NFTs are starting to step out of the digital world and are beginning to provide real-world utility. With the hype around NFTs continuing to surge, the events industry is beginning to pay attention, and the first movers have already started to release NFTs that allow owners access to exclusive events.

There are many ways an NFT can be integrated into an event. For example, they can serve as a ticket to gain access to festivals, and they could provide additional benefits at festivals, such as backstage access and meetups with celebrities. 

The great thing about NFTs is that they are unique, meaning they cannot be duplicated – totally removing fake tickets from the market. They can also remove ticket touts that prey on festival lovers.

Here are 3 NFTS that give owners access to exclusive events. 

3 NFTS Giving Owners Access to Exclusive Events

  1. Cocky Can NFTs – Access world-class music events in prestigious locations
  2. The List Wristbands – Access various clubs and events across the globe
  3. Afterparty Utopian NFTs – Providing access to festivals in LA and Vegas

A Close Look at the 3 NFTS Giving Owners Access to Exclusive Events

Cocky Can NFTs – Access world-class music events in prestigious locations

If you fancy attending electronic music events in prestigious locations, then Cocky is a perfectly suited project for you. Cocky is an exclusive NFT lifestyle club that is truly changing the definition of utility by providing holders with access to world-class music events in unconventional locations.

The Parasol group created the project, which has real-world utility at the forefront of its mission. It was birthed with the idea to totally revolutionize the utility derived from NFTs by providing all holders with real-world exclusive access to world-class music events. The events are set to be once-in-a-lifetime experiences that money can’t buy – only ownership can.

The team intends to hold two in-person annual events, providing all Cocky holders the opportunity to have the potential opportunity to attend. All of the Cocky events will have a particular focus on electronic dance music (EDM) and will feature top-tier celebrities and DJs. Furthermore, they will host regular virtual events through live streams that all Cocky NFT holders can attend. 

The NFT collection consists of 10,000 Cocky Can NFTs that depict a soda can with over 51 different skin variations. In addition, each Cocky can come with a different colored lid, Silver, Gold, or Black, that distinguishes the tier-based system that unlocks a range of benefits for holders. These benefits include the following;

  • Subsidized transport to and from the event
  • Luxury accommodation during the event schedule
  • Additional invites to bring along guests
  • Bar tabs to share with friends and family
  • Exclusive merchandise

In addition to these benefits, Cocky has created a first-of-its-kind utility by allowing NFT holders to earn Mutations by attending events and participating in the ecosystem. Each time an NFT holder attends an event, they will receive a stamp that is displayed on the background of the NFT itself. These stamps are similar to what you would receive in your passport during international travel, and they allow all NFT holders to write their own stories about their journey in the Cocky ecosystem. 

Eventually, the Mutations will make every Cocky Can NFT unique, and those with the most Mutations will become highly desirable within the ecosystem.

Out of the 10,000 Cocky Cans, one NFT will be a “Black Can.” The lucky holder of this NFT will receive VIP benefits for perpetuity – making it the rarest of them all. Furthermore, before real-life Cocky events, three randomly selected registered attendees NFTs will “Black-out.” The holders of these blacked-out NFTs will receive exclusive VIP benefits in the upcoming events. 

One of the great features of Cocky events is that they are held in prestigious locations that pay homage to the landscape, history, and culture. So you won’t be sitting in a farmer’s field hoping to glimpse your favorite DJ at Cocky events! 

As the Cocky in-person events are held in unconventional locations, there are likely to be geographical event capacity constraints inherently present. As a result, the ticket volume issued will entirely depend on the capacity of the venue, and Cocky NFT holders will need to be quick in registering their interest in attending each event on the project’s website. 

The team has devised a system to level the playing field for all holders in their ticketing distribution. If a Cocky NFT holder receives a ticket and cannot attend the event, they have the option to list their ticket for sale on their custom-built, second-hand marketplace. In addition, only those holding a Cocky NFT are eligible to purchase tickets on the secondary market, providing additional utility for all Cocky NFT token holders. 

Over time, Cocky intends to throw bigger and better events to grow its community. Eventually, their events will become one of the most popular electronic dance music events to attend, making their NFTs highly sought after. Further down the line, they also intend to open their ticket sales to the general public – once the ecosystem is fully established. However, the exclusive VVVIP benefits will still only ever be reserved for Cocky Can NFT holders. 

Overall, Cocky has created a totally unique lifestyle club that all electronic music enthusiasts will enjoy being a part of. Their events will bring you to prestigious locations, and the NFTs will let you rave in-person and through virtual events.


The List Wristbands – Access various clubs and events across the globe

The List is an NFT collection that opens the doors to the biggest clubs and festivals in the world. Clubbing TV created the project, the world’s first lifestyle TV channel dedicated to promoting electronic music culture, clubbing, and DJs. 

Their hope with The List is to totally revolutionize the way that clubs and festivals are run in the industry by allowing party people to make the rules and aim to give them a real voice in making the decisions about who performs.

