Ensuring your household has easy access to clean and safe drinking water is essential. Many people are happy to drink tap water. However, potentially dangerous contaminants and impurities are a threat. They can find their way into your water supply.

Compromised pipe networks, construction work, and issues at the source can all pose potential risks to your tap water.

Contaminants that can find their way into your water supply include Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Gravel, Grit, Dirt, Sediment, Bacteria, and more.

Thankfully, some precautions can be taken. A high-quality water filtration system can ensure these contaminants are removed.

High-quality water filtration systems work by removing potentially harmful contaminants. It will also allow you to retain important minerals, including Calcium, Zinc, Fluoride, Magnesium.

Filters allow you to enjoy the health benefits of clean water. They also reduce the risk of toxins and other threats. A water filtration system will also stop limescale.

This article will explore the excellent range of reverse osmosis filters by Waterdrop.

We will explore the best options to make it easy for you to protect your home’s water supply.

Are Waterdrop Filters Any Good?

Waterdrop is widely regarded as being one of the best water filtration brands on the market.

As well as performing well in independent testing, Waterdrop has great customer reviews. Waterdrop is rated as ‘Excellent’ by Trustpilot. They are rated 4.6 out of 5 on the customer review site.

Waterdrop is dedicated to using high-quality materials and pioneering technology. This allows them to create a reliable water filter system every time.

The following reviews will explore the best Waterdrop reverse osmosis filter options on the market. We will explain the features of some excellent products. We will also take you through the pros and cons to help you make the right decision.

Waterdrop Reverse Osmosis Filters Review

Finding the perfect water filter for your needs can be challenging. That is why we have reviewed a range of water filter systems by Waterdrop.

Finding the best Waterdrop water filtration system will guarantee quality. This is because they are one of the best filtration system suppliers on the market.

If you are looking for a way to enjoy tap water free from sediment and bacteria, you are in luck. A high-quality water filter will save you money. You can enjoy the great taste of pure water without the expense of buying bottled water.

Take a look below for the best Waterdrop reverse osmosis filters on the market.

Best Overall Waterdrop Filter: Waterdrop G3

The Waterdrop G3P800 Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System is an excellent option. It is ideal for people that want a high-performance filtration system.

The innovative, no-tank design makes it easy to install. The small size, just 5.7″ wide, means your under-sink cabinet will still have space.

The award-winning design has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission. The system has also undergone stringent independent testing.

The G3P800 system boasts excellent features that include a malfunction alert. This notifies the homeowner of any potential issues with the system.

The filter life indicator lets you know when it is time for a replacement.

Replacements are quick and easy. The Carbon block filter is designed to remove impurities and lasts up to 6 months. It should provide as much as 550 gallons of purified water.

The pre-sediment carbon block filter can be installed in seconds. Simply twist to remove and install.

When it comes to performance, this is an excellent option. The 7 layers of membranes help to reduce contaminants. 2-stage filters and a scale inhibitor layer are also great additions.

The 7-layer reverse osmosis membranes provide excellent performance. The layers include: First PP Cotton Layer, Scale Inhibitor Layer, Activated Carbon Black Layer, Second PP Cotton Layer, Reverse Osmosis Membrane Layer, Post-Activated Carbon Black Layer, UV Sterilizer.

These layers provide an impressive level of protection. Contaminants are reduced significantly. Water scale is also prevented.

The system’s state-of-the-art technology improves the water dispensing system. This allows users to save as much as 12 times the water in comparison with traditional reverse osmosis systems.

What We Liked

One of the best things about the Waterdrop G3P800 Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System is the combo kit that offers excellent value for money.

The combo kit provides replacement filters that will keep your filtration system in working order for a year.

The output of 800 gallons per day makes it a great option for all home sizes. It can also be a suitable option for offices.

The G3’s reverse osmosis filtration with UV light upgrade improves performance. It has the ability to remove micro particles of contaminants.

The smart system comes complete with an LED chip that is triggered by passing water. This allows it to reduce bacteria and viruses by 99.9%.

The water-saving technology is an impressive feature. It is great for people trying to improve their carbon footprint and minimize waste. This model is capable of saving up to 12 times that of traditional models.

The system has a quick 0.55 GPM flow that helps to provide quickly.

A TDS display gives you great visibility and allows you to see the quality of water you are drinking in real-time.

Other excellent features, like the lifespan indicator, help you stay up-to-date with everything you need to know.

