Are you dealing with sleep deprivation? Are you looking for something that could help you fall asleep by improving your sleep quality?

Various dietary supplements available on the market can help you achieve the above goals. In this article, we will be talking about one such health supplement, Revive Daily, that improves your sleep cycle and helps you experience better sleep at night.

But, before discussing this health supplement in detail, first, let us have an overview of the product from the table given below.

Supplement Overview Table
Name Of The SupplementRevive Daily
Type Of The SupplementDietary Supplement
Form Of The SupplementCapsules
Supplement DescriptionRevive Daily is a natural health supplement that helps men and women improve their sleep quality by inducing deep sleep and producing more growth hormones so as to promote weight loss and increase their energy levels.
Who Can Use This SupplementEveryone above 18 years of age can use this supplement.
Characteristics Of The Supplement
  • Non-GMO
  • Natural formula
  • Made for everyone
  • Made in a state-of-the-art facility
  • Chemical-free
  • Artificial Stimulant-free
  • Easy-to-consume capsules
Ingredients Used In Making
  • Ashwagandha
  • Hydroxytryptophan
  • Magnesium
  • Melatonin
  • Zinc, and
  • Three amino acids –
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride
  • L-Theanine (found naturally in green tea)
Benefits Of The Supplement
  • Helps you fall asleep quickly and enjoy a night of better sleep.
  • Helps achieve the stage of deep sleep effectively.
  • Promotes healthy weight loss.
  • Helps in the production of HGH.
  • Helps increase energy levels.
Capsules Per Revive Daily Bottle30
Daily Servings Size1 capsule
Dosage GuidelineConsume 1 capsule of Revive Daily at least an hour before going to bed daily with water.
Cost Of The Supplement
  • Buy a 30-day supply at $59 per bottle + additional shipping fee
  • Buy a 90-day supply at $39 per bottle + additional shipping fee
  • Buy a 180-day supply at $33 per bottle + free shipping
Money-Back Guarantee Of The Supplement100% satisfaction 60-day money-back guarantee on all the three package deals.
Where To Buy The SupplementOfficial website of Revive Daily

About The Revive Daily Health Supplement

Revive Daily is a powerful health supplement formulated for men and women above 18 years of age to support the production of growth hormones and help you fall asleep quickly by inducing the deep sleep phase. It comes in a bottle in the form of easy-to-consume capsules.

It is an all-natural, non-GMO, chemical-free, and artificial stimulant-free supplement. The ingredients used in the making of Revive Daily power-packed capsules have been backed by various scientific and research tests and studies.

The deep sleep support formula of Revive Daily helps improve your sleep quality by changing your sleep patterns, thus making sure you get enough sleep. The Revive Daily health supplement contains a rich formulation of high-quality, natural, and non-habit-forming ingredients like L-theanine and L-arginine (amino acids), zinc, magnesium, etc. that promote weight loss during sleep, increase your energy levels, and improve your overall health.

Revive Daily Working – How Does The Revive Daily Natural And Powerful Supplement Work?

Revive Daily is a natural health supplement that helps men and women in increasing their production of human growth hormone and improve their sleep efficiency with the help of its formulation.

The Revive Daily non-habit-forming capsules work by helping boost the production of growth hormones within a few hours of consumption to carry out different biological functions and vital tasks as well as helping you fall asleep and have a better sleep at night to promote weight loss and fat-crushing while enjoying a night of restful sleep.

Having enough sleep the night before helps improve their body’s energy levels, as per a Revive Daily review. Moreover, it helps them wake up rejuvenated and refreshed the next morning.

The presence of high-quality and powerful ingredients in this health supplement for supporting better sleep provides several health benefits that overall enhance the physical, mental, and cognitive health of men and women. These capsules also ensure that you fall asleep faster than usual and make sure that there is better absorption of essential nutrients throughout your body.

Revive Daily Benefits – What Are The Health Benefits Of Revive Daily?

Revive Daily is an all-natural and organic supplement that provides numerous health benefits. The key benefits of consuming Revive daily capsules are discussed below-

The Revive Daily Formula Helps In Growth Hormone Production

The natural formulation of Revive Daily helps in increasing the human body’s natural production of growth hormones. This helps maintain and carry out different functions of the human body, like immune system response, digestion, movement of food, etc. An improvement in human growth hormone production would help immensely in reducing the risks of sleep apnea by helping you fall asleep faster.

Helps Promote Weight Loss

Revive Daily helps men and women lose weight and promote weight loss effectively with the help of the natural substances used in its making. This weight loss is achieved by activating the fat-burning hormones in your body during a better night’s sleep. This means that it helps you burn body fat even during a restful sleep.

Revive Daily Aims To Improve Your Sleep Quality

The primary aim of the Revive Daily natural supplement is to help improve your sleep quality using its formulation. It helps improve your sleep patterns so that you do not stay asleep for long and get enough sleep to feel refreshed and rejuvenated the next morning. This supplement is really helpful if you are dealing with sleep issues like sleep apnea, sleep deprivation, etc.

