Nootropic supplements have been popular for years because they substantially boost the user’s brain power. Their performance has been so impressive that some consumers use it as a natural alternative to Adderall. Adderall, as many people know, is a medication that helps consumers with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It also helps with wakefulness and cognitive health.

As helpful as Adderall might be, it has many side effects, including the potential for addiction. Some patients report drastic fluctuations in their sex drive and mood, while others complain of cardiovascular issues. Since this medication contains amphetamine, it is highly addictive, even for consumers who use it properly.

Much like Adderall, the right nootropic supplement can help with attention, focus, and cognitive performance when used consistently. In this guide, consumers can find some of the most helpful Adderall alternatives to ensure the lowest risk of side effects possible.

The Top Adderall Alternative Supplements for 2023

After considering many factors, this team ultimately selected the following formulas as the top nootropic formulas on the market today:

  • Mind Lab Pro
  • Primal Harvest Primal Mind Fuel
  • NooCube Brain Productivity
  • Modafinil
  • Performance Lab Mind
  • Brain C-13
  • CogniBiotics

Read below to learn about these different options:

Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is in the fourth incarnation of its original product by the same name as they continue to improve upon this excellent nootropic remedy. The first three versions offered users much support, but this new variation changed everything. This product has already surpassed one million bottles sold, which isn’t a feat that any other product on the list can claim. Made by a brand called Opti-Nutra, the creators are known for offering brain health support.

Every ingredient has already been verified through clinical research. With 11 proven ingredients, consumers will get support from lion’s mane mushroom extract, bacopa Monnieri, and L-tyrosine. This formula also includes NutriGenesis, a collection of additional components that promote better absorption.

This brand offers a medical advisory board to help put its product together, giving it a sense of legitimacy that others don’t provide. Available in encapsulated form, consumers won’t experience an adverse effect, and they can get a whole bottle for $69.

Primal Harvest Primal Mind Fuel

Primal Mind Fuel was developed by Primal Harvest, helping improve brain function and naturally increase focus. Most of the products in this list provide an assortment of vitamins and minerals, which Primal Harvest Primal Mind Fuel also does. However, the main reason it is effective is that it deals with inflammation using antioxidants, helping the brain to heal.

Neurosmart® as well as essential CogniPlex® B-vitamins are one of the most significant ingredients in this remedy, and their profound effect on inflammation and brain support has an anti-aging effect. This formula also includes vitamin D, folate, acetyl L-carnitine, citicoline, and omega-3 fatty acids. Consumers can get significant nootropic benefits with daily supplementation by offering support as both a boost for cognition and an anti-aging remedy.

Users must take two capsules of Primal Harvest Primal Mind Fuel daily to get the desired effects. Each bottle is $47 and comes with a money-back guarantee for the first year of use.

NooCube Brain Productivity

NooCube Brain Productivity, sometimes referred to as just NooCube, is an alternative remedy made with the help of some top neuroscientists that includes an assortment of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. Consistent use of NooCube helps users improve their brain function while enhancing overall cognition. It promotes better mental clarity and energy, which makes it an incredibly beneficial nootropic.

Along with the energy boost that the included caffeine offers, users get the support of Alpha GPC, cat’s claw, Bacopa Monnieri, and huperzine A. The website offers peer-reviewed studies that back up the use of each of these ingredients.

One bottle of NooCube costs $60. If the two-capsule daily serving doesn’t work for their needs, they can get their money back with the 60-day return policy.


Modafinil stands out from the other products on this list because it is a medication, rather than a supplement, as an alternative to Adderall. It is also helpful in cognitive function, though it is also used to reduce how sleepy the user might be. When prescribed instead of Adderall, it can help patients who struggle with narcolepsy because of the incredible boost in energy. Attention and focus are other main reasons consumers take this medication because it works as a stimulant. Users who don’t like caffeine’s stimulation but want the energy boost can find their match here.

Due to the way that Modafinil improves the alertness that consumers want, it is considered a eugeroic. When used by patients, consumers will appreciate the nootropic benefits, though it is primarily given to consumers with narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and other conditions. According to the New York Times, most patients take it to help with fatigue, depression, focus, and tiredness.

Consumers will have to pay $10 to $20 for each capsule. Since it is prescribed as a medication, there is no money-back guarantee. If Modafinil doesn’t work, the patient should speak with their doctor about their concerns.

Performance Lab Mind

Performance Lab Mind is a supplement that helps consumers improve their memory, feel more motivated, and promote better speed. The formula focuses on helping consumers improve their multitasking ability, ensuring they can keep up with the daily tasks ahead of them.