An additional benefit that is true of all Waterdrop products is the great customer service. They are easy to contact and provide support or can answer any questions you may have.

What We Don’t Like

Even the best systems can have drawbacks. It is as important to identify these as the benefits. This will give you a clearer picture of the product and allow you to make the right decision when investing in a water filter.

The Waterdrop G3P800 has significant benefits that have come from years of improving designs. However, there may be one or two things that people don’t like.

The first thing is the cost. This system is relatively expensive. People on a budget will find significantly cheaper models on the market. However, it is worth noting that for the extra money, you will get a far superior water filter system.

Remineralization filters don’t come as standard. This can be purchased as an add-on, but this does mean an additional expense.

Because it is a tankless option, there is a slight dispensing delay. The delay is not excessive, and you can still enjoy great water pressure.

Replacement filters are easy to install. However, it is important the installation of the system provides easy access. This can be a challenge in some homes or premises.

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Best Waterdrop Filter Runner Up: Waterdrop G2

The Waterdrop G2P600 Remineralization RO Water Filtration System is a great option for people that might not be able to afford the G3 model.

While it doesn’t have as many of the great features of the more recent model, this is still an excellent water filter.

The G2 filtration system uses a composite filter system. The composite technology benefits from different filter materials for great results.

The 600 GPD flow rate provides a great flow rate. The excellent system also helps to reduce water waste. For every 2 cups of water produced, only one cup of waste water is made. In comparison, the G3 model can produce 3 cups of clean water with the same levels of waste.

The great tankless design helps save space. The filter is designed to prevent the risk of recontamination and reduce the space needed for alternatives by as much as 70%.

Waterdrop employs advanced integrated water and electrical circuits. This reduces the risk of leakage.

The filter life reminder helps you know when to replace filters. The filtration layers include the following: Sediment PP Membrane, Activated Carbon Block, Precise PP Membrane, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, Post Activated Carbon Block, Activated Carbon Block, Mineral Materials.

These layers help to improve taste and reduce odor. Other benefits include reducing the following: Chlorine, Organic Matter, Rust, Solids, TDS, Lead, Salt, Atrazine, Fluoride, Nitrate, Bacteria, PFAS.

The tankless design provides relatively simple installation. Because electricity is required for the system, it is recommended that you get a professional to help install the system.

Using Waterdrop accessories to install the system is advised. This ensures optimal performance.

As with the G3 model, the G2P600 by Waterdrop comes with a combo kit. This sets users up for a year with discounted replacement filters.

This offers users a convenient water purification solution. The easy-to-replace filters also make upkeep simple.

The design is stylish and modern. The system comes with a carbon filter life alert to keep you up to date with when replacements are needed.

The low cost in comparison to the G3 model makes it an excellent choice for people looking for high-performance systems on a budget.

The remineralization system ensures the filtered water you get still provides the minerals you need for a healthy body.

The minerals that are naturally found in water have numerous benefits, including: Lowering cholesterol, Improving the health of bones, Promoting digestion, Improving skin

The system also boasts a fast flow rate. This makes using the system simple.

What We Don’t Like

While the G2 system is an adequate water filter system. And it can be a great alternative to buying bottled water, but it is not the best option for healthy drinking water.

Water sources like wells that are more likely to be contaminated require significant filtration. The filtration of the G2 model isn’t great for this kind of use.

The installation also requires space for an additional faucet. The faucet of the G2 is relatively basic.

Fewer filtration stages and a lack of UV light filtration make it significantly less effective than the G3P800. It also has significantly more wastewater than the G3P800.

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Best Waterdrop Filter Second Runner Up – Waterdrop D6

The Waterdrop D6-MZ is a reverse osmosis system with remineralization capabilities. This water filter provides safe drinking water thanks to its 6-stage filtration system.

The 6 filtration stages include: First PP Cotton Layer, Activated Carbon Fiber Layer, Micron Filtration Membrane, Reverse Osmosis Membrane Layer, Post-Activated Carbon Black Layer, Non-Woven Fabric.

This unique, 6-stage filtration system guarantees water purity. It is capable of removing odor and thousands of potentially harmful contaminants from your tap water. This includes Atrazine, PFAS, Rust, Chlorine, Sediment, Salt, TDS, Lead.

Remineralization helps to restore the beneficial qualities that natural water has. This gives you the best of both worlds. It removes the potentially harmful substances from your water. It then replaces beneficial minerals.

