Vape pens are a modern alternative to cigarettes, liked for their sweeter odors, greater control over nicotine intake, control over vapor exhalation, and tastier flavors.

There’s also the unpopular but valid fact that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes – at least according to the American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, who give it a “95% less harmful designation.”

But what is the best vape pen?

After hundreds of hours of puffing a fine mist, we’ll give you a list of the 15 best vape pens in our opinion. We’ll include options for e-liquid, MTL, DTL, CBD, THC, and even dry herbs.

And since we know everyone wants different things…

We’ll mention both nice/sleek vape pens as well as more durable ones (that won’t break if they fall out of your pocket).

Ready? Let’s get started.

Best Vape Pens: First Look

  1. Innokin Endura T18 – Best vape pen overall
  2. Sky Solo Plus Vaporesso – Easy and long-lasting (3000mAH battery)
  3. Geekvape T200 Aegis Touch – Great 2.4-inch touch screen
  4. Smok Nord 4 80W – Powerful 80W vape pen
  5. Uwell Caliburn X 20W – Adjustable 5-20W vape pen
  6. Freemax Twister 2 80W – Small yet potent DTL vape
  7. Vaporesso Luxe X DTL – Best Smart Controlled DTL vape
  8. Secret Nature Artisan CBD – High-quality 1000mg CBD vape pen 
  9. Strawberry Lemonade CBD – Cheap 500mg CBD vaporizer
  10. Athenaz Kit – Great portable weed vaper

Why Trust Us?

We sampled many vape pens for this assignment, and while it’s sometimes difficult to write about a feeling – one of experiencing true flavor, deep DTL exhales, or more narrow MTL inhalation – we decided to rank our favorite vape pens, pods, and mods according to these categories: 

  • Impressiveness (Technology)
  • Discreetness and Size
  • Power and Battery Balance
  • Flavor Preservation
  • Affordable Price

Best E-Liquid Vape Pens for Sale – 2023 Reviews

1. Innokin Endura T18 – Overall Best Vape Pen for E-Liquid


  • Make: Vaporfi (Full kit: $27.95)
  • Smooth vaping in every category
  • Easy to fill 
  • Charges quickly
  • Comes with 3 separate mouthpieces
  • Best cheap vape pen


  • Not as powerful for the price

Slim and colorful with three main options (black, silver, and tiffany blue), the Innokin Endura T18 is a great tobacco vape for beginners and one of our favorites overall.


Well, first of all, the Innokin Endura has a long battery life and smooth hits, which is the main thing most of us look for in a vape pen.

Second, the vape pen can be used while it’s charging, which makes it easier for people who need to have their fix even when they run out of battery.

Speaking about the battery…

Once charged, it can last for several days. The 2.5ml capacity Prism airflow vape tank and the built-in 1000 mAh battery pack a decent amount of power at 14 watts.

The tank is made out of Pyrex glass, keeping the unit from becoming too hot for the user to hold.

The twist-top filling design is also a convenient touch. For flavor, you have Japanese organic cotton in the 1.5-ohm coils for enhanced vapor quality.

To sum it up…

At a price of $27.95 for a full kit, it’s the perfect mix of affordability and quality.

Shop Now: Vaporfi (Full Kit for $27.95)

2. Sky Solo Plus Vaporesso – Best E-Liquid Vape Pen Design


  • Best Price: DirectVapor (Just $24.95)
  • Very easy to use
  • Base built into the top
  • No added pieces
  • Affordable vape pen
  • Long-lasting (3000 mAh)


  • Some leaking problems reported

The Sky Solo Plus is often rated as the top best-selling vape pen on most sites, and for a good reason – it’s advanced craftsmanship at work and yet so simple in usage.

How simple?

Well, for starters, the base of the tank of the pen is built into the top of the mod, eliminating the need for an added piece.

Second, it has a rechargeable battery cell with a huge 3000 mAh capacity that can last for over a week. Coupled with an 8mL tank for e-liquid, this makes it the best cheap vape pen to use.

Overall, it’s as strong as a box vape and yet easy to assemble, with a long-lasting battery.