Performance Lab Mind includes some familiar ingredients in the nootropics space to get these effects, including Cognizin, for its improved brain energy. Though other products in the industry can be overwhelming with their lengthy list of small doses of active ingredients, Performance Lab Mind stands out. They are strategic in their formula, including Ajipure L-tyrosine, Sharp PS, and maritime pine bark extract.

With all their natural ingredients, consumers only need to use one capsule daily to get the desired results. To get a full bottle with a 30-day money-back guarantee, the total cost is $69.

Zenith Labs Brain C-13

Brain C-13 by Zenith Labs has a careful formulation that supports the user’s memory with multiple powerful herbs and minerals. It reduces the risk and damage of age-related mental decline.

For this powerful effect, Brain C-13 includes DMAE, Mucuna Pruriens, Rhodiola, Cognizin, Bacopa Monnieri, Huperzine A, Ginkgo Biloba, huperzine A, and others. It helps with energy, mood, and awareness. A dozen ingredients make a difference, and Brain C-13 is among the most effective alternatives to Adderall.

Even if the user finishes each bottle they order, they can get a full refund on their $49 payment within 180 days after their original order.

BiOptimizers CogniBiotics

BiOptimizers CogniBiotics work as an over-the-counter natural remedy for Adderall. It is helpful for good brain function and can keep the mood balanced. This unique memory retention formula can balance mental health and a balanced gut. The creators remark that this remedy benefits neuroplasticity and the brain’s regeneration because it increases BDNF and NGF.

With all these benefits, consumers will be relieved that the formula comprises a Chinese herbal blend, a prebiotic complex, and a proprietary probiotic blend. Overall, CogniBiotics has 17 ingredients that contribute, and over half of those ingredients are probiotics for brain health. This formula is made in small batches with a team of experts, and the remedy is only made with medical-grade ingredients.

Using two capsules a day, consumers will last through the entire month with a single payment of $62. Plus, it comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee.

How the Top Adderall Alternative Supplements Were Ranked

Every nootropic supplement says that it can improve the brain’s performance, but not all of them have the performance to back it up. This guide considered a few important factors, like the ingredients and value, to filter through the many options available on the market.

Ingredients That Work

Some of the nootropics available on the market use ingredients already proven to affect the brain positively. Other remedies have unique and unheard-of ingredients that only sound exclusive without benefits. The supplements chosen for this list must include Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) components.

Sufficient Dosages

Along with the right ingredients, they won’t matter unless the product includes the right concentration to make them effective. As helpful as GABA can be, what’s the point if the dosage is too small? The guide consists of alternative supplements that have enough powerful ingredients to make a noticeable difference.

Support from Clinical Trials

The clinical trials of each of these ingredients are a way to show that these creators included components that they knew would be effective. Placebo-based studies allow users to see the difference between being told they get beneficial ingredients and getting them.

Transparency in the Details

Some products today hide behind proprietary blends to ensure that no other products can replicate them. However, proprietary blends can also trick users into assuming there is more than what they get in each serving. These blends might protect the supplement from being copied, but it leads to significant distrust from customers.

Honest Advertised Benefits

Even though these products can be somewhat effective, supplements cannot legally claim that their formula can treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. The Food and Drug Administration states that only one of their approved medications can claim such a feat, which means that any supplement that does the same is lying. Nothing can be achieved without total honesty.

Manufacturer Reputation

No matter how perfectly advertised a supplement is, its manufacturer determines how trustworthy it might be. Some brands have been around for years, while others are still new. However, this guide considered their current track record with consumers and effectiveness to decide if it’s a good match.

Fair Price for Cost

Everyone wants a formula they can afford, which is why this guide considers a few different prices. However, no matter the cost, the benefits offered by that product had to make it worth the purchase.

Satisfaction is Guaranteed

While the top nootropic formulas give everything they can, some people don’t respond well. Even if the user doesn’t get what they hope for, it has to include a money-back guarantee to ensure they don’t lose on their investment.

Who is the Best Candidate for an Adderall Alternative Supplement?

With all the benefits afforded to consumers with these supplements, it should be no surprise that many people use alternatives to Adderall. Think of anyone who’s dropped the word “nootropic” in conversation and probably has a lot that they mentally carry through the day. An overloaded brain is difficult to handle, but these products can sort everything out.

While this support might seem reserved for overworked stockbrokers and first-year college students, many people can benefit. Working in any competitive office or even a fast-paced household can be mentally taxing, and all those employees could do with some support.