The D6-MZ water filter has a large capacity. The 600 GPD flow rate makes it quick and easy to get drinking water or for cooking.

The drain ratio of the D6-MZ works out at one cup of wastewater for every two cups of pure water. This helps to minimize waste and reduce water bills.

The system boasts a quick and easy filter replacement system. Filters can be replaced in seconds thanks to the pull-out system.

Annual replacements make it a convenient water filter system. The space-saving tankless option allows easy installation. You will save a significant amount of space in comparison with traditional reverse osmosis water filter systems.

Another benefit of this is there is no threat of secondary contamination.

Traditional reverse osmosis water filter systems can also become breeding grounds for bacteria. Regular maintenance is required to ensure the tap water your home enjoys is safe.

The automatic flush system ensures the system remains clean. This guarantees the drinking water you receive is free from bacteria and other impurities.

Waterdrop designs are known for benefitting users, and the D6-MZ is no different. An integrated waterway ensures there are no potential leak points. This improves performance and safety.

What We Liked

The D6 water filter has a range of great features that we liked. The filter system has reverse osmosis membranes and a carbon block layer. This helps it to filter a good amount of toxins from the water.

The smart designer faucet and LED light display make it a state-of-the-art option that is great for style and function.

The small water filter makes it suitable for most kitchens. The compact design makes it ideal for under-sink use without taking up too much space.

The easy filter replacement system is also good for cramped spaces beneath sinks. It should only take a few seconds.

What We Don’t Like

The D6 water filter offers an adequate water filtration system for homes. However, it does not have the same level of protection that is offered by the G3 water filter.

Unlike the G3 water filter, there is no UV filter and fewer filtration layers. This means that it can’t offer the same performance when removing toxins.

The smaller capacity also means it is not suitable for larger homes or properties.

The wastewater efficiency of the D6 water filter isn’t as good as it could be. This option helps to reduce water bills in comparison with traditional reverse osmosis water filters. However, it is not as impressive as the G3 performance.

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Best Countertop Water Filter: Waterdrop K19

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Not everyone will want an under-sink water filter system. It can take up considerable storage space. You may also need to drill holes for faucet installation with under-sink options.

The Waterdrop K19 countertop system uses reverse osmosis technology. This provides clean water to homes.

This is the ultimate option for convenience. No installation or plumbing is required, and it can be used anywhere.

This water filter has a 4-stage filtration system. This is made up of the following: PP Cotton, Carbon Block, Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UV sterilization.

This system effectively removes undesirable elements and odors from your water. These include Fluoride, TDS, Chlorine, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Particles.

The K19 water filter offers users excellent efficiency that can help to reduce water bills. For every 3 cups of water, only 1 cup of wastewater is produced.

The intelligent display screen makes the water filter easy to use. You can set it to dispense specific amounts of water to reduce waste and minimize the risk of spills.

Filter replacement is easy. A straightforward twist-and-pull system makes it easy to replace filters. Replacing filters ensures performance is optimal.

A large 170 oz tank meets drinking demands easily. It also makes it easy for the water filter to be used in rooms without a water supply.

What We Liked

This water filter system is great for convenience. It can be moved to different rooms, and no plumbing is required. This makes it great for homes and offices that want to enjoy high-quality, pure water without the expense of bottled water.

The system can be used to fill water bottles that are popular in workplaces.

The large tank is easily filled. It is transparent, so you can see the level and when it needs to be refilled.

The efficiency of the countertop K19 water filter by Waterdrop is excellent. It matches that of the G3 water filter system, which boasts 3 cups of pure water for every 1 cup of wastewater.

The sleek design is pretty straightforward, so it won’t dominate any room it is used in. The handy display screen also makes it easy to see what you are doing.

What We Don’t Like

The K19 water filter is convenient because it doesn’t need to be plumbed into your water supply. However, this does mean that the water tank on the back of the water filter has to be regularly filled.

If you want a water filter in your kitchen permanently, this might not be the best choice for you.

If you want a water filter that will significantly reduce contaminants, there are much better options.

The G3, G2, and D6 all offer greater filtration. They have more filter levels than the K19. This means that the water you receive might not be as pure or taste as good.

The K19 will also be on display all the time. In comparison, under-sink water filters are hidden away. Water filters without tanks don’t take up much space beneath your sink.

If you are concerned about aesthetics, this will probably be a poor choice of water filter for you.

