Cultivars and breeders have been busy growing new cannabis strains and hybrids, which can make it difficult for cannabis connoisseurs to determine which are the 5 best Indica strains in 2022.

Indicas may reduce stress, anxiety, muscle spasms, and chronic pain, which is why many people prefer Indica cannabis strains over Sativa-dominant and Hybrid strains.

The Indica strains that we will cover in this article are:

Best Indica Strains to Use in 2022

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush was the first strain used to make hash products. This is one of the rare pure Indica strains, and it’s known for the intense relaxation and euphoria effects that it produces.

  • Price: Hindu Kush can be difficult to find. If you come across it at a dispensary, be prepared to pay a lot for this exclusive product.
  • CBD & THC Content: Hindu Kush can vary from about 13-21% in THC content, which makes consumers feel relaxed. The CBD levels in Hindu Kush range from 0-0.15%, with the average plant producing 0.059% CBD.
  • Plant Type: Hindu Kush comes from hardy Indica plants that grow shorter than other cannabis Indica strains, with large and dense flowers covered in Indica crystal extreme!
  • Taste & Smell: Hindu Kush is sweet and earthy, with hints of spiciness and lemon. The flowers have a piney scent with a sandalwood aroma.
  • Effects: As one of the few pure Indica strains, Hindu Kush produces a powerful body high and intense feeling of relaxation. This strain is the creator of the “couch-lock effect,” providing a relaxing sensation that will keep you on the couch all night long.


  • A pure Indica strain
  • Intense body high
  • Very relaxing


  • Expensive
  • Difficult to find

Granddaddy Purple

The California-born Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant strain. Consumers report that they love the beautiful buds, flavor, and sweet aroma, leading many cultivars to copy the eye-catching purple coloring. So, these are the buds that brought purple coloring to the most popular Indica strains.

  • Price: In the mid-tier of pricing for weed strains, prices for this CA native often run up to $15 per gram.
  • CBD & THC Content: Granddaddy Purple packs a powerful purple punch, with a THC content level of around 23% and virtually no CBD.
  • Plant Type: The Granddaddy purple plant grows compact with very large buds. It can be grown indoors or outside in Mediterranean climates.
  • Taste & Smell: This plant has a delicious flavor that tastes just as it looks- like grapes.
  • Effects: With so much THC, Granddaddy Purple is a nighttime strain often used to wind down at the end of the day. Users love the calming effects of this popular strain, although it stops just shy of knocking you down into the couch-lock effect, like Hindu Kush.


  • Beautiful purple buds
  • Distinct sweet taste
  • High THC level


  • More expensive than others
  • Not for beginners

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights Indica strains are known to be one of the easiest weed strains to grow and sell. A hybrid of Thai and Afghani, Northern Lights offers solutions for those just getting into growing due to its big yields, no stress growing, and good sales from this favorite strain.

  • Price: Because it’s so easy to grow, the compact buds of Northern Lights are pretty affordable. A gram will cost you between $8 to $10.
  • CBD & THC Content: Northern Lights pack a stronger punch than most of the top ten Indica strains, with the resinous buds delivering THC content ranging from 22% to 33%, and CBD content that is <1%.
  • Plant Type: The Northern Lights plants want as much sun as they can get, and prefer the outdoors. One of the more average-sized plants, they provide a big yield of up to 22oz per plant when grown outside (or 18oz inside).
  • Taste & Smell: Recognized for its distinct skunk taste and smell, Northern Lights still offers a sweet aroma with a slight hint of spiciness.
  • Effects: As a 95% Indica-dominant strain, Northern Lights consumers feel this fan favorite strain gives a powerful body high that provides intense relaxing effects.


  • Simple to grow
  • Affordable
  • May relieve chronic pain & muscle spasms


  • Skunk taste and smell
  • Average-sized cannabis plant
  • Very high THC level that may not be expected

Afghan Kush

A strain coming to us from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, Afghan Kush is renowned for its large, resinous buds that are often used to make hash products. This strain is known to provide large yields when grown.