Some of the most common users of nootropic supplements include:

  • Employees in a competitive office
  • Students
  • Seniors and older adults who want to preserve their cognition
  • Novice and professional athletes
  • People who want to improve their memory or focus
  • CEOs and other executives
  • Writers
  • Anyone with tasks that demand mental energy

Since the brain has to be engaged all day long, anyone could see impressive changes by including nootropic supplements.

Side Effects of Adderall Alternatives

Nootropic supplements are primarily meant for healthy adults, helping them improve their mental capacity with all the support they need. These supplements won’t treat or cure any medical condition, but they can offer natural and therapeutic support for the brain. The formula might not have the same power as Adderall, but the risk of side effects is drastically low, depending on the ingredients involved.

Consumers with medical conditions are an exception. Every ailment is different, which is why anyone who considers a nootropic supplement instead should talk with their doctor first. Even if their doctor approves, every user must carefully follow the recommendations for serving their Adderall alternative, which will change from one supplement to the next.

Though nootropic supplements can help with almost no side effects, Adderall has many risks. Generally, prescription nootropics can lead to high blood pressure, insomnia, vision issues, and addiction. Luckily, natural ingredients won’t put the user at risk of any of these problems.

However, if taking Adderall alternative supplements instead of Adderall alternative medications, you have a much lower chance of experiencing side effects.

Side Effects of Adderall

There is a certain sense of safety for the human body while using nootropic supplements that Adderall doesn’t have. The natural supplements are undemanding on the digestive system and the rest of the body, but users of Adderall might experience the following effects:

  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Irritability
  • Paranoia
  • Panic attacks
  • Insomnia
  • Reduces focus and concentration
  • Reduced motivation
  • Lethargy
  • Irritability
  • Aggression
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations

In severe cases, especially during addiction, Adderall can lead to tremors, heart disease, constipation, and weight loss. These effects are more likely to affect users who continue using Adderall for a long time. Short-lived use is less likely to lead to these effects.

How Does Adderall Work?

Before consumers can understand how Adderall alternatives work, they need to know why Adderall is effective. As a stimulant, consumers who take Adderall are getting a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. Adderall is a brand name for this combination, though doctors and pharmacies can also provide users with a generic medication version.

Originally, Adderall was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 1996. Despite this approval, researchers don’t entirely understand how or why it works. It stimulates the central nervous system, which helps neurotransmitters to become more active. The cause behind this stimulation is still not understood fully, even though millions of people have prescribed it each year.

Adderall vs. Ritalin

When discussing medications like Adderall that directly impact brain health, consumers should also be aware of what alternatives there are to Ritalin. Both of these medications are stimulants helping treat ADHD in people of all ages. Still, these two medications aren’t the same remedy.

Adderall’s generic name is amphetamine/dextroamphetamine, while Ritalin’s name is methylphenidate. Still, these drugs are at a high risk of being abused by the patients who receive them, which is how they end up being used for things they aren’t meant for.

These two medications come in different dosages because their effects are distinguishable. Both start at 5mg, but patients could get as strong as a 36mg serving with Adderall or 60mg with Ritalin. Users have similar benefits because both products impact the central nervous system, helping the neurotransmitters more available in the brain. In doing so, they speed up brain activity and focus.

Users will also get different durations of activity with these ingredients. Adderall can stay in the body for a while, lasting for about 4-6 hours, depending on the formula used. Ritalin, on the other hand, activates faster, but the effects dissipate in about 3 hours.

The only one who can decide who will get the support of Adderall or Ritalin is a doctor.

Scientific Evidence for Adderall Alternative Supplements

The majority of the Adderall alternative supplements on the market have included ingredients that have been tested through clinical trials. The components can target everything from mood to focus and even memory. In this section, the guide breaks down the type of evidence that can back up Adderall alternative supplements.

Adderall has been used to treat ADHD for a long time and is used for adults and children. The medication has undergone a rigorous process of testing its effectiveness and safety as a prescription ingredient. In one study from 2018, researchers decided to see how college students reacted to using it for the focus needed for their work. The students reported varied effects on their cognition but didn’t see a sudden or abrupt increase in their brain power.

The reason that alternatives to this medication have become so popular is because of the Schedule II classification of Adderall. Getting Adderall is impossible without a prescription and is not available over the counter. No matter the severe lack of focus, consumers must go to their doctor to qualify for its use.

Bacopa Monnieri is one of the top ingredients in these supplements. As an herbal extract, it is primarily found in traditional Asian medicine., allowing it to reemerge as a helpful nootropic recently. There is no shortage of studies that verify its use as a cognition and focus booster, including this one. In a study from 2021, researchers looked at how this ingredient could improve those cognitive processes. The researchers ultimately discovered that Bacopa Monnieri helps with learning and memory. A 2008 study continued this path of proof, demonstrating that older adults were able to get an improvement in cognitive performance as well.

