Has there been a point in your life when you received calls from unknown numbers and couldn’t figure out who was calling? Do you ever question if it’s safe to leave your children with their friends’ parents? When doubt creeps into one’s head, there is no turning back. Historically, this concept of data was rarely made public. Now, data of all types are available, especially in the last decade or two, because of their power to help individuals make better judgments.

In this regard, our editorial team came across one platform that may supply people with most of the answers they require to feel safe around strangers, as well as family or friends. Unfortunately, it is difficult to trust people these days since anyone might turn against you, but no matter what the situation, living in dread is not an option. Here is all the information we have about Instant Checkmate.

What is Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate is a Public Records Search service that offers relevant, detailed, and critical information on almost everyone. This platform can be used to obtain information such as arrest records, phone numbers, addresses, demographic and/or census data, and so on. It is vital to highlight that all available data are aggregate public records in such a way that eliminates any chance of identity theft. The following is an excerpt from the official website covering the entirety of Instant Checkmate:

“We’re continually listening to your feedback and working tirelessly each day to improve our data, technology, and website and services in general […] At Instant Checkout we take pride in having responsive, helpful member care representatives who are enthusiastic about helping our customers make the most of their membership and tools.”

Taking everything into account, let’s jump right into how Instant Checkmate works.

How does Instant Checkmate work?

Using Instant Checkmate is as straightforward as creating an account and searching for information on people. To narrow things down, let’s first start by going over the services offered:

People Search

The People Search tool is useful for learning more about someone or simply seeing what information is available about oneself. The first step is to provide the first and last names, as well as the American location. Finally, users will be asked to select the gender of the person they are seeking information for to help the program narrow down the results. The remaining time is spent waiting for the filter to deliver actual results.

Reverse Phone Lookup

As the name implies, the Reverse Phone Lookup tool can be used to search up numerous types of data about neighbors, family members, vacation companions, and oneself. Anyone who feels intimidated or unsafe after receiving phone calls or text messages from unknown numbers can now learn the identity of those numbers. To make the most out of this service, individuals are asked to enter the phone number (and area code), and the rest will be compiled as a report by Instant Checkmate.

Criminal Records Database

In recent years, crime rates have been steadily increasing. As apparent as it may appear, all crimes can be traced back to the perpetrator. The Public Criminal Records Search tool is regarded as the most effective method for discovering a person’s previous arrest records. The information provided should be used as a starting point for protecting oneself and one’s family. The report will include, among other things, the first and last names of the individual who was searched, their location, the dates of the offense and disposition (if applicable), and the severity of the offense.

Inmate Search

An Inmate Search (also known as an Inmate Locator) assists people in locating a person who might be in jail or prison. Individuals will need to supply the person’s full name as well as the last known state or location to find them. This tool provides enough information to determine whether or not a person is in fact incarcerated. If a person moved, say because their felony was in a different state than their customary location, individuals can investigate deeper by using the Regional-Specific Inmate Locator or the National Inmate Search.

What are the dos and don’ts of Instant Checkmate?

It’s one thing to have data at one’s fingertips, but there’s always the potential of misappropriation. To avoid such a scenario, the Instant Checkmate team has established several limitations on what can be searched and how data can be used. In other words, this team has made it openly clear as to what the dos and don’ts of their service are. Specifically:

The Dos:

Individuals are allowed to use this service for the purposes of looking up:

  • Neighbors
  • Nearby sex offenders
  • Family members
  • Parents of friends’ children
  • New and old as well as social media friends
  • Former classmates and potential dates
  • Celebrities

The Don’ts:

This team asserts that because Instant Checkmate is not a consumer reporting agency, no one shall use any of their services for:

  • Employment screening (i.e., pre-employment checks, promotion or demotion purposes or termination)
  • Screening household workers (i.e., nannies, babysitters, at-home aids, gardeners, or domestic workers)
  • Tenant screening (i.e., assigning or terminating leases, rents, sales, or retaining residential space)
  • Assess professional services (i.e., tutors, teachers, coaches, doctors, or personal trainers)
  • Determining educational or scholarship qualifications
  • Making decisions for insurance eligibility

What types of reports does Instant Checkmate offer?

The fact that Instant Checkmate goes above and beyond by compiling all accessible data into one comprehensive report is one of their main selling factors. Listed below is a summary of the types of reported generated:

Standard Background Report

The standard background report includes (if available) a person’s date of birth, phone numbers, address history, related persons, arrest records, government license information, social media profiles (i.e., emails), and local sex offenders. A subscription to Instant Checkmate will likely be necessary for this level of information.

Premium Report

The premium report goes far deeper than the standard background report. Access to civil judgments, corporate affiliations, properties owned, watercraft and aircraft ownership, UCC filings, voter registration, outdated phone numbers, email addresses, tax liens, professional licenses, hunting/fishing/weapons permits, foreclosures, neighbors, and a host of other information is possible through this.