Shop Now: DirectVapor (Just $24.95)

3. Geekvape T200 Aegis Touch – Best Vape Pen With a Touch Screen


  • Best Price: EightVape (20% OFF)
  • Attractive 2.4-inch touchscreen 
  • Nice ergonomic feel
  • Powerful performance
  • Resilient body
  • Easy interface to work with


  • Doesn’t have clickable buttons

The T200 Aegis Touch Geekvape mod has a 2.4-inch touchscreen with a cool visual display for very clear instructions. That, along with the easy user interface makes it a straightforward choice.

With 200W output and two 18650 batteries, it’s built with tri-proof construction and is powered by an AS chip 3.0, contributing to its exceptional performance and sleek style. The physical locking switch is also helpful, as this is a resilient vape pen that will not easily shatter even if it takes a tumble. 

This particular mod package includes the Aegis Touch T200 mod and one USB type-C charging cable.

Shop Now: EightVape (20% OFF)

Best Nicotine Vape Pens for MTL

4. Smok Nord 4 80W Pod Kit – Best MTL Vape Pen Powered by USB


  • 40% OFF: VapeJuiceDepot
  • Powerful performance for a pod vaping device
  • Mouth-to-lung design familiar to cig smokers
  • Adjust air intake easily with inlet rings
  • Good battery life
  • 11 different colors


  • No DTL vaping

The latest in SMOK Nord’s line of vape pens, the Nord 4 80W Pod Kit is powerful and yet has the MTL vaping feature that new vapers will appreciate most.

The kit has 80W max output by the large 2000mAh built-in battery. This means super large clouds and an enjoyable taste, comparable to a mega-cigarette experience.

The kit comes with two 4.5 ml Nord 4 pods, one with an RPM 2 mesh coil and the other with an RPM mesh coil. The two air inlet rings at the top can be adjusted freely to change your air intake.

Finally, The USB Type-C cable allows for faster charging and a longer-lasting battery life, which is great considering how strong and massive the capacity is.

Overall, this makes the Nord 4 one of the best MTL vape pens.

Shop Now: VapeJuiceDepot (40% OFF)

5. Uwell Caliburn X 20W Pod Vape Kit – Best Adjustable MTL Vape Design


  • Best Price: EightVape (Full Kit for $36.99)
  • Portable and ergonomic design
  • OLED display
  • Intuitive single-button operation
  • MTL vaping – cigarette style
  • Adjustable MTL for longer draws


  • Unusually large mouthpiece 

The Uwell Caliburn X 20W Pod Vape offers simplicity, good performance, and a host of options to help you learn your own smoking preferences.

The ergonomic design and portability take nothing away from its performance: a fully integrated 850mAh battery, a wattage range of 5-20W, a 3 mL pod capacity, and an OLED display.

Other features include a vape juice viewing window and intuitive single-button firing, which make it a good option for beginners.

But do you want to know what the best feature is?

It’s that the Caliburn X offers both MTL inhalation, with shorter draws like cig style, or DTL (Direct to Lung) simulation with adjustable airflow – that means with longer draws, looser passage, and more vapor. This makes the Caliburn X one of the best MTL vape pens to enjoy MTL cig style while learning the advantages of vaping at the same time.

Shop Now: EightVape (Full Kit for $36.99)

Best Tobacco Vape Pens for DTL

6. Freemax Twister 2 80W Vape Kit – Best Small Vape Pen for DTL


  • FREE Shipping: DirectVapor
  • DTL vaping
  • Fireluke2 sub-ohm tank
  • Small discreet design
  • Adjust vape quality with a twist
  • Adjust wattage


  • Battery life is average

The Freemax Twister 2 80W Vape Kit has something unique: variable wattage between 15 and 80W, along with a 3000mAh battery. By twisting the base, you can make adjustments or lock it by turning it counterclockwise. 

The Fireluke 2 sub-ohm vape tank is a Direct To Lung delicacy that will give you a stronger full vape hit without the necessity of an advanced or larger vape mod.

You can adjust the quality of the vape as well by altering the wattage, which is a rarity for stick mods (pen-like designs). While the battery capacity is pretty good, you may need to charge it a few times if you’re going to use 80w.

But the DTL experience is perfectly represented here in a bite-size form. 

Shop Now: DirectVapor (FREE Shipping)

7. Vaporesso Luxe X DTL Pod – Best Smart Controlled DTL Vape Pen


  • Real DTL sub-ohm tanks
  • Smart control auto sets wattage
  • Bigger exhales and flavors from a small pen
  • No coil replacement
  • Safety and mess-free feature


  • 3-step battery meter instead of 4

The Vaporesso Luxe X is a DTL 40w pod vape made for users fond of the sub-ohm vape pens tank, which is the only way to have a real DTL vaping experience.