Anyone who uses Bacopa Monnieri in their supplement should focus on finding a product with 300mg to 600mg. All of the products on this list use an amount within this range or higher, ensuring that consumers will get precisely what the studies claim they can.

Huperzine A has been extensively studied for its use as an ingredient in Adderall alternative supplements, but the rest of the supplement industry doesn’t know much about it. In 1999, researchers examined how consumers reacted to huperzine A. They found that users improved their memory, cognition, and Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Users can get the support they need from just a tiny amount of Huperzine A, which comes from Huperzia Serrata. It also was quite helpful for health and wellness.

L-theanine, a natural component of green tea, is another popular ingredient in nootropics. Using L-theanine with caffeine is a helpful combination for nootropic supplements, and most people already get this stack without thinking twice, just by brewing a cup of green tea. These ingredients improve cognition without the risk of feeling jittery or experiencing any other side effects.

In a study on L-theanine, researchers found that it can benefit cognition. The study used a 50mg dose of L-theanine with participants, offering the same amount that users could typically get from drinking two cups back to back. The individuals in the study discovered that they had more alpha brain wave activity, improving the user’s ability to maintain focus and alertness. Additional studies on this ingredient have found that it consistently reduces the risk of jitteriness or anxiety and can even alleviate discomfort. Luckily, it doesn’t have any side effects to speak of.

Most supplements, even as nootropics, haven’t been put through individual testing. However, companies continually list the studies they consider when compiling their ingredients. The one exception to this rule is Alpha Brain, a product by Onnit. Onnit has spent much time and money on clinical trials for their product, proving it works more effectively than the rest.

In a study in Human Psychopharmacology in 2016, Alpha Brain proved that users could effectively boost their verbal memory and executive functions. The study was done on people between 18 and 35, giving them either a placebo or the Alpha Brain Formula. It showed that users without the placebo were likelier to see a significant improvement.

Even though the original medication Adderall was initially used as a stimulant, it is possible to develop a helpful supplement that doesn’t include caffeine or other stimulants. However, caffeine can be pretty beneficial because of its energetic boost. With so many studies, it should come as no surprise that multiple studies link caffeine to the same effects as Adderall. A study in 2021 showed that gray matter in the brain could change with exposure to caffeine, though the outcome is temperature.

Every single year, doctors are responsible for prescribing over 50 million stimulants (including Adderall). With the substantial research on this medication, consumers can feel confident using Adderall. Choosing a supplement allows users to get brain-boosting power without the same side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adderall Alternatives

Even with the information in this guide, there’s a lot of misinformation online and through word of mouth about Adderall. Understanding these medications and their natural alternatives to them is a great way to find a product that works for that user’s needs.

Q: What is Adderall?

A: Adderall is a medication that combines two main active ingredients – amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These drugs activate receptors in the central nervous system to support brain health and focus.

Q: What does Adderall do?

A: The main reason consumers generally take Adderall is to help them improve focus while reducing impulsivity. It can achieve these effects by enhancing dopamine levels and norepinephrine production.

Q: Is Adderall legal?

A: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved it to be distributed as a prescription medication in 1996. It is classified as a Schedule II stimulant by the FDA.

Q: How does Adderall work?

A: When an individual takes Adderall, they force their brain to produce more dopamine and norepinephrine. This increase can help consumers promote better focus and reduce impulsiveness, which is why it is commonly prescribed to people with attention disorders.

Q: Can consumers buy Adderall without a prescription from their doctor?

A: No. Since it is a Schedule II stimulant, it requires a prescription to procure it from a pharmacy. This medicine is not available over the counter.

Q: Is Adderall a safe medication for adults?

A: The safety of this medication for any adult is for their doctor to determine. However, it is often prescribed by doctors to adult patients with ADHD, helping them to improve their focus.

Q: What will the reaction be while taking Adderall if they don’t have a prior ADHD diagnosis?

A: Anyone without ADHD will still experience the same effects as someone with it because the stimulation of the central nervous system is the same. Consumers without ADHD still get a boost to their dopamine and norepinephrine levels to reduce impulsivity and improve focus for each task.

Q: What are the side effects of Adderall?

A: Though the FDA approves it, Adderall puts users at risk of many side effects, even when used correctly. Typical side effects include nervousness, headaches, insomnia, and restlessness. Enduring these side effects becomes more likely as the patient continues their use.

