A significant portion of a student’s time in college is lost researching assignments in the library or over the internet. While the valuable time could be spent on more financially productive activities, most of it is lost memorizing unnecessary writing rules and styling criteria. Thanks to the growing custom writing industry, students can now invest their energy in part-time employment and studies. Since assignments are an important part of the learning process and written essays constitute a significant share of the final grade, seeking help with homework is inevitable. Most students must now find a balance between expanding their income-generating activities and completing their homework. Coursework writing entities provide affordable services, helping alleviate this conundrum by availing complete essays crafted to perfection by trained experts. While selecting a reliable custom assignment writing service is still challenging, online reviews by experienced reviewers provide sufficient details, guiding new and existing learners through this arduous task. Notably, review sites define the critical values and characteristics defining the best assignment service.

Here’s a list of the seven best assignment writing services

  1. DoMyAssignments
  2. CWAssignments
  3. CustomWritings
  4. FastEssay
  5. AdvancedWriters
  6. AssignCode
  7. CodingHomeworkHelp

How do we assess the best homework writing service services?

  1. Intuitive interface

The best assignment writing services have a simple user interface with non-complex designs for easy comprehension. The icons should be concisely labeled, attractive, and relative to the academic fields. It should be accessible to users with different levels of computer knowledge. Although people currently, especially generation Y and Z, are considered tech-savvy, their knowledge of information technology is not limited to web development. Hence, a good site should be easily navigable with identifiable pages. It should feature critical information about the entity, including its services and cost.

  1. Affordability

The best homework service sites have defined pricing criteria. They outline the factors affecting their prices and allow cost comparison with competitors. In the best-case scenario, the provider shares a price estimate for your order before prompting you to register. This strategy portrays confidence and competitiveness, indicating a value for what you pay. Transparency in pricing is a major decision-making consideration in most industries as it illustrates honesty and trustworthiness.

  1. Experience writers

Unscrupulous writing entities bait inexperienced customers with unimaginably low prices and promises of the highest quality provided by trained ESL writers. However, it isn’t easy to imagine a person living in a first-world country willing to complete an order for $6 a page with a discount. In short, subscribing to these entities is equivalent to handing over your assignments to inexperienced writers from developing countries. The result is a poorly done essay and a guaranteed conflict, as you demand a refund.

Alternatively, the best assignment writing entities have reasonably competitive prices within a realistic range. The cost of an assignment should not be too expensive for a student or too cheap to compromise quality. Fair prices indicate a capacity to employ and retain experienced writers. The service should also provide sufficient evidence of having reliable human resources by outlining the recruitment and selection processes. The best services in the industry have an additional layer of writer management. They continuously review their experts, refining their expertise and honing their writing skills as a means of customer retention. Some even allow customers to rate the writers based on how best the experts meet their expectations.

  1. Proficient support team

Like any other business, having reliable and emotionally intelligent customer service is a critical determinant of company image. The best assignment writing services hire customer relations agents to manage student relationships. These individuals are trained with basic writing skills and people management. They become the link between the writers and the clients. The support team sometimes allocates experts to specific customers based on order complexity and the writer’s capability. Hence, a good service should demonstrate proficiency in communication and task allocation. This commitment should extend to the dispute resolution stages whenever applicable.

  1. Safety, security, and confidentiality

The best writing services guarantee protection from fraudulent activities and cyber-attacks. They not only protect your personal information from hackers but also ensure privacy and confidentiality. Custom assignment writing services base their business models on trust and honesty. They must then adopt a minimalist approach to collecting and retaining personal information. Hence, a reliable entity should not request unnecessary details before, during, and after order placement. A simple email address, a contact number, and a debit or credit card should suffice. Besides, the site should have notable security features, including a cookie policy, a confidentiality commitment, and third-party security contract indicators such as badges. It should also guarantee the safety of your financial information by using prominent secure payment methods. This security should extend to the money you pay for their services. By acknowledging their writers’ obligation to provide quality essays and offering a refund whenever these responsibilities are unmet, the company demonstrates confidence and value for their customers. The best entities have a money-back guarantee that allows customers to request a full or partial refund if their instructions are unmet.

  1. Freebies and discounts

Some sections of the writing process are mandatory in various avenues creating a basic paper structure that must be followed regardless of the instructions. For instance, the cover page and references pages should never be included in the costing of an academic essay. Similarly, abstracts and tables of content should not be charged as part of a research paper. The best assignment writing help services offer these basic components of academic writing freely despite the technical expertise required to complete them. They also have unwritten rules about plagiarism and grammar, forcing them to free additional editing and plagiarism checks. A good custom writing company should acknowledge its responsibility to the customer, especially concerning zero tolerance for plagiarism and grammatical errors.

Additionally, the best entities in the industry reward their existing customers more than they value new ones. Besides offering small discounts to new clients, they have loyalty coupons and promotions for their existing ones. Some discount structures reward the order size, while others target the frequency of order placement and duration of the engagement.