The Axon chipset with Smart Control auto-reads the pod resistance and sets wattage accordingly. With a 1500 mAh internal battery, it can give you big clouds for a whole day, which is pretty impressive for such a small pen.

The lightweight and compact nature of the Vaporesso is its best feature, considering the deep inhale… but there are other highlights.

For one, the 8-second cutoff and lockout is a safety feature that protects the coil from burning by accidental clicking – in fact, the coils don’t have to be replaced. The SSS Leak-Resistant design also protects against any un-stylish messes. 

Shop Now: EightVape (Full Kit for $39.99)

Best CBD Vape Pens

8. Secret Nature Artisan – Best Disposable CBD Vape Pen


  • Cheap disposable
  • CBD and Delta 8
  • Pure hemp extract
  • 100% live resin terpenes
  • No additives added


  • A little on the pricey side

Secret Nature CBD’s disposable vapes are made with pure hemp extract and 100% live resin cannabis terpenes. The brand guarantees there are no added fillers or contaminants as opposed to many cheap vape pens.

Even the taste is “true to plant.”

This is full spectrum CBD with terpenes, and users agree that the taste is mild and it’s a nice, relaxing way to unwind after a long day of work.

Take a few hits to feel the full effect. The pen is auto-draw and rechargeable with a micro-USB. The disposable vape gives you a good 3-5 days of CBD and has a blue light to indicate when it’s ready for disposal.

Shop Now: Secret Nature (FREE Shipping)

9. Strawberry Lemonade – Best Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Pen


  • 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD
  • Pleasant flavor
  • 800+ positive reviews
  • Discreet look, no complicated features
  • Balanced PG/VG ratio for a smooth puff


  • A bit too sugary for some

The Strawberry Lemonade CBD vape is a disposable CBD pen from CBDFx that comes pre-packaged with 500mg of broad-spectrum CBD per pen. That’s about 2 grams per disposable vape or 800 puffs in total.

The pen is rechargeable, although we would have preferred a USB-C instead of the micro-USB charging port. Anyway, it allows you to smoke the e-juice for 7 days or even up to a month if you don’t smoke much.

According to 800+ reviews, the Strawberry Lemonade CBD pen has a nice summer flavor, great for general pain relief, and is perfect for calming the nerves and relaxing the mind.

Best THC Vape Pens

10. Athenaz Kit from MiPod – Best Portable Weed Vape Pen 


  • Refillable design
  • 0.9 sub-ohm weed pens
  • 1400mAh for power and good charge
  • Weed vape can take most other liquid
  • Great for getting a hit of cannabis THC


  • Pricey over time

If you’re tired of buying disposable vape pens, then consider upgrading to the Athenaz Kit.

This weed vape boasts a refillable pod system with an e-liquid capacity of 5ml and a coil resistance of .6ohm. With a battery size of 1400 mAh, it’s just enough to give you a full 0.9 sub-ohm DLT vape of cannabis.

It’s an easy-to-use design and comes in a sleek style, making it the perfect transition device from costly disposable vapes to long-term weed vapes. Each unit comes with a USB-C charger, providing hours of vapor per charge. These weed vaporizers are cost-efficient and made for any liquid, particularly THC. 

11. Hermes Refillable – Best Environmentally Friendly THC Vape Pen


  • Refillable weed vape
  • Ideal for distilled THC smoking
  • No leaks
  • Very little waste and environmentally friendly
  • Three preset temperatures


  • Pricey over time

The Hermes Refillable Weed Vape is perfect for distilled THC smoking. That means no leaking, and it heats all kinds of oils (and not just THC) with zero waste. Oil vape pens have to be designed for thicker materials without damaging the product. 

It also has some of the largest, fluffiest clouds of any vape on the market. The Hermes model comes with a ceramic heating element and has three main temperatures. The toxin-free vapor is also environmentally friendly, as it removes 5-15 disposable cartridges from oceans and landfills.

It is also free of heavy metals and is constructed of stainless steel, not alloy metal. It’s a refillable option that you don’t have to feel guilty about smoking. 