Q: How do users know if Adderall is working for them?

A: Users can tell that Adderall is kicking in because they will feel more focused. However, it will not eliminate every symptom of ADHD because it is not a cure.

Q: What can Adderall treat?

A: Adderall is primarily prescribed to adults to treat ADHD and its symptoms. Sometimes, doctors will also prescribe it to children when they can’t focus, are disorganized, experience forgetfulness, fidget, talk excessively, frequently interrupt, or are hyperactive.

Q: How is Adderall different from Ritalin?

A: Though both medications can help treat ADHD, many doctors prefer Adderall because it has fewer lasting side effects than Ritalin. Ritalin also doesn’t last quite as long as Adderall can. However, the impact can vary from person to person, and any individual should make this decision with their doctor.

Q: How long do the effects of Adderall last?

A: The patient’s body and physiology determine the effect’s duration. The Immediate Release version (Adderall IR) lasts 4 hours. The Extended-Release version (Adderall XR) is meant to last from 7-12 hours.

Q: What is the optimal Adderall dose?

A: While a doctor would decide the specific dose, consumers can get Adderall in amounts as low as 5mg, increasing in 5mg increments to a maximum dose of 30mg for Adderall XR. Adderall IR also begins at a 5mg dose, rising in increments of 2.5mg instead.

Q: Is Adderall a Schedule II drug?

A: The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) considers Adderall a Schedule II stimulant, putting some users at risk of abusing the substance. Most drugs used to treat ADHD fall under this classification for the high risk of addiction and abuse.

Q: Is Adderall addictive?

A: Yes, this medication is potentially addictive. Consumers who notice that they are building a tolerance or exceeding the recommended dose might want to speak with their doctor about the danger of addiction and support services.

Q: What are the symptoms of addiction to Adderall?

A: The most apparent sign of Adderall addiction is the user’s need to increase their dose to experience any effects. Addicted users will also find it hard to use less medication and struggle to be productive unless they get enough Adderall in their system.

Q: Is Adderall good for creativity?

A: Many users of Adderall will take a dose when they want to complete a creative task. However, according to a recent study, taking Adderall could make performance with simple tasks a little more complicated. The study involved a group of young adults tasked with different actions, though all of these activities were not inhibited.

Q: What is a nootropic?

A: A nootropic is a supplement that improves brain power. It can be a medication, supplement, drink, or food.

Q: What do nootropics do?

A: These formulas can work in several ways to enhance brain power. While some nootropic formulas focus on improving memory retention, others zero in on the user’s ability to maintain focus. These brands often offer brain health ingredients that support executive function and improve decision-making power.

Q: How are nootropic formulas different from Adderall?

A: For the most part, nootropics are supplements, which means that they won’t require a prescription and can be purchased in stores and online. Adderall is a prescription drug.

Q: Can a nootropic supplement be an alternative to using Adderall?

A: When consumers get an excellent nootropic formula that uses substantial doses of ingredients that are proven to work, they can be a helpful alternative to the abrasive and risky use of Adderall. Many nootropics have similar benefits to using Adderall, but they aren’t meant to be used in place of necessary medication.

Q: Is it safer to use Adderall or a nootropic?

A: Overall, nootropic supplements are safer because they don’t have nearly the same risk of some side effects. Since the formulas only include natural ingredients, they mostly don’t have side effects. Using Adderall has many potential side effects that only worsen as use continues, and it has a significant risk of addiction if abused.

Q: Will users require a prescription to buy a nootropic supplement?

A: Not at all. Consumers who want the improvements in focus and attention span that Adderall offers but cannot get a prescription for the stimulant might turn to nootropics instead.

Q: What’s the best Adderall alternative?

A: Formulas like Onnit Alpha Brain, Qualia Mind, Mind Lab Pro, and other options are excellent alternatives to using Adderall. Scroll up to see the selection of highly recommended nootropic supplements for 2023.

Q: Are Adderall alternatives safe?

A: Yes. These supplements are safe if the formula is used by a healthy adult who follows the directions entirely. The ingredients follow the Generally Recognized As Safe dosages to ensure no side effects.

Final Thoughts on The Top Adderall Alternative Supplements for 2023

With millions of Adderall dispensed each year, finding an alternative to this risky drug is highly effective for consumers who still want a brain boost. Finding an alternative to Adderall can ensure that users get the right balance of support to keep their minds and body alert. The top nootropic supplements above help consumers focus and maintain mental energy when needed, but they benefit anyone without an Adderall prescription. The products above can significantly affect the user’s ability to focus correctly without side effects.

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