In recent years, more and more people are turning to natural remedies for their medical needs. So, you may be glad to hear that CBD oil, which has been shown to have potentially positive effects on human health, has similar health benefits when administered to dogs. 

If your dog is struggling with issues like joint pain or anxiety, you should consider using high-quality CBD oil. To find the most suitable option for your canine companion, you can explore our curated list of the 6 best CBD oils for dogs. 

  1. Honest Paws CBD Oil – Calm – Best for Natural Flavors
  2. Hello Batch Cbd Pet Oil – Best for Relaxation
  3. Honest Paws CBD Oil – Well – Best for Older and Aging Dogs
  4. Honest Paws Cbd Oil – Mobility – Best for Movement Issues
  5. Holista Pet – Best for Organic Oil
  6. Penelope’s Bloom – Best for Picky Pets

Best CBD Oils for Dogs

Honest Paws CBD Oil – Calm – Best for Natural Flavors

For those looking for a condition-specific pet CBD oil, the brand Honest Paws offers one of the widest selections of organic hemp extracts and the best CBD