Best Dry Herb Vape Pens

12. PAX 2 Flower – Best Customized Dry Herb Vaporizer


  • Made for dry herb vape and concentrates
  • Innovative lip and motion sensing tech
  • Adjusts to your hit style
  • Displays lights showing how fast you draw
  • Auto switch from heating modes


  • Affordable weed vape (not cutting-edge)

With 4 preset temperatures, The PAX 2 Vaporizer Pen is optimized for dry herb vape and concentrates. It has its own little convection heating oven for your on-the-go needs. Besides a sleek easy-to-carry design, the PAX 2 has a lip and motion-sensing technology. 

You can customize your vaping sessions without much legwork since the unit adjusts to your patterns in real time. It gives you a personalized experience with the lip sensors while also putting on an LED light showing how fast you’re drawing. 

The motion sensors also pick up on every roll, letting you switch from heating modes automatically

13. Davinci IQC Vaporizer – Best Flavor Preserving Mini-Vape Pen


  • Many parts like vaporizer pens, but compact
  • LED display grid
  • Ideal for dry herbs and preserving flavor
  • Easy to clean
  • Bluetooth compatible to track doses


  • Battery life could be better

The Davinci IQC Vaporizer is a very small vaporizer that’s somehow vape-pen-sized with a 51 LED display grid and minimal design overall. The mini-vaporizer is made for dry herb vaping and has a clean glass airpath chamber for convection heating.

It’s built with medical-grade components, meaning no metal or plastic parts to interact with your herb. This tech is done to keep the flavor pure and “as intended,” making it ideal for rolling the dry herb of your choice. For all that internal working, it’s a small design that operates with a USB-C charger.

With conduction heating, it’s a clean vaping experience that’s durable, stealthy, and even Bluetooth-compatible. 

Best Wax or Dab Vape Pens

14. Yocan UNI Pro 2.0 – Best Wax Pen for  Precise Temperature Control


  • Easy button pressing system
  • Temperature control or precision control
  • Just take a pull once you find the right temperature
  • OLED screen wax pen
  • Adjust settings for lower or higher hits


  • Coils may need replacing

The new durable zinc alloy Yocan Uni Pro 2.0 Box Mod has advanced features made to vape wax, dabs, and other thick oils. For this reason, the body is outfitted with metal that’s both durable and lightweight. 

The wax pen offers a single power button to control temperature levels as well as precision temperature control, and even over cartridge width and height adjustment. With a 650mAh battery, it offers strong performance but with down-to-earth USB-C charging

All you need to do is press the buttons to toggle through the preset settings and pull from your weed oil pen or wax pen once you’ve found the right temperature setting. Lower voltage allows for lower and slower vaping with subtle effects, while cracking the settings higher gets more euphoric results.

Each session is a new experience!

15. Blaze Full Quartz Dab Pen – Double the Atomizing Power for Better Flavor


  • 2 atomizers for more power
  • Fewer leaks, no clogging
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Environmentally clean
  • Great vapor quality (preserves more flavor)


  • Almost too strong for the battery

One of the first wax vape pens to be built without coils, the Blaze Full Quartz Dab Pen is portable and yet humongous for all dab smoking purposes. The in-laid heating full quartz atomizer joins a big recessed ceramic plate atomizer for enhanced production and flavor capabilities.

These larger atomizers let you make bigger and fluffier clouds with top airflow for fewer leaks and clogging. The 900mAh rechargeable battery is powered by a USB charger and presides over 4 temperature settings. For all that power, the dab pen is still surprisingly free of plastic toxins, fibers, and harmful chemical paints. It’s clean and keeps the flavor pure

Guide to Buying the Best Vape Pen

Here are some things to keep in mind before placing an order:

Vape Pens: What Are They?

Other names for vape pens include vaporizer pens, vape pens, and vape pen mods. But why are they called “pens”? Well, the early vape pens, known as cig-a-likes or e-cigarettes, looked exactly like cigarettes.

But over time, manufacturers recognized they needed to integrate bigger batteries and greater power. Thus they began creating more significant, more cylindric, and pen-shaped gadgets.

The battery powers the vaporizer pen’s tank or atomizer, which houses the heating coil system. This is what allows vape pens to be used to vaporize e-liquid, wax, or dried herbs.


Because the e-liquid (wax, dried herb) is heated by the coil once the battery is activated, resulting in vaporization.