Top assignment writing services

  1. DoMyAssignments.com: Best overall

DoMyAssignments has risen to prominence in the last few years for adopting most features influencing customer satisfaction. The company has always acknowledged the role of customer reviews and career reviewers’ perception of quality and combined these concepts to create an all-rounded service. From affordability to writer’s selection processes, the DoMyAssignments continues to excel in the writing industry by addressing areas of concern and outdoing its competitors. The minimalist website design ensures that any customer can comprehend the content on their site regardless of their academic qualifications. Adopting an intuitive user interface, especially on the order processing page, increases usability and eases navigation. The company also incorporates the cultural diversity witnessed in most United States universities in the last decade. It uses simple language without jargon or colloquial phrases, recognizing the background differences among US students. Customer testimonials on rating sites corroborate the company’s commitment to quality and excellence, giving it a 5-star rating.

  1. CWAssignments.com: Revered for technical and STEM orders

CWAssignments is one of the few assignment writing services that have recognized the need for specialization in the industry. While other entities avoid science, technology, engineering, and math orders, this company only seeks orders in this category. Besides having an attractive website with a beautiful design and calming color combination, the company also boasts expert writers explicitly trained to handle STEM orders. With more than 300 professionals, the company is the first and the most equipped entity currently providing this type of service.

It also adopts the notable features of a good assignment writing service. Besides having an intuitive interface, the website adopts an interactive price calculator, allowing the customers to compare prices with competitor providers. However, CWAssignments has a unique business model and pricing strategy designed to match the complexity of STEM disciplines. Instead of pricing per page, the company allocates costs based on the order size. Since the objective is to complete lab reports, practice problems, web design, and product design scenarios, the model acknowledges the extent of complexity. Despite this level of specialization, the company still offers similar freebies and discounts as top assignment services, retaining its competitiveness with non-specialized sites.

  1. CustomWritings.com: Known for writer proficiency

CustomWritings is a sister company to CWAssignments with expansive coverage of academic disciplines. The company provides homework writing services to a broader market with no limits to assignment type. Unlike the sister company, this entity has a bigger workforce with more than 800 experts across various categories. However, it has a similar minimalist and attractive website featuring all the characteristics of leading assignment writing entities. It has an interactive ordering process and price calculator based on a comprehensive order form that accounts for all instructions. The web pages are easily navigable with relatable images and icons. The links are responsible and contain essential information necessary for decision-making during order placement.

However, its most outstanding characteristic is the writer’s proficiency. Although most organizations in this industry claim to have experienced experts, CustomWritings remains unmatched in the selection, training, and review processes. Using a punitive recruitment process ensures that only the best writers interact with students seeking assignment help. The company tests applicants’ English proficiency, writing expertise, and time-management skills. A continuous review follows the recruitment process to guarantee consistency in the quality of the papers the writers produce. Additionally, the writers undergo extensive training before and during their engagement with the company, refining their skills constantly. Despite the strict selection processes, the company hires editors and proofreaders called mentors to review completed assignments for mistakes and grammatical errors.

  1. FastEssay.com: The best for short deadlines

One of the most prominent values of a good writing service based on customer testimonies is the timely delivery of orders. While most top-rate entities have no problem with deadlines, some prefer ordinary timelines with a minimum of 6 hours for short papers to a few days for bigger assignments. FastEssay takes speed to another level completing projects with as short as 2 hours deadline. It has a specialized ordering process for this type of order, allowing customers to input critical instructions and communicate directly with the writer and support agent to commence work fast. This strategy eliminates unnecessary bureaucracies in order placement, enabling the expert to seek clarifications from the client as soon as possible. However, the opportunity cost for short deadlines is the additional coins charged for the specialized treatment and the foregone business in other orders. Despite these challenges, the company has remained competitive, outperforming larger organizations with a small team of diverse writers from different time zones. As a result, FastEssay will complete your urgent orders despite the time of order placement.

The company also boasts all features of a proficient writing service, including a professional support team, qualified experts, and affordable prices. Its website design has a unique interface that takes you straight to the ordering form. Since the objective is to meet strict deadlines, customers often have no time to waste. FastEssay acknowledges the urgency and reduces the items list in the order form, replacing the instruction lines with systematic stages of ordering to guarantee all the necessary details are captured. The customer can also follow up on orders with additional comments required to increase the quality and accuracy of the final paper. A team of auditors comprising proofreading and editing experts reviews the paper before submission, eliminating errors and mistakes. Besides, having access to multiple resource databases ensures that the writers do not waste time searching for sources online. The experts have a premium membership in most databases, including Tandfonline, CINAHL, Science Direct, and PubMed, among others, allowing them access to peer-reviewed articles, books, and journals for fast and accurate order completion.

