If you ever have issues falling asleep, rest assured you’re far from the only one suffering from sleepless nights. In fact, nearly 70 million people in the U.S. deal with sleep issues at some point, with up to 30% of adults experiencing short-term insomnia. 

While some people find comfort in hot tea before bed, melatonin, sleep medication, the relaxing sounds of beach waves, or breathing exercises, this might not always be the answer. While it’s always best to consult with a medical professional about your options, you might want to consider CBN. 

Cannabinol, more commonly known as CBN, is a compound found in the cannabis plant. It’s usually found in higher amounts in aged THC, but can also be produced synthetically and used along with other cannabinoids. 

Just like its chemical cousin CBD, CBN isn’t psychoactive. This means you won’t get a “high” off of it, but there are many other reasons people try it out to make the most of its potential benefits (including a full night’s sleep). 

We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite CBN products targeted toward sleep, so keep reading to learn more about this cannabinoid and find peace during long nights of tossing and turning. 

Key Takeaways

  • While more research is needed to determine the benefits of CBN, many people use it to fight insomnia. 
  • CBN isn’t psychoactive or mind-altering. 
  • We’ve outlined tips to help you pick the right CBN product. 

A Quick Look at the Best CBN Gummies for Sleep

Best CBN Gummies for Sleep

FOCL: Best CBD Gummies for Sleep & Editors Pick

FOCL Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Gummies are our prized editor’s pick, and it’s easy to see why. These melt-in-you-mouth chews are packed with 25mg of premium CBD and 15mg of CBN, made to support you during long sleepless nights and let you rest while still waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day. 

Because they’re made out of only four ingredients, you’ll know exactly what you’re putting in your body without any worries. The full-spectrum hemp CBD brings an entourage effect to the table, while organic CBN tackles insomnia. Plus, L-theanine eases stress and supports sleep while passion flower extract adds another boost to the sleep-inducing gummies. 

Why FOCL is the #1 Name in CBN Sleep Gummies

FOCL has consistently proven that the brand is dedicated to delivering high-quality products that are effective, tackling wellness issues, and ultimately helping you live a better life by sleeping and performing better. Their commitment to gaining their customer’s trust is backed up by a devotion to quality and transparency because they believe we all deserve only the best of the best.

The founder of FOCL, Ken Lawson, was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in his 20’s. After years of suffering from stress, fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, and other symptoms, he realized he had to change his life. Ken changed his diet, exercise routine, and stress management, before realizing there was something else that went a long way: CBD. Thus, FOCL was born (and we get to enjoy every bit of it). 

Batch:  Best CBN for Sleeping

Moving on to the coveted prize of the best CBN for sleeping, we’ve got to give it to BATCH CBD Nighttime CBD + CBN Gummies. Made to enhance and improve your nighttime routine and wake-up time, these natural raspberry-flavored gummies deliver effects and great taste. 

With 25mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, another 15mg of pure CBN, 25mg of passion flower extract, plus 50mg of L-theanine, these chews’ ingredients work together to give you a stress-free, relaxing, and calm evening that’ll have you falling asleep before you can finish counting sheep. 

How Batch CBD Became a Leader in CBD + CBN Gummies for Sleep

Batch CBD mixes the best of both worlds: the young and hip side of the modern cannabis world with the tradition of an old-timey farm that is dedicated to supporting local communities and creating from the heart. 

All of Batch CBD hemp is home-grown in a rural Wisconsin town, where generations of farmers have used bountiful soil left unscathed by the Ice Age Glacier to farm pure and sunshine-grown crops (and now: hemp!). The brand was founded by three lifelong friends who turned a passion project into a growing business, and have consistently made their way up the food chain by creating effective, safe, and amazing products. 

Green Roads: Best Broad Spectrum Sleep Gummy

Green Roads Sleepy Zs CBD + CBN Gummies are a great addition to your evening routine. Made to support sleep, which is one of the most crucial aspects of your health and well-being, these blackberry-flavored chews have 5mg of melatonin, plus 25mg of CBD and CBN. The delicious gummies are designed to make you fall asleep and stay asleep, allowing you to wake up refreshed and feel more rested and productive all day.

Dragon Hemp: Best Organic CBN Gummy

If you need a little extra help getting to sleep, turn to Dragon Hemp Sleep Gummies. These sleep-inducing gummies allow you to fall asleep and stay asleep all night, with 20mg of premium-grade CBD and 5mg of CBN that’ll have you dosing off in no time. Plus, these are a great pick for those who prefer organic products: they’re vegan, organic, and low-sugar. 

Otterspace: Best-Tasting CBN Gummy

To enjoy the feeling of the moon’s light on your cheeks as you get lulled to sleep, try Otterspace Nighttime CBD + CBN Gummies. They’re here to take the night shift so you don’t have to worry about anything except trying to run faster than a slow jog in your dreams. With a lick-your-lips raspberry flavor, these are definitely one of the best-tasting gummies out there. Enjoy 25mg of CBD and 15mg of CBN to blissfully drift off. 