To sum it up – vape pens are easy-to-use gadgets that may be used with various substances. They are also affordable and have a wide range of applications, including using cannabis products and nicotine e-liquid.

What Is an E-liquid Vape Pen?

As we said before, regular vape pens and e-juice vape pens both function similarly. The e-juice is vaporized by an atomizer that is housed within a tank. The e-liquid will often be made up of nicotine combined with PG/VG and food flavorings.

When you push the fire button on this kind of pen, electricity starts flowing to the coil and the heating process begins, which causes the liquid to evaporate.

The following are the different types of vaporizer pens:

  • Adjustable

Adjustable vape pens can manually control the wattage flowing to your coil. This allows you more freedom to choose the kind of vape you desire. You may increase the wattage to get a dense, hotter, and more delicious impact.

You may lower the power for softer, cooler impacts.

These vapes often burn at a greater wattage and demand more energy from the gadget. Because of this, most variable voltage vape pens are powered by a 21700 battery or have a large built-in battery.

  • Direct Output

Most modern vape pens have a direct output that monitors battery life and automatically adjusts the amount of power sent to the coil. To experience the full force and taste of the device, it must be fully charged.

You’ll see that the pull steadily becomes weaker as the battery becomes lower in capacity. These devices generally function between 4.2V and 3.2V.

  • Constant Output

Vape pens with constant output maintain a constant voltage while the battery drains. These devices often produce the most gentle draw and taste at 3.7V. A microchip to control and supply this constant voltage is included with constant output modifications.

Vape Pens: How Do They Work?

Each vape pen has a battery and an “atomizer,” a fancy term for a wire coil with a “wick” substance inside.

The atomizer, which receives electricity from the battery, vaporizes the vape juice or wax sitting on the wick, transforming it into an inhalable mist.

Manually operating vape pens often involves pushing and holding down the “fire” button. However, some current devices also include an “auto-draw” feature that starts the device as soon as you inhale.

In both situations, the device delivers a voltage towards the coil (atomizer) when turned on, which causes the e-liquid to evaporate.

Accordingly, the battery’s power part transmits energy to the tank’s e-liquid section, where there is enough liquid to maintain feeding the coil’s wick.

Types of Vape Pens

  1. Eliquid 

As mentioned, e-liquid vape pens must be filled with e-juice that is then vaporized by the coil as soon as you push the power button. This e-liquid can be bought separately, which means those vape pens are refillable.

  1. Disposable

Disposable vapes are streamlined vape pens with a built-in battery and a prefilled tank of e-liquid. They are an excellent option for newbies since they don’t need to be refilled or take care of batteries or coils.

As the name suggests, a disposable vape must be discarded after the battery or juice has run out, and you should move on to the next one. While some include rechargeable batteries, they often have no additional capabilities and only function when the auto-draw functionality is used.

  1. Dry herb 

A dry herb heating type pen differs significantly from typical e-juice vape pens. The heating chamber of dry herb vaporizers is filled with the vaping herb of your choice (typically cannabis or CBD/hemp).

The chamber temperature is maintained constant once the dry herb vape is turned on and will stay hot during the “session,” which usually lasts between 2 and 5 minutes.

  1. Dab

A concentrate vaporizer pen, often known as dab vape pen, is a portable electronic cigarette that evaporates concentrates and waxes like e-liquid vape pens. When you hit the fire button, the dab pen coils heat up similarly.

But unlike e-juice, wax pens don’t have wicks to suck up liquid because wax and concentrates are more solid than e-juice. The concentrate is placed directly on the coil in the wax pen, which is often surrounded by coils made of ceramic or quartz.

  1. Multifunctional 

As its name implies, multi-function vape pens can perform several functions.

Cartridges may be swapped out, and depending on the model, they may hold everything from e-juice to waxes to oils to dried herbs.

Because of this, these kinds of vapes tend to be more sophisticated (and expensive) because they need to be able to heat the coil at regular intervals or keep the temperature steady.

How to Use a Vape Pen for the First Time?

It’s generally not difficult for first-time vapers to get their pens working. It’s crucial to remember that these gadgets are intended to be simple to use.