  1. AdvancedWriters.com: Unmatched customer relations

AdvancedWriters is one of the founding services of the assignment writing industry, with over 15 years of experience. The company has witnessed all the changes in the sector, overcoming considerable challenges to remain operational and establishing a superior product portfolio in the process. AdvancedWriters recognizes that organizations are social structures defined by the relationship between the human elements of their stakeholders. Consequently, it boasts a team of professionally trained customer relations agents with years of experience handling academic writing orders. The support team can preempt any likely causes of dispute between the company and its clients, enabling them to structure communications toward perfecting service delivery. They can also anticipate customer expectations, guiding their writer allocation processes and order completion strategies toward satisfying the customers. The company’s support team has been hailed for emotional intelligence and speedy dispute resolution, forming the basis for its five-star rating on site jabber and other website rating platforms.

The company is also known for consistency in the quality of paper produced. AdvancedWriters achieves this level of competitiveness by retaining an experienced team of writers over long periods. Despite having a strict recruitment process, the company has a significantly large team of experts it has maintained for years. The secret to this strategy is perhaps its pricing policy that considers affordability and sufficiency for writer compensations. Its prices have been reasonably consistent over the years despite the growing competition from newer and cheaper providers. This entity capitalizes on the power of transparency, allowing customers to evaluate the pricing module and estimate the cost of their orders before registration. The strategy portrays confidence, trust, and honesty in pricing, enabling the company to retain its clients for long periods. Besides, AdvancedWriters rewards loyalty with discounts and regular promotions.

  1. AssignCode.com: Runner-up for STEM disciplines

AssignCode has been giving specialized entities a run for their money in STEM disciplines. Although a newer entrant in the technical sector, the company has a reliable team of experts in science, technology, engineering, and math. It has a unique business model that balances quality and affordability. The ordering process is complex as the customer is responsible for selecting their preferred experts based on other customers’ ratings and writer categories. The client must also reserve money before contacting the writer and communicating the order details. However, this company’s order processing strategy eliminates room for errors and mistakes. Given the complexity of STEM orders, allowing direct communication between the expert and the client is a big step in ensuring quality. This strategy corroborates the attractive website design with a beautiful interface and navigable pages that communicate a preference for tech-savvy clients. The nerdy outlook hints at the specialization of STEM orders, especially programming and math. The security features and secure payment options complement the system, creating a feeling of safety and trust. Besides, customer reviews and samples point to the company’s commitment to professionalism and quality. The writer evaluation option also allows customers to rate their experts allocating values based on the writer’s ability to meet their expectations. These ratings also determine the expert’s access to complex orders and work allocation. Other customers can view the ratings and use the information to compare available writers. As a result, the best writers have high customer ratings, making them distinguishable and increasing the probability of landing a qualified one. As a result, the support team does not have a role in writer allocation. Instead, the customer selects their preferred expert based on various factors designed to influence the pricing of each order. Thus, the better the writer, the higher the price, and the better the paper.

  1. CodingHomeworkHelp.org: Distinguished experience in programming

CodingHomeworkHelp is another specialized assignment writing service with a similar business model. This company specializes in programming disciplines with experts who have mastered various programming languages. Students seeking coding homework help enjoy access to years of experience in programming. The company boasts a constant flow of orders, offering help to customers from multiple countries and attracting the most qualified coders globally. As a result, customers benefit from a competitive market of programmers that can complete complex systems in just a few hours. It also hosts professional freelance programmers with experience working in the corporate sector. Hence, the company guarantees quality and excellence in order delivery and completion. It also allows direct communication between the expert and the client, eliminating unnecessary hurdles and increasing efficiency. The coder does not require an intermediary to clarify instructions from the customer.

Consequently, the site is most suitable for design orders as the programmers can seek the client’s input during the programming process. Besides, the website has a nerdy architectural design that illustrates some web design and development knowledge. It also adopts a minimalist approach, avoiding irrelevant detailing and overwhelming the user with information. Instead, the site is precise and concise, with only relevant content on the primary pages. Besides, the company has a simplified ordering process that allows users to place orders with only an email address and a credit or debit card.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is an assignment writing service?

An assignment writing service is a website designed to connect students with expert writers who complete assignments, develop outlines, create templates, and research valuable content for inclusion in coursework or homework essays.

What is the best assignment writing service?

The best assignment writing service guarantees quality, efficiency, affordability, and emotionally intelligent customer relations. The website should have an intuitive website with notable security features and ensure the safety and security of the users.

Is assignment service legit?

Assignment writing service is a professional industry with reputable entities and qualified writers. Although a few scammers and unscrupulous service providers disguise themselves as expert writing services, reliable entities have distinctive characteristics that separate them from others.


Reputable assignment services have set minimum standards for reliability and quality in the industry. They are always transparent about their pricing strategies and confidentiality. Such entities guarantee the safety and security of their customers, limiting privacy violations to the bare minimum. Despite the sites’ prominent assessment and evaluation features, students looking for assignment homework help must remain vigilant and watch out for scams and inexperienced providers.