Your Best Study Buddy 

This college essay writing service takes the first position in the hierarchy of companies in the online writing business. Don’t take our word for it; customers have praised GradeMiners for being the best of the best since 2009.

What’s the difference between them and other companies? Well, check their TikTok for starters. An essay writing service that knows how to joke and win over its customers’ hearts. The company is active and has a presence across all social media platforms, including YouTube. The reason is simple: they care for their audience and want to break the ice from the get-go.

How is this important? A college essay writing service that chooses to build a stronger bond with the customers goes the extra mile, business-wise. It also allows for exposure: reaching out to the audience is two-folded, meaning they risk facing backlash or negative feedback. However, nothing bad is sad about GradeMiners. This college essay writing service is next to perfect.

Here’s more information about the student’s favorite study partner:

  • Covers all subjects and types of academic assignments.
  • Great with short deadlines.
  • Besides the paper writing service, has free writing and editing tools available on the website.
  • Never fails to deliver good-quality work.
  • Has transparent policies and guarantees. 

Website design is simple, minimalistic, and intuitive; you won’t have problems navigating it. We talked to the support team and received friendly responses within minutes. The support manager was polite and answered questions without pushing too hard to make the deal – another pleasant feature about this college essay writing service.

Essays, dissertations, project works, reports, and more services are available for order. Go to the website to see the full list and learn more about this college essay service.

2. MasterPapers – TOP Writing Company for Two Decades

Now, in the hierarchy mentioned above, MaterPapers is the royalty in this industry. Providing essay writing service since 2004, their writers are known to be true wordsmiths. This college essay writing service doesn’t know what a challenging assignment is; impossible is nothing for academicians with decades of experience and advanced degrees.

Our first impression of MasterPapers was quite unpleasant; the website doesn’t really fit in 2023. Apparently, this college essay writing service doesn’t care for the trending design agenda or what an impression it has on the first visitors. They conquer customers with their quality and decades of expertise.

Let’s be frank: it might not be the best choice if you just need another essay that doesn’t affect your grade significantly. The prices are slightly above the market average and are explained by the company’s stellar reputation. However, should you need a paper writing service or help with a more advanced academic assignment, like a case study, dissertation, or thesis writing, MasterPapers is your one-stop website. 

Here are a few highlights about essay writing royals:

  • This college essay writing service is perfect for complex academic papers and assignments that require profound research.
  • All works are written from scratch by a qualified academic expert.
  • Deadlines vary, but lateness wasn’t mentioned in any customer reviews.
  • Has a first-time discount. Check it out!

Lastly, public opinion matters; we traced positive feedback about this college essay writing service from the 2010s. You might never go wrong about MasterPapers, so save the link for the next time you need a trusted paper writing service for an important assignment. They won’t fail you.

3. EssayWriter – Professional Approach to Outstanding Writing

Need something more down-to-Earth? EssayWriter is a good choice of a college essay writing service that lives up to its guarantees and meets expectations. Simple, quick, and safe; your journey with this company will be pleasant without any hindrance. 

Where to start? EssayWriter does more than essays: all types of academic writing plus non-word assignments are available for order. The list of subjects features 50+ options, including creative writing. You are sure to get the required assistance from a subject-matter expert by the time your deadline arrives.

The cherry on top is the availability of free extra services. Besides some freebies that go along with your order (such as a direct chat with the expert and unlimited order revisions), this college essay writing service offers free access to different writing and editing software. Feel free to enable your writing potential with the help of advanced technologies.

To round up, this college essay writing service is an ideal match in terms of quality-price ratio for students who expect decent service:

  • Full coverage of academic assignments and subjects.
  • Every text is double-checked for originality.
  • Deliveries are quick and always on time.
  • Friendly support team and budget-saving promotions.

All in all, we find EssayWriter a good fit for our top-5. And according to thousands of positive online reviews, so do US students. Check it out!

4. EssayUSA – Make Your College Dream Come True

Questioning ‘who can write my college essay,’ the answer seems obvious once you visit EssayUSA. This essay writing service promises to get you top grades and lives up to its words. Notably, they admit that the success behind every assignment is the customer’s responsibility. However, they guarantee to do the utmost regarding the quality and originality of the product, making the path to success easy and quick.

Why EssayUSA, and what makes it stand out from the competition? The primary reason is a US-based team with a strong focus on US education quality standards. Their experts know all the ins and outs of the college essay service for US students, whereas most of the companies operate worldwide. 

Another reason is their commitment to excellence. Rumor has it that every college essay writer undergoes a strict recruitment process to prove one’s expertise. All writers are graduates of reputed US universities and must have previous experience in academic writing as part of their job, not as studies. Such a rigorous selection process puts EssayUSA among our selection of the best of the best.