When a pen is unpacked, it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to start producing thick vapor. So if you’re experiencing trouble starting your pen, adhere to these instructions:

  • Plug the battery into the charger until it’s full
  • Then, load the pen up with the supplies
  • Connect the batteries to the tank or place the chamber inside the gadget, and then tighten everything up
  • Tighten the mouthpiece screw
  • Launch the pen by rapidly pressing the fire button 3 to 5 times
  • While taking a breath in, press and maintain pressure on the fire button for no more than 10 seconds
  • Let go of the fire button

Naturally, the best vape pens have varying interfaces and instructions for usage. For instance, when using dry herb vaporizers, you will have a greater experience with finely powdered material. The heating type chamber has to be filled, but not too tightly.

This is a standard recommendation. You should read the instructions on your gadget to avoid unpleasant situations.

How to Fill a Vape Pen

Several factories in recent years have adopted the use of a top-fill method. This implies that the top of their tanks contains a tiny opening through which e-liquid may be poured. Many still use the old-fashioned bottom-fill approach, which requires unscrewing the whole tank, turning it upside down, and pouring in the liquid.

Even an affordable vape pen may be loaded similarly. However, dry herb pens and weed vapes need a somewhat different approach. The chamber is taken out by unscrewing the mouthpiece.

After this, carefully fill the chamber with your loose leaf (don’t overfill) and reassemble the weed vape.

How to Choose the Best Vape Pen With or Without Nicotine

What Do You Want to Vape? (Compatibility)

You should check the vape’s performance with the substance you often smoke to see whether it suits your needs. Whether you want to know if a specific vapor pen is compatible with your device, it’s a good idea to do some background reading and check out some reviews.

Batteries and Battery Life

The vape pen’s battery life is crucial since you can’t have a session if the pen is dead. Larger vape pens may hold more powerful batteries, but at the expense of portability.

USB-rechargeable pens are preferable to those that need a special charger. Some models of pen-style vapes even come with a wall adaptor and may be charged while in the vehicle.

Why Is a Good Battery Very Important

Regular e-liquid vape pens like the Innokin Endura T18 have 1000mAh batteries. The Freemax Twister 2, for example, is a bigger gadget, but its battery is 3000mAh. That means it can have threefold greater durability if you use the same wattage output.

However, this isn’t always the case because of variables like the coil’s resistance. But more mAh generally means greater battery life.

Popular Vape Pens: Voltage, Wattage, and Temperature

Vape pens may be set to a constant voltage or wattage. Variable voltage, wattage, and temperature settings are more prevalent in modern electronics.

There’s no need to have it, but it’ll make vaping much more enjoyable.

Certain pens include adjustable voltage and wattage, making them ideal for vaping e-liquid and wax. With the Uwell Caliburn X, you can adjust the power output from 5 to 20W and fine-tune your vaping experience.

Increase the wattage for a hotter, more vaporous hit.

On the other hand, most dry herb heating-type pens are set to work at fixed temperatures. A more powerful dry herb vaporizer is required for accurate temperature regulation.


Unfortunately, airflow is often overlooked by vapers, particularly newcomers. The quality of any vape pen’s draw is drastically altered by its airflow. You should look for a pen with a reasonably tight draw if you plan on using it as a mouth-to-lung device.

The more airflow a pen has, the more vapor you’ll produce, but the less taste you’ll get.

Furthermore, a vaporizer pen’s airflow aids the even distribution of heat throughout the chamber. Therefore, we included airflow as a criterion in our evaluation of the best vape pen.

Heating Chamber Size

Metal or ceramic is often used for the heating element. The reason for this is metal coils provide that warmth. The dry herb should not come into direct touch with metal vape coils.

When using a ceramic coil, you may expect a clean taste but less vapor production than other coil materials. High-quality ceramic heating chambers include elements like heating coils inside the ceramic itself. Make sure there aren’t any metal coils that may be seen.

Tank Size

Pods typically come in sizes ranging from 1 to 2 ml, which is all you need to get started. However, numerous variations are available with pods that can store 3 ml or more juice.

The tank capacities of larger sub-ohm vape pens range from 3 to 8 ml, which is on par with most other sub-ohm tanks.

Chamber size remains an essential factor despite the lack of a “tank” in dry herb pens. To ensure satisfaction after a session, it is crucial to ensure that a large number of herbs can fit in the chamber/oven.

For instance, the chambers or ovens of the PAX 2 Flower and the Davinci IQC are each capable of holding around 0.5 grams of herb, while other dry herb vape pens and weed vaporizers have a lower 0.20-0.30g capacity.