  • Price: Another bud that can be bought on a budget, Afghan Kush regularly sells for about $8 to $10 per gram.
  • CBD & THC Content: Afghan Kush typically contains around 20% THC and 5% CBD content, offering the best of both worlds.
  • Plant Type: Afghan Kush is known to grow in sturdy branches that provide large yields (16oz indoors, 21oz outdoors) full of resinous buds. They have to be hearty to grow in the region where these cannabis Indica strains come from.
  • Taste & Smell: Afghan Kush is fruity, with some describing the taste of mangoes or oranges. The smell of the flowers gives off an earthy, fragrant pine scent that is incredibly pleasing.
  • Effects: An intense body high and “couch-lock effect” can be expected from the combination of THC and CBD content in this Indica strain.


  • Simple to grow with large yields
  • Can heal chronic pain
  • Provides deep relaxation effects


  • Resinous buds can make a mess
  • Not always easy to find
  • No energizing effects

Wedding Cookies

Wedding Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is the result of breeding Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with Cherry Pie. This Indica strain offers more than just the “couch-lock effect”, providing a burst of mental and physical energy. With beautiful sage green buds that are supported with tan and bronze pistils, this is an attractive, tasty, and wonderful strain.

  • CBD & THC Content: The THC in Wedding Cookies can range between 15-25%, but has a low CBD content of <1%.
  • Plant Type: This Indica and Sativa strain (70%/30% mix) grows to an average height, but is still easy to grow and suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. This is another cannabis plant that offers excellent business solutions for new growers, considering the indoor plants can offer yields of 700g per square meter and outdoor plants can offer 800-1000g per plant! Those are impressive numbers.
  • Taste & Smell: The Wedding Cookies Indica strain doesn’t taste like wedding cake or cookies or dessert at all for that matter. It has a very earthy tone that can be a tad sour and spicy with the taste of pepper, in addition to a very pungent taste on the exhale.
  • Effects: The Wedding Cookies Indica-dominant strain provides the best of both its Indica and Sativa roots. It is known to provide relaxing effects that are paired with bursts of mental and physical energy.


  • Easy to grow
  • Big yields
  • Relaxing effects paired with energy


  • The taste isn’t excellent
  • Pungent exhale
  • An energetic high may be unexpected

Positive Effects of Indica Strains

While Indica strains offer several positive effects, don’t go for them when you want to be active and productive. These are the strains that produce the “couch-lock effect”.

Indica strains can provide the following positive effects:

  • May help with relaxing
  • May help with insomnia
  • May help to induce your appetite
  • May provide chronic pain relief
  • May aid in reducing nausea
  • Some are known to reduce muscle spasms

Potential Side Effects of Indica Strains

There are a few potential side effects of Indica strains, especially those with higher levels of THC.

The popular Indica strains mentioned above can sometimes cause the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Increased appetite
  • Dry mouth & eyes
  • Dizziness & drowsiness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Coordination issues

Best Indica Strains FAQs

What Does an Indica Strain Feel Like?

Indica strains are known for producing relaxing effects and providing a powerful body high.

What Is Stronger Sativa Or Indica?

Stronger isn’t the right word to differentiate Sativa and Indica strains. Indica strains have higher THC levels and therefore tend to be more potent. They are known to feel very strong because the user doesn’t want to get off the couch! Sativa, on the other hand, provides powerful psychological and energizing effects.

What Strain Is Indica-Dominant?

Each of the strains listed above is Indica-dominant, meaning that they are either pure Indica strains, or they are hybrids (with higher Indica than Sativa content).

What Strain Is 100% Indica?

Of the Indica strains on our list, the pure, OG kush Indica strains are the Hindu Kush, Afghan Kush, and Granddaddy Purple, while the rest are Indica/Sativa hybrids.

What Is The Strongest Indica?

The Northern Lights strain is often considered the strongest, with THC levels of up to 33%! It’s also important to note that different cultivars and growing conditions can lead to variations in the THC of a specific plant.

How Do I Know If I Should Choose Indica Or Sativa?

If you want to get up and move around, Sativa is the one for you. If you are looking for a relaxing experience and want to enjoy sitting at home watching movies, or if you’re battling insomnia or chronic pain, Indica is the right choice for you.