Email Report

The email report, which is available solely through the Instant Checkmate subscription, comprises (if available) all the information in the standard background report as well as details on email addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can be searched through Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate works by collecting public records from around the United States. It offers some access to people’s phone numbers, addresses, and contact details, as well as information on their crimes, incarcerations, traffic tickets, and status as sex offenders, among other things.

Are there strict guidelines on how Instant Checkmate should be used?

Yes, there are strict guidelines about how and why their tools may be used as Instant Checkmate is a public records search service. The fact that this service is not a consumer reporting agency must be emphasized again since doing so prevents users from using the website for any purposes covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

What does the term “consumer reporting agency” mean?

Consumer reporting agencies collect information about people and then report back to other companies on what they’ve discovered. These reports are then utilized to make informed decisions concerning the individual’s credit, employment, housing, insurance, and other matters. Instant Checkmate is not meant for such reasons; rather, their goal is to ensure that people have access to critical information that will put them as opposed to causing a setback for the person being searched.

How does Instant Checkmate compile data?

Instant Checkmate compiles data and reports from millions of public records provided by state and local governments (i.e., federal, state, and country public record databases) along with other sources such as social media.

What are the benefits of using Instant Checkmate?

Instant Checkmate is unique in that users can finally make informed decisions regarding the people in their lives while staying within their budget.

Is it possible to suppress my own data?

Yes, individuals can ask for their data to be suppressed, which will restrict who else can view it. This benefit is only available to Instant Checkmate subscribers.

How will Instant Checkmate appear on my bank statement?

It really comes down to the banks that people are dealing with, as each one might have different naming conventions for charge descriptors. Instant Checkmate transactions may appear in one of the following ways on one’s respective bank statement:

  • Chkmate*instantcheckma
  • Chkmate*instant checkmate
  • Chkmate*instantche
  • Chkmate* instant checkmate
  • Chkmate*instant
  • Chkmate*instantcheckmat
  • Chkmate*phoneservices
  • Chkmate*instantcheck

Does Instant Checkmate offer a free trial?

No, Instant Checkmate does not offer any free trials. (Signup to Instant Checkmate now!)

Is it possible to cancel the Instant Checkmate subscription at any time?

Absolutely, people have the option to revoke their subscription to Instant Checkmate at any time, whether online, by phone or by email. Further details on how to accomplish this can be found on the official website.

What is the best way to contact the Instant Checkmate customer service team?

There are a number of ways to establish communication with the Instant Checkmate team. These include:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 564 3003
  • Email: support@instantcheckmate.com
  • Mailing Address: 3111 Camino Del Rio N Suite 400, San Diego, CA 92108

How much does it cost to use Instant Checkmate?

There are multiple membership plans available for people to sign up for. They ought to pick the one(s) that best meet their needs. These pricing options are at people’s disposal:

Person Reports – 1-Month ($35.12/month) or 3-Month ($28.09/month)

Includes persons and location reports and report-monitoring

The reports may include a variety of information, including birth details, pictures, phone numbers, social media accounts, email addresses, residences, educational and employment history, assets, criminal histories, etc.

Phone Reports – Monthly ($5.99/month)

Reverse phone lookup tool

The report may include owner’s name, pictures, address, social media profiles, and address history among several others

Downloadable Report Files (one-time price of $3.99)

It is unquestionably helpful to have  the various reports readily available, but for individuals who might want to come back to them, making sure they are downloaded is crucial. For a one-time fee of $3.99, people can access all reports in PDF format, which can then be shared by email or physically documented.

Dark Web Monitoring – Monthly ($1.99/month)

The Dark Web Monitoring tool can be used to keep an eye on those who may be concerned about sensitive personal information. In effect, this will make it possible for everyone to search the dark web for passwords that have been stolen while simultaneously preventing sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Final Thoughts

Instant Checkmate is the service we may have all desired for when we were receiving unsolicited calls or texts from unknown numbers, living across shady neighbors, or having fallen to a catfish. Consumers would have been totally protected if such a platform had been available at the modest pricing offered by Instant Checkmate, whether in-person or through social media channels. Our editorial team was initially unsure of this service, given the wealth of information available at one’s fingertips, particularly when it comes to misuse. Yet, we believe that information is provided in a way that decreases the likelihood of identity theft.

The fact that this company is not a consumer reporting agency must be reiterated as many times as possible because individuals may be misled. In no way does Instant Checkmate permit searches that adversely affect the person being searched, whether in terms of their search for housing or a job, or, to put it mildly, their line of work. For the person using this service, it is about keeping their guard up in uncomfortable situations. Finally, users should keep in mind that the information offered is only meant to be used as a starting point. The team does not guarantee 100% accuracy. To give any of the Instant Checkmate tools a try, visit the official website here! >>>

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