Precum (also known as pre-ejaculate) is the clear, colorless liquid you may have seen on the tip of your penis. 

Many men are interested in increasing precum for fertility or enhancing sexual pleasure. 

Although there are no guaranteed ways to produce more precum, the tips below can increase your chances and help to enhance your sexual pleasure. 

How To Produce More Precum – Quick List 

1 – Stay Hydrated 
2 – Increase Libido 
3 – Supplements 
4 – Edging 
5 – Prostate Massage 

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What Is Precum?

Precum (also known as pre-ejaculate) is a clear liquid discharged from the penis when erect and aroused. 

This can be during foreplay, sexual intercourse, or masturbation – it doesn’t matter. Even just thinking about sex can set it off.

Precum serves as a natural lubricant, although you’ll produce far less than traditional lubricants you might use. 

The amount of precum men produce varies greatly, from none at all, just a few drops, and up to 5 ml. 

It can also neutralize the acidity in your urethra and your partner’s vagina, all aiding in the survival of sperm to maximize the chance of conception.

It’s important to note that precum is not the same as semen. For one, it has chemical differences and is produced by different glands. 

However, pre cum can still contain sperm, and it can result in pregnancy. 

Precum isn’t naturally intended to contain sperm; however, experts theorize that the fluid encounters sperm already present in the urethra, resulting in something similar to cross-contamination.

Studies show that up to 40% of men have sperm in their precum, and 27% of people who use the withdrawal method as a form of birth control can find themselves faced with pregnancy. 

Additionally, it’s worth noting that precum also contains bacteria and viruses, meaning it can still transmit STIs and HIV.

Even though precum looks perfectly safe, if you’re worried about STIs or pregnancy, it’s still advisable to use protection and practice safe sex to reduce these risks.

5 Ways to Produce More Precum

If you’re interested in producing more precum, you’ll be disappointed to hear that there’s no surefire way to increase the volume of precum. 

However, we have five methods you can try to improve your odds of producing a greater volume.

#1: Stay Hydrated

If you’ve looked into the best ways to produce more semen, this method will be familiar. 

Like semen, water is the main ingredient of precum, so drinking more water will naturally increase the amount of precum your body can produce.

Just note that you should aim to drink more water – not just any liquids. In fact, you should avoid sugary drinks, like soda, and too much alcohol. 

Studies show that these can decrease sperm count and libido. 

#2: Increase Libido

You might have noticed that precum doesn’t take much for some people to start dribbling out. 

It only takes the thought of sex to set it off. That’s typical because these people have high libidos.

If you have a high sex drive and become aroused more easily, it’s possible that your body will start secreting and producing more precum.

So, consider increasing your libido: exercise more, avoid stress, ditch bad habits, and look into taking some libido-enhancing supplements.

#3: Supplements

Besides water, precum contains various vitamins and nutrients. 

If you can give your body an extra dose of these nutrients from supplements, you’ll give your body a better chance of producing more precum and a higher semen volume.

We would advise taking sexual health supplements with ingredients such as zinc, vitamin E, and antioxidants such as selenium. 

One of our top recommendations would be a product like Ultraload. As well as giving your body the nutrients to produce more precum, it can help to increase your libido, semen volume, blood flow, and orgasm intensity.

Ultraload also contains Zinc which is beneficial to prostate health.  

#4: Edging

Edging refers to getting to the point where you’re about to orgasm and ejaculate but stopping just before you tip over the edge.

Edging can help you increase semen and precum volume, primarily because it can maximize your arousal levels and encourage your semen and precum to build up.  

There are even the added benefits of lasting longer in bed and enhancing the power of your orgasm. 

#5: Prostate Massage

You’ve probably heard about your prostate. It’s a small gland you should start regularly checking as you age. 

And it’s worth experimenting now and getting used to the feel of your prostate – after all, it’s only the size of a walnut, and you need to be able to monitor it for any changes.

But what exactly is your prostate? 

Your prostate is a gland that produces fluids that work their way up your urethra and out the end of your penis. 

Massaging it can help it work more effectively, increasing the volume of semen and precum. 

It can also be a fun and pleasurable experience for some men. 

Ejaculate vs. Pre-Ejaculate

Although both liquids come from the tip of your penis, there’s a great difference between ejaculate and pre-ejaculate. 

For one, when you’re in the throes of passion, most men don’t notice precum… but certainly, notice when they ejaculate. 

The key difference, though, is sperm. Ejaculate is specifically sperm that’s coated in semen as a protective covering. Pre-ejaculate isn’t semen at all and doesn’t intentionally contain any sperm. 

However, 40% of men have sperm in their precum thanks to it mixing with existing sperm in the urethra.

There’s a chemical difference between ejaculate and pre-ejaculate too. 

They’re made in different places: ejaculate is made up of semen produced by the seminal vesicles and prostate gland, as well as sperm produced by the testes; pre-ejaculate fluid is produced by the Cowper’s, Littre’s, and Morgagni’s glands. 

While they have similar chemicals, such as acid phosphatase, pre-ejaculate still has a very different chemical makeup to ejaculate; for example, pre-ejaculate has no trace of gamma-glutamyltransferase.


Everyone’s taught about sperm and semen in biology… but teachers don’t usually tend to cover precum. So, if you’ve got any questions, we’re not surprised.

Here are the answers to some of the questions we often get asked.

Does Precum Contain Sperm?

If you take precum directly from where it’s produced, you’ll find no sperm. 

However, as the fluid rushes up through your urethra, it may come into contact with sperm on the way. 

If it does, it will often pick it up and carry it to the tip of the penis, resulting in some sperm in the precum.

According to a study published in 2010, researchers found that 11 out of 27 subjects (41%) released a pre-ejaculate fluid that contained sperm contained. 

Researchers further noted that 10 of those subjects (37%) didn’t just have traces of sperm, but sperm that was still active and could result in a pregnancy.

Can Precum Cause Pregnancy?

Pregnancy occurs when active sperm can reach an ovum. Since active sperm is found in the precum of about a third of men, precum can cause pregnancy.

Of people who enjoy the withdrawal method, about 27% end up getting pregnant. This is likely a result of active sperm lurking within the precum.

Can Precum Transmit STDs?

As well as sperm, precum can contain bacteria and viruses that spread STDs. But more than that, precum can also transmit HIV to sexual partners. 

If you are at all concerned about the thought of spreading STDs, be sure to practice safe sex and use protection.

Can Men Control When They Precum?

Men are almost always unable to control when they precum, making it even more distinct from normal ejaculation.

To a certain extent, most men can control when they ejaculate by squeezing their muscles and ‘edging’ to prevent or delay orgasm. 

However, practically no men can control when they precum – it’s an involuntary and natural response to arousal.

How Much Precum Is Normal?

The volume of precum secreted by men varies quite a bit, so it’s not easy to definitively state how much is normal. Some men produce nearly no precum, whereas others can produce up to 5 ml.

However, while it’s rare, some men produce more than 5 ml of precum. 

This excessive amount can become both annoying and a source of embarrassment. Fortunately, treatments, such as a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor, such as finasteride, are available to control this.

Final Thoughts

Precum might not be a big deal for everyone. But if you’ve ever had the desire to increase your precum to appear more masculine and virile, then there are several methods you can try. 

By staying hydrated, increasing your libido, edging, massaging your prostate, and taking supplements, you may find that your volume of precum increases. 

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