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Benefits Unique to Waterdrop Filters

Waterdrop water filters are recognized as being some of the leading models in the water filter market. Waterdrop uses high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. This helps them to develop and improve designs.

Waterdrop’s market-leading reverse osmosis water filters offer a range of excellent benefits.

Homeowners might have concerns about their tap water. They will want to guarantee safe drinking water for their family. Waterdrop offers a wide range of water filter options to choose from.

With so many great water filter brands to choose from, exploring the benefits can help you decide which will suit your needs best.

The following Waterdrop water filter benefits demonstrate why this brand is respected. It is perfect for those looking for a reliable water purification solution.

Strong Filter Life

Investing in a high-quality water filter for your home provides peace of mind. You know the filtered water you consume will be free from heavy metals and other contaminants.

The filters used by Waterdrop are designed for high performance and longevity.

The multi-layer filters provide an excellent barrier. It minimizes the risk of potentially harmful substances in your drinking water.

State-of-the-art technology is used to design the filters. High-quality materials are used to provide a water purification solution. Activated carbon, UV sterilizers, and cotton are used to minimize the risk of particles passing through.

The reverse osmosis membrane layer is a particularly effective method of guaranteeing pure water.

Another great benefit of Waterdrop filters is how long they last. Waterdrop filters will have different average lifespans depending on usage.

The G3 reverse osmosis CF Filter can provide up to 550 gallons of pure water. This will typically last for as long as 6 months.

The WD-G3-N3CB Filter is designed to last as long as 12 months and provide up to 1,100 gallons of filtered water.

It is recommended that the WD-G3P800-N2RO is replaced no later than every 24 months.

This great longevity for Waterdrop filters offers an excellent level of convenience and safety.

Users won’t have to worry about the hassle or expense of constant replacements.

Installation, Support, and Warranty

Investing in any appliance should make your life easier. Waterdrop provides detailed installation instructions for customers. The instruction manual provides detailed installation guidance. It also provides detailed information on the filter’s operation and displays.

If your Waterdrop filter has an issue, you will be glad to know that the support offered is typical of a high standard. Customer review sites are generally positive regarding the support offered by Waterdrop.

The onsite contact page provides a phone number and email address for customers to get in contact.

You will also be delighted to hear that buying a Waterdrop filter for your home offers no risk. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee that comes with all orders.

This allows you to return products if you aren’t happy with them. You can also return them if there is a defect caused by workmanship or materials.

Waterdrop also offers a 1-year manufacturing warranty. During this period, repairs or replacements of defective parts are free.

There are terms and conditions that must be adhered to for the warranty to remain valid. The terms of use will help to ensure optimal performance from the water filter and can help to prolong its lifespan.

Easy Maintenance

Installing a water filter is a great way to ensure clean drinking water. Many water filters require regular cleaning to minimize the risk of bacteria growth.

The Waterdrop D6-MZ has an automatic flushing system that helps to clean water lines and ensure cleanliness.

The G3 water filter has built-in filter change reminders that let you know when you need to change them. The UV lamp has an expected life expectancy of up to 50 years. This means it won’t need to be replaced.

Filter replacement is made easy with all Waterdrop water filter models. You simply unscrew the existing filter counterclockwise and take it out. You can then screw in your new filter and turn it clockwise to lock it in place.

After replacing the filter, you can reset the system by holding the button above. When the light goes from red to blue, you will be ready.

After installing a new filter, you should run the water for around five minutes.



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After exploring all available options, the Waterdrop G3 filter comes out on top across the board.

Waterdrop is dedicated to building on its success. It does this by improving water filtration solutions. This results in a high-quality machine.

Ease of use and performance is the hallmarks of Waterdrop water filters. State-of-the-art technology and materials are used to provide great performance.

UV sterilization available in the G3 model guarantees pure water every time. Remineralization is an optional extra should you want to enjoy potential health benefits.

The one-year combo kit that comes with the G3 water filter offers excellent value for money. It ensures you are well-placed to enjoy fresh water for a year.

Waterdrop has a great reputation for the quality of its products and support. They have a great range of products that suit most budgets and circumstances.

Our top pick is the G3 water filter because of its excellent design and performance.

Minimal maintenance is required to keep the filter in working order. Replacing filters is quick and easy.

If you are looking for a water filter to guarantee safe drinking water for your home or workplace, the G3 could be the perfect option.

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