The NFT collection comprises 7,777 wristbands that give all holders the exclusive opportunity to win lifetime access to some partnered clubs, projects, and festivals with the List. In addition, they can also be used to access specific events scheduled. 

Each wristband is unique, and clubbers can use them to enter the partnered clubs and festivals. The wristbands come with 130 different traits that span various categories, colors, and background styles. In addition, every wristband comes with its own slogan that are common phrases from club and festival raving culture. 

They have partnered with clubs and festivals in lots of different countries, including:

  • Spain – Amnesia Ibiza and Barcelona Beach Festival
  • Germany – World Club Dome
  • India – Supersonic
  • United Kingdom – We Are Fstvl
  • Switzerland – Caprices
  • Belgium – Rampage Open Air

Out of the 7,777 NFTs, 150 will provide lifetime access to the clubs and festivals listed above. 

In addition, all 7,777 NFT holders can enjoy access to two exclusive festivals per year – accessible to The List NFT holders only. The first of these events will be held in London in November 2022, and the second in Croatia in August 2023. 

The List will also provide a three-month free trial period to their streaming platform and will provide NFT reports and insights to give holders alerts and tips about upcoming NFT drops. 

It doesn’t stop there. The List will produce a podcast and TV show, and the NFT holders will have all of the creative decisions to manage the podcast and show, which will be hosted on Clubbing TV. They will also be hosting weekly giveaways for signed artist merch, LP-box sets, and exclusive access to new releases. 

Finally, The List will also build a party-focused metaverse and provide all 7,777 NFT holders a whitelist spot to purchase land in the metaverse.

Overall, The List provides an exciting opportunity to access some fantastic events for all of its NFT holders.

Afterparty Utopian NFTs – Providing access to festivals in LA and Vegas

Afterparty is a membership-based community that provides all NFT holders access to music events and experiences in different locations worldwide. The project intends to provide innovative creators and musicians with the tools required to build experiences for their fans and has a main mission to bridge the gap between creators and fans.

Their project offers people to buy two categories of NFTs: Utopians and Guardians.

The Utopian NFTs provide all-access passes to Afterparty’s Art and Music Festival in Las Vegas for five years. The team hosted the previous Art and Music Festival this year in March 2022, with performances from stars such as The Chainsmokers, The Kid Laroi, and Diablo. There were no tickets for the event. Instead, only the 6,500 Afterparty Utopian NFT holders were allowed access. This made the event the world’s first NFT-gated festival.

All holders of the NFTs receive the following benefits during the festival;

  • Artist-level access to the Afterparty NFT Art & Music Festival for the next five years
  • Utopian-only access areas at the event
  • A Guardian NFT airdrop
  • Two free After Party Passes for friends

The Guardian NFTs provide VIP access to Afterpart’s Fall Festival in Los Angeles, expected to go ahead during the Halloween weekend in 2022. Furthermore, Guardian NFT holders also receive priority access to all future Afterparty festivals in LA and future NFT drops. There are only 10,000 Guardian NFTs available. 

The project has gained the attention of some high-profile investors, including Paris Hilton, Acrew Capital, and Andre Iguodala from the Golden State Warriors. In total, they managed to raise over $7 million in funding.

Festivals aren’t the only type of events that Afterparty will host. They will put on concerts and shows for small crowds as they gain partnerships with specific artists. One convert that is already lined up is for the American musician Lauv.

The team is excited to continue to expand as they believe that NFTs can show more promise in the festival industry and help to remove ticket scalpers that prey on festival goers.

What are event NFTs?

Event NFTs are a method of providing real-world utility for NFT holders.

Typically, NFTs do not provide much value beyond investment potential for holders. However, a handful of projects are trying to change this by providing exclusive access to events using the NFT.

Owning the NFT typically will provide these holders with a membership to the project to gain access to the event. In most cases, only those holding the particular NFT can access the exclusive event.

Following are ways that NFTs can serve in the events industry:

  • Exclusive experiences

NFT holders can gain exclusive access to experiences such as invite-only areas with influencers or lunches with top celebrities. 

  • Verifying Credentials

The NFT can verify credentials at professional events by displaying badges on their profiles. Attendees can also use these credentials to network with each other

  • Giveaways and Swag

NFT holders can receive swag bags that can be used to redeem physical objects like food and drinks or merchandise. 


Event NFTs are going to become increasingly popular over the coming years. In 2017, the only NFT access pass was for Ethereum DevCon. Since then, many festivals and music events have started to trial the integration of NFTs. However, most have kept NFTs on the sidelines, but this is starting to change.

In our opinion, the best Events NFT today is still the Cocky Can NFTs, which provide exclusive access to a lifestyle club where electronic music lovers can enjoy their favorite music at prestigious and unconventional locations worldwide. As this ecosystem evolves, their NFTs will become highly desirable as EDM lovers need them to attend events.