Some facts about this paper writing service:

  • Work exclusively for the US market.
  • The list of services includes essays, papers, and other word and non-word assignments.
  • A 2-week revision period is provided for free.
  • Slightly higher than average market prices in return for excellent quality.
  • Deadlines start from one hour.

What is more, EssayUSA stands for utmost service security. Their privacy and safety standards are designed to protect customer rights and ensure flawless cooperation between all the parties involved. Yet another valid reason to choose this college paper writing service as your trustworthy study pal.

5. PayForEssay – Affordable Service for Last-Minute Assignments

Looks like PayForEssay sets the record straight: you ask to ‘write my college essay,’ you pay, and you get it. There are no pitfalls, no hidden meanings, and no shame. They have experts to help you with any study-related questions and tasks and guarantee that results will exceed your expectations. Is it so, though?

According to customer reviews, this college essay writing service sticks to provided guarantees: the quality of products is reported to be good or excellent overall. Judging from online feedback, experts are masters of speedy writing and never compromise on the quality or originality of the text. We assume that PayForEssay must be the quickest college essay writing service there is, specializing narrowly in essay services but also offering help with other academic assignments.

Some honorable benefits include:

  • The fastest deliveries are possible, perfect for last-minute deadlines.
  • Good quality of services.
  • Simple website navigation.
  • Reasonable prices and attractive discounts.
  • Availability of extra services upon request.

If you are interested in a college essay writing service that could potentially become your long-term study partner, do not hesitate to check out PayForEssay. With market-average prices and a stable reputation, you can’t go wrong about them. Find a subject-matter college essay writer to support you throughout your busiest days and enjoy all the perks of student life worry-free.


Can I pay someone to write my college essay?

That’s how it works. You choose an essay writing service that fits your criteria and evokes trust. Next, you create an order online that includes a brief of your study request. For example, the type of work you need, your study area and degree level, the number of pages, etc. You also need to either describe what you expect to see in the result or upload writing instructions provided by the teacher. The cost is calculated based on that information and is shown to you. If you agree with the fee, an online payment is required to complete the order.

Are college essay writing services legal?

Most of them are legal. Unfortunately, students report multiple scammers and companies that deliver works of poor quality and originality. A credible college essay service usually provides all the necessary legal information on its website (Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy, etc.). Check it out before making any payments to ensure your order is in safe keeping with a trustworthy essay writing service.

What is the best college essay writing service?

Most probably, there is no best writing service simply because customers come with different requests, budgets, and expectations. Therefore, a perfect college essay service for one student won’t be as perfect for another with a different issue. We strongly believe that our list includes the best companies that can provide a high level of service for customers with various requests: whether you need quick help with an essay, competent assistance with your dissertation, or you are on a budget and need a skilled editor to double-check your paper.

How much does the college essay service cost?

College paper writing service is not the cheapest to buy online. This, of course, depends on your circumstances: urgent orders and advanced post-graduate projects can get quite expensive. Getting help with essay and paper writing is affordable for many. But prices also vary from service to service. When you decide to pay for essay, always check how much the college essay writing service costs from the company you choose. 

What are the simple steps to order an essay online?

Almost every essay writing service provides an online form to create an order. It may consist of two, three, or more steps that you need to complete. Fill out every field with relevant information regarding the type of service that you require. You will see the final price that is generated automatically based on your requirements. At the end of the form, you can either submit your order by paying online or cancel it and leave the site.

Are essay writing services worth it?

This a difficult question to answer. A credible essay writing service can ease your life significantly. But at the end of the day, the main question is, what are your study goals? Sometimes it is worth asking for professional help, especially when the task is too close to the deadline or has too many requirements that are difficult to grasp. A college essay writing service is perfect for those prioritizing other assignments and subjects or having work and family duties. If you fit into any of these descriptions, a college essay writing service is worth it.

Are essay writing services reliable?

We can’t speak for all the companies out there on the web. If you decide to pay someone to write my paper, consider all the pros and cons of different providers. It is important to find a perfect match – a professional paper writing service that looks attractive and is reliable and safe for you. You can choose any college essay writing service from our top-5 as all of them have proven their credibility over the years of operation. And students love them!

How long does it take to have my essay written for me?

Every paper writing service has different deadline options and capabilities that usually vary from three hours to months. Of course, it first and foremost depends on the type of your assignment and its volume. For instance, some companies offer essay writing service with just 1-hour deadline. A paper writing service starts at 6 hours and more. To get the exact answer to this question, contact the company’s support team and describe your order in detail. Support managers work 24/7 and will tell you the shortest deadline possible, depending on the assignment. 

Final Word

To write this article and provide you with the best options, we did our own research: talked to the support services, reviewed customer testimonials, and checked company background information. Also, we got help from the team of essaysrescue.com, who advised us on how to find the best college essay writing service. They have been reviewing writing services for many years, so if you want more considerable insights, check their website for more information.

And enjoy the top of a free-of-trouble college life! The exemplary essay writing service can make it happen.