Slumber CBN: Best Zero-Melatonin Sleep Gummy

Melatonin can be a great complement to help you fall asleep, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re on the lookout for a melatonin-free sleep supplement, try Slumber CBN Extra-Strength CBN Gummies for Sleep. The good people at Slumber spent two years formulating and perfecting this fast-acting formula that puts 15mg of CBN into delicious and effective gummies that deliciously taste like vanilla and blueberries. 

Moonwlkr: Best Vegan Sleep Gummy

Vegans, we’ve got you. Enjoy the goodness of vegan-friendly CBN with Moonwlkr CBD:CBN Sleep Gummies. One of the most potent gummies out there, these mixed-berry-flavored chews pack 10mg of CBN and 25mg of CBD per gummy. Because CBN is thought to be stronger than CBD when it comes to the sleep department, the 10mg will definitely do the trick and have you sleeping all through the night, guilt-free. 

Dosist: Best Lavender-Infused CBN

Lavender has often been used to help people fall asleep, from teas to essential oils and candles. Now, enjoy lavender in gummy form with Dosist Sleep CBD:CBN Blackberry Lavender Gummies. Made to encourage sleep and restfulness, these delicious gummies use nanoblend technology to increase bioavailability, absorption, and faster onset. 

Enjoy Hemp: Best High-Potency Sleep Gummy

For a Delta-8 and CBN experience, you’ll want to take a look at Enjoy Hemp Unwind Delta-8 + CBN Gummies. These high-potency gummies are filled with 40mg of Delta-8 THC and 10mg of CBN each, allowing you to enjoy an entourage effect with Indica-specific terpenes that’ll help you unwind and reduce stress. Especially good for your evening routine, you’ll be able to plop into bed and let yourself be taken away by the dream fairies faster than you can say tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Dad Grass: Best-Quality Sleep Gummies

If you’re looking for a super-high-quality way to take CBN, look no further than the Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Gummies. These midnight berry chews are sure to lull you to sleep, with all-natural ingredients and a healthy dose of both CBN and CBD. To enjoy the fast-acting effects, just pop a gummy or two before bed and let yourself drift off into dreamland. 

Sunset Lake CBD: Brand to Watch

We love seeing brands rise up through effective and high-quality products, which is why we’re giving a shoutout to Sunset Lake CBD Sleep Gummies CBN + Melatonin. These elderberry-flavored gummies are infused with a balanced blend of CBD, CBN, and melatonin that are all designed to promote a more restful and deep night’s sleep. These gummies are created naturally and organically from scratch on a Northern Vermont farm. 

Kush Queen: Best CBN Blend Gummy

Kush Queen Gummies RX Sleep CBN+CBD Chews  combine the magic of CBD & CBN to help you gain restorative sleep without feeling groggy in the morning. These work best when taken consistently, plus you’ll enjoy the natural berry flavor that makes it seem like anything but a chore. You’ll enjoy a healthier circadian rhythm and deep slumber that eases tossing and turning and helps you sleep through the night.

How We Made Our Choices for the Best CBN Gummies for Sleep

We made sure to keep our eye out for any red flags when making our choices for the best sleep-inducing CBN gummies. 

First, we had to make sure that the brands were transparent and adhered to all safety measures, making sure to third-party lab test every product and obtaining Certificates of Authentication with safe extraction methods and effective dosage.

Next, we ensured that the values of each brand aligned with our own. Transparency, trustworthiness, quality, and passion were all must-haves.

At the end of the day, we want nothing more than for you to be able to enjoy a full night’s sleep with a little help from CBN brands that want that, too. We believe in the brands we’re supporting, and we’re sure you’ll love them as well. 

Buying Guide for CBN Edibles (How to Choose the Best CBN Gummies)

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you’re looking to buy CBN gummies or any cannabis products:

  • Consider the method of consumption: while we’re focusing on gummies right now, there are many other ways to consume cannabis. Whether you’re using a topical, a tincture, edibles, oil, or even flower, make sure you’re up for it. 
  • What effects are you looking for? If you don’t want to fall asleep, maybe look for other cannabinoids and terpenes that support a boost in energy. By knowing the effects you want to experience, you’ll be able to find products that work for you.
  • Check dosages and potency: what works for one person, might not for another. You’ll want to start off with low dosages, especially if you’re new to the game. Little by little, you’ll figure out the right dosage for your needs. 
  • Look out for red flags: make sure the brands you buy from comply with safety measures and are transparent about the ingredients and extraction methods that they use. 

Cannabinol Frequently Asked Questions 

Benefits of CBN Gummies?

While more research needs to be done, some people are using CBN to help them sleep, deal with health-related symptoms, ease pain, and reduce stress.

How Much CBN Should I Take for Sleep?

Start off with 5mg. If you feel you need more, you can always up the dosage until you’re comfortable with the effects. 

How Long Before CBN Gummies Kick In?

It depends on the person, but most people will feel the effects within 30 minutes, although it can take up to 180 minutes for the effects to set in completely. 

How Long Will CBN Stay in My System?

CBN will typically stay in your system for up to five days. However, factors like your metabolism, frequency of use, amount consumed, and method of consumption can lengthen the detox process.