Generally, anything in this range will suffice; however, larger chambers are available for dry herb vape pens if you’re hoping to go longer between refills.

Coils or Heating Element

All the vape pens mentioned above have internal coils that range from single to double to even multiple coils. Even the most basic vape pens now have fancier coils than ever before.

Mesh coils are now the most common replacement part for nicotine vape pens. Because more of the wick’s surface area is in touch with the juice, taste, and vapor production are much improved with them.

Dual or quad coils surrounding a quartz core are prevalent in THC oil vape pens and wax pens. If the wax pen you’re using to consume cannabis concentrates is equipped with quartz or ceramic coils, you should expect satisfactory performance.


While a micro-USB charging cable powers most modern and high-quality vapes, some may need separate batteries. A good-grade item will have a high-quality built-in battery. Vaporizers that aren’t of high quality contain lithium, which has higher impurities.

It produces foul fumes and may be dangerous. The best vape pens all include high-capacity, convenient-to-charge internal battery packs.

Legitimacy (Safe Vape Pens)

Unfortunately, vape pens may be easily duplicated. Those just starting to use vaporizers may have trouble telling a fake pen from the real one. A duplicate may be just as expensive as the original, yet not work as well.

However, some common sense might help you avoid problems. If you want to be sure you obtain a great vaporizer, you may either stick to buying from established brands or steer clear of questionable sellers.

You can also prevent fakes by only purchasing the best vape pens from reputable companies like Vaporfi or DirectVapor. Additionally, you’ll be able to rely on a warranty and support staff headquartered in the United States.

Common Problems Even With Good Vape Pens

Just because you think you’ve discovered the ideal gadget doesn’t imply there won’t be any problems.

Although dry herb heating-type weed vaporizers are less likely to have these problems, they are still worth keeping an eye out for.

Vaping Pen Connection & Power Issues

No matter what pen model you choose, you’ll need electricity and a reliable battery connection to the coil or atomizer, or you’ll have a lousy time vaping.

If your equipment is malfunctioning because of a power problem, don’t fret; fixing it is a simple matter. To begin, check that your gadget has a full charge.

If this doesn’t work, the issue may lie with the connection.

Vape pens work with a contact pin. This pin might become blocked or jammed down at times. Examine the connection to see whether it is clean, and use a tiny screwdriver to pry it out if it seems to be recessed too much.

Because it is a sensitive operation, you should only do it at your peril and be very careful when carrying it out.

Inadequate maintenance or too much e-juice might cause the connecting point to get blocked. The connections should be wiped down regularly to prevent any buildup of grime or rust. If the contact pin is particularly greasy, you may clean it with a Q-tip.

It may be broken if you’ve exhausted those options and your e-cig pen still isn’t functioning. The manufacturer’s warranty may protect you if the gadget is relatively recent.

Shop Now: Vaporfi (Full Kit for $27.95)

Leaking Issues – E-Liquid Vape Pens

Leakage is the most prevalent issue with vape pens that use e-liquid.

Almost all e-liquid vape pens work with a tank attachment. If the vape tank’s bottom portion, which houses the coil/atomizer, is not securely screwed down, e-juice will seep out of the tank’s crevices.

To avoid leaks, check that everything is secured correctly regularly.

On the other hand, it’s best not to over-tighten. O-rings, which assist in creating a watertight seal, will be installed in most of the tank’s components. If you over-tighten the tank parts, you risk damaging the O-rings and letting the juice leak out.

Although it’s tough to put a number on how tight it is “too tight,” we recommend that you never use a tool to tighten anything other than your own hands.

Certain juices with a greater PG to VG ratio could have a thicker consistency and pass past the coil’s wick and into the tank’s airflow areas.

To prevent leaks and spills, never fill a tank above its capacity.

Heating Element/Chamber Issues – Wax Pens

If your weed vape pen isn’t heating correctly, but the battery and atomizer connections seem OK, the problem may be with the coil within the heating chamber.

With a paper pin or a toothpick, you may make a bit of manual adjustment to correct the vapor quality, but you must exercise extreme caution since doing, so risks permanently damaging the coil.

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Vape Pen Reviews – Safety Tips for All Vape Pen Types

Thankfully, most types of vape pens already have built-in safeguards, so using one is quite risk-free. But here are some safety tips and suggestions to keep things from going wrong.

