The crypto ecosystem has been going through ground-shaking changes in the past few weeks. As Bitcoin struggles to recover from the crypto crash, other popular blockchains report small gains. Ethereum has gained around 3%, while Solana gained 2%. The global cryptocurrency market cap gained 2% in two days, reaching the $1.04 trillion mark again. 

Ethereum is about to complete the Merge, likely resulting in a bull run. However, as Bitcoin slows down, crypto traders began investing in new altcoins and metaverse projects. Battle Infinity is currently the hottest investment, so keep reading, and we’ll explain the whys and the hows.

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What Do Experts Say?

According to Edul Patel, the CEO and co-founder of Mudrex, popular crypto investing platform, the cryptocurrency markets have been quite stiff since 2018. However, blockchain technology has what it takes to increase market flexibility and promote a transparent environment. 

Transparency is a must, as it attracts small investors and helps boost daily trade volumes. New investors are looking for platforms with the highest security and the lowest fees. Traditional banking is becoming impossible to manage for many investors, which is why they are diversifying into new markets, including cryptocurrencies. 

The worldwide inflation and looming financial crisis are changing the rules of the game, and the rising interest in low-fee cryptos has a negative effect on Bitcoin. The world’s leading crypto has high fees, and since September is traditionally the worst month for Bitcoin, we will probably see another drop in price in the next month or two. 

Ethereum Is Improving 

Ethereum Classic is the world’s leading smart contract platform used to host countless other blockchain projects and decentralized applications. Its native token ETC, is going through massive changes. The token gained over 8% in the past two days, primarily due to the upcoming Merge, which will introduce a proof-of-stake system rather than the proof-of-work approach.

ETC is becoming a popular alternative among crypto miners, which helps push the price back up. ETC reached the $45,70 range earlier in August, and after dropping to the $30 level, the crypto keeps reporting lower peaks almost daily. While the token is expected to keep growing in the next few months, it’s unlikely to reach its previous August highs. The indicators are looking better, but the reversal trend is still missing. A real bull run could happen only if the $37 mark is broken, but ETC will likely stay below the $40 level. 

Investors Moving to Emerging Cryptos

The leading cryptos on the market will likely slow down significantly due to financial uncertainty worldwide. Experienced investors are well-aware of the current situation, so many have begun diversifying their investments into other cryptos known as altcoins. However, the crypto crash of 2022 impacted all cryptos alike, slowing down their growth and reducing returns. Nevertheless, the rules are changing, so investors look for new, emerging blockchain projects with plenty of room for growth. 

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of cryptos in the works, but most struggle to attract new investors and raise enough money to complete development. However, Battle Infinity, a new fantasy sports metaverse project, went live a few days ago and has already gained over 360, surpassing all price predictions for 2022 on day one.

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Battle Infinity – A New Fantasy Sports Metaverse Project Picks Up Momentum

Battle Infinity is a fantasy sports platform set in a vibrant metaverse where players can meet, build virtual property, create unique sports teams, and battle them against each other. The project has been advertised for the past two months, and the official token presale sold out all IBAT coins before the close date.

IBAT tokens appeared first on PancakeSwap two weeks ago. The presale price was $0.0015, so IBAT gained almost 350% as soon as it appeared on PancakeSwap. However, IBAT tokens are now available on the LBank exchange as well. The first CEX listing pushed the price of IBAT tokens to $0.0067, which adds up to a total gain of 700% in less than two weeks.

However, that’s just a glimpse of what we can expect from the IBAT tokens in the future. Battle Infinity is a project that caters to two multi-trillion industries, so it’s likely to keep growing in the next year or two. The platform is fully KYC’d on CoinSniper, so it has an anti-rug pull mechanism, and its smart contracts passed an audit by Solid Proof with flying colors. The platform offers six exciting features, all set in a metaverse. They are:

  • The IBAT Battle Arena
  • A native token swap called IBAT Battle Swap.
  • A built-in NFT market.
  • A ton of IBAT Battle Games.
  • The IBAT Battle Stake. 
  • The IBAT Battle Arena

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Battle Infinity as an Excellent Investment Alternative

When Bitcoin and Ethereum struggle to achieve 1-5% growth, Battle Infinity has already gained over 700%. Experienced investors are on to something here, and if you act right now, you can join the hottest blockchain project of 2022 and enjoy massive returns down the road.