Helps Improve Your Overall Health

The consumption of the Revive Daily non-habit-forming capsules regularly in the recommended dosage helps improve your overall physical and mental health with the help of natural ingredients and essential amino acids like L-theanine, L-arginine, melatonin, zinc, etc. It helps improve your joint health and cardiovascular health, enhances cognitive functions, helps cure cold sores, creates nutritional synergy, provides anti-aging effects, promotes weight loss, helps in muscle development, etc.

What Are The Ingredients Used In The Revive Daily Supplement?

Here is an overview of some of the many ingredients in Revive Daily that make it work:


Ashwagandha is a natural supplement that can help you get a good night’s rest. It contains compounds called withanolides which are believed to increase levels of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps regulate mood and sleep patterns. It may be able to improve sleep quality by increasing the amount of serotonin available to your brain.

It also boosts HGH levels in the body. This hormone plays a role in regulating metabolism, growth, and development. It is produced naturally in the human body, but its production decreases as we age. Ashwagandha increases the level of this hormone in the body, which could potentially lead to weight loss.


Another way to improve your sleep is to take hydroxytryptophan supplements. Hydroxytryptophan is a chemical compound found in the seeds of the Griffonia simplicifolia plant. It is similar to L-tryptophan, another amino acid that occurs naturally in foods like turkey and chicken. The difference between these two chemicals is that hydroxytryptophan has a higher affinity for receptors on the brain than L-tryptophans do.

This means that they will bind more easily to the serotonin receptors in your brain. As a result, they will stimulate the release of serotonin more effectively. They also work faster than L-tryptophan because they enter the brain more quickly.

The best thing about hydroxytryptophan is that it is safe. There have not been any reports of adverse side effects from using them. However, there have been cases where people experienced headaches when taking high doses of L-tryptophan.


Melatonin is a hormone that is made by our bodies. It regulates our circadian rhythms or internal clocks. These clocks control many different functions in our bodies, including how much energy we use, when we go to sleep, and how long we stay asleep.

Our brains produce melatonin during the day. When we are awake, our bodies stop producing it. But when we start getting sleepy, our bodies begin making more melatonin again. This happens around midnight. Melatonin is often used as a sleep aid. It works by helping us fall and stay asleep. It does this by stimulating certain parts of the brain that make us drowsy. It also reduces anxiety and stress.


L-Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is a molecule that relaxes blood vessels and improves circulation throughout the body. It also stimulates the growth of new cells.

It also boosts HGH levels in the body by improving the function of the pituitary gland. The pituitary gland produces hormones that regulate other glands in the body. One of these hormones is HGH. HGH has several benefits. It promotes muscle growth and repair. It also helps build bones and cartilage. It may even help prevent osteoporosis. In addition, it helps reduce fat deposits and boost energy levels.


Growth hormone is a protein that is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain. It is responsible for building muscles, repairing tissues, and maintaining bone density. It is also important for cell regeneration.

L-theanine is an amino acid that is found in green tea. It is one of the most relaxing amino acids out there. It can be very effective at reducing stress. It also helps promote relaxation and calmness.


There is some evidence that zinc deficiency may cause insomnia. It promotes quality sleep by regulating the production of neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine and norepinephrine are chemicals that help us feel happy and relaxed. They also play a role in controlling hunger and thirst.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that zinc supplementation improved sleep quality in patients who were deficient in zinc. Another study published in the journal Nutrients showed that zinc supplements helped improve sleep quality in elderly adults.

To What Extent Does Science Back Revive Daily’s Formula?

The Revive Daily’s powerful blend is supported by science to a great extent. There is a huge number of scientific findings and studies revolving around the ingredients used in the supplement that prove their efficacy.

Below we shall look at a few of these scientific findings:

A study was conducted on mice to test whether ashwagandha, an ingredient in Revive Daily, could help them sleep better. The researchers found that mice who were given ashwagandha had more REM sleep than those who weren’t. This suggests that ashwagandha might be helpful for people who have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. However, this study only looked at how ashwagandha affected mice.

Another study tested the effects of ashwagandha on humans. In this study, participants took either a placebo pill or one containing ashwagandha. They then spent two nights in a sleep lab where they slept in a comfortable room while hooked up to various sensors. During the first night, the participants received their normal dose of medication. On the second night, they received half as much of the same drug. After both nights, the participants reported feeling less tired during the day and being more alert.

A recent review published in the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology showed that people who took 1 gram of hydroxytryptophan per day had improved sleep quality after three weeks. Another study showed that taking 2 grams of hydroxytryptamine per day was effective in improving sleep quality.

In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, it was proven that arginine supplementation increased HGH levels in the blood.

There are some studies that show that combining L-theanine, another one of the ingredients in Revive Daily, boosts the production of HGH in the body by up to 50%. This is because L-theanine increases the activity of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). GABA is a natural substance that calms down the nervous system. It is also known as “nature’s tranquilizer.”

Other studies show that zinc supplements may help treat insomnia caused by stress. A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry showed that zinc supplements reduced symptoms of depression in people who had trouble sleeping.

Revive Daily Dosage Guideline – How To Use The Revive Daily Formula?

According to the makers of Revive Daily and its back label, you should consume 1 capsule daily of this dietary supplement with a glass of water at least an hour before going to bed.

One bottle of Revive Daily contains 30 capsules, this means that one bottle would last you for one month. It is to be noted that the Revive Daily capsules have been made using completely natural ingredients like melatonin, L-theanine, zinc, L-Lysine hydrochloride (essential amino acid), etc. There is also scientific evidence available on the working of these ingredients.

In the beginning, you will experience a boost in your energy in the morning, and then gradually, you will notice an improvement in your body’s production of HG hormones, circadian rhythm, and sleep patterns. Then, the anti-aging effects also start kicking in along with weight loss.

Revive Daily Pricing – What Is The Cost Of The Revive Daily Supplement?

The Revive Daily supplement supports deep sleep using its formulation of natural ingredients. The official website of Revive Daily sells this dietary supplement in the form of three packages at discounted rates. These three packages are discussed below.

Buy The 30-Day Supply Of The Revive Daily Dietary Supplement For Better Sleep Quality

Upon purchasing the 30-day supply package of the Revive Daily supplement, you get one bottle of this nutritional supplement containing 30 capsules in total at a price of $59 per bottle only. You will have to pay an additional shipping fee though for this package.

Buy The 90-Day Supply Of The Revive Daily Dietary Supplement For Deep Sleep Cycle

Upon purchasing the 90-day supply package of Revive Daily, you get three bottles of this nutritional supplement containing 90 capsules in total at a price of $39 per bottle only. You will save $774 in total and pay an additional shipping fee for this package.

Buy The 180-Day Supply Of The Revive Daily Dietary Supplement For Supporting Sleep

Upon purchasing the 180-day supply package of the Revive Daily deep sleep dietary supplements, you get six bottles containing 180 capsules in total at a price of $33 per bottle only. You will save $1584 in total and pay zero additional shipping fee for this package.

Revive Daily Refund Policy – What Is The Money-Back Guarantee Offered On Purchasing The Revive Daily Deep Sleep Supplement From Its Official Website?

The official website of the Revive daily deep sleep supplement offers its users assured 100% satisfaction 60-day money-back guarantee on all three packages mentioned above.

This means that if you are not completely satisfied with the results of the product after using it for a few weeks, then you can write about it to the Revive Daily customer support team by dropping them an email or calling their toll-free number. You can then ask for a complete refund from the company by returning all the purchased Revive Daily bottles, even the empty ones.

As per the company, after 48 hours of receiving the product, you will be refunded back your amount to the source account. But, it is to be remembered that this returned amount will exclude the product shipping and handling charges.

Revive Daily Reviews – What Is The Opinion Of The Customers After Using The Revive Daily Growth Hormone And Deep Sleep Support Formula?

Revive Daily non-habit-forming capsules are known to boost growth hormone production and sleep quality with the help of their natural and power-packed formulation made using L-theanine, L-arginine, magnesium, zinc, etc.

Several Revive Daily reviews by customers mention that these capsules help improve their overall physical and mental health. They have helped them achieve a good night’s sleep and reduce sleep issues after regular and recommended consumption.

A few user reviews read that the Revive Daily supplement has helped them lose weight effectively by activating their body’s natural production of fat-burning hormones.

The Revive Daily supplement has not only helped in supporting human growth hormone production and proper sleep but has also provided other benefits like anti-aging effects, improved cognitive function, helped in losing weight, supported brain function, burned body fat, maintained cardiovascular health and joint health, activated fat-burning hormones, increased energy production, boosted blood flow, and enhanced mental health.

All of this has been possible because of the presence of organic, goodness-packed, and natural ingredients in the Revive daily dietary supplement.


At the end of this Revive Daily review, we can say that the presence of natural and non-habit-forming ingredients in it has made this dietary supplement one of a kind. It is an inclusive and holistic-approach supplement that is suitable for all age groups above 18 years, irrespective of gender, size, and shape.

The 100% satisfaction and a no-fuss 60 days money-back-guarantee is an added advantage of the Revive Daily product. According to several Revive Daily reviews by customers and their positive feedback, this supplement has shown the health benefits claimed by its makers.

It contains natural substances which provide all the nutrients needed to maintain your overall health. It is not like other growth hormones and deep sleep supplements, which trigger the body using a stimulant and not using completely natural ingredients.

In order to get the best results, consume Revive Daily non-habit-forming capsules along with taking a balanced diet and following a simple workout routine.

So, try Revive Daily dietary supplement out for yourself by purchasing it from its official website and experience the health benefits that follow along with it!


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