Switch off your device when not in use:

There’s a reason why vape pens include a button to lock the device or turn it off. You should turn them off whenever they are not in use.

In particular, you should avoid keeping them in your pocket, where they might accidentally discharge, destroying your coil and placing unnecessary strain on your battery, which could cause more severe problems.

Just press the firing button five times rapidly to disable or lock away this potential threat.

Always use the included charger:

Inaccurate charging is always a problem with technology; one needs to examine mobile phone occurrences to confirm this.

While vapor pen manufacturers take great care to ensure their products charge without incident, using a cable that isn’t suitable for the device’s power output might still lead to problems. It would be best if you always use the charger that came with your device.

Don’t overcharge:

As was previously noted, the best vape pens include built-in safeguards to prevent accidental overcharging. However, it is always advisable and safest to unplug the device from the charger after the process is complete.

Best vape pens contain an indicator light that turns off when the battery is completely charged.

Always keep your device clean:

When using a pen-style vaporizer, vape juice may easily spill into the device’s contacts, as you saw in the section on troubleshooting leakage problems.

It is always important to make sure that your gadget and all of its connections are carefully cleaned if there has been any kind of leakage or spillage.

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What Is the Best Vaporizer Pen to Buy? – FAQ

Are Most Vape Pens 510 Thread?

Yes, most vape pens are 510-thread for the battery, although some e-liquid vape pens use 810-threading instead. We recommend quickly checking on the product page to make sure.

Do Vape Pens Fit All Cartridges?

No, vape pens do not fit all cartridges, although most of them use 510-threading which allows them to fit 90%+ cartridges. If you’re not sure, we recommend quickly checking the product page.

What Is the Best Wattage for Vape Wax?

The best wattage to vape wax is 3-5W. Anything above 7W is reported to burn the flavor and ruin the compounds.

CBD vape pens are tiny, low-powered vaporizers specifically for vaping CBD oil and CBD wax cartridges. New users must begin with the lowest watts possible and gradually move up slowly and cautiously until they reach their ideal setting.

Never turn the setting up and then gradually lower it; your wax or oil will probably flow if you do this.

What E-liquid Can You Use in a Vape Pen?

You can use many types of e-liquid in a vape pen, although liquids with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio are preferred. Heavy-duty heating coils are standard on e-liquid pens and work well with the more viscous e-juices.

Because of this, they are suitable for working with a wide variety of different materials, including oil concentrations like CBD oil.

Why Would a Vape Pen Taste Burnt?

If the vapor from the vape pen has a burned flavor, the most probable cause is an incorrect temperature setting.

Turn down the heat and give it another go. If the vapor quality is still low, the heating chamber should be checked.

If your pen isn’t producing vapor, try cleaning the heating tank (as it removes the old, caked-in material). There might be an issue with the vape juice if you’re having issues with your e-liquid vaporizer pen. Just switch to low-VG juice (less dense than high-VG juices).

If the issue persists, remember that this may occur even with the best vape pen. To eliminate the burned flavor, it is recommended to replace the atomizer.

What Are Vape Coils Made From?

The most popular coils are produced from iron, chromium, aluminum, or nickel-chromium alloys.

How Do You Charge a Vape Pen?

To charge a vape pen, a micro-USB charger is often included. Simply plugging the gadget into a power source and waiting for the indicator light to go out or change color is all that’s required to charge it. When the indicator light on the pen changes, it is completely charged.

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Yes, vaping is considered better than smoking, but there are still some risks.

Nicotine (tobacco extracts), flavorings, and other compounds are heated in e-cigarettes to produce an aerosol the user inhales. There are about 7,000 compounds included in regular tobacco cigarettes, many of which are poisonous.

While the specific chemicals in e-cigarettes are unknown, most experts agree that they are overall safer than regular cigarettes.

Final Thoughts – What Is the Best Vape Pen for You?

While it was difficult to choose the best option for multiple vaping categories, we feel confident that we found a balance between price, power, flavor preservation, and specific smoking experiences. 

The Innokin Endura T18 from Vaporfi is cost-efficient and effective in most categories, while the Sky Solo Plus Vaporesso is very easy to use. 

Overall, choosing the right vape pen for you means trying a few different models to notice the differences and then choosing the best experience. Vape pens are the natural evolution of cigarettes. With advanced temperature settings and all the available flavors, you can have unique vaping sessions every time, so why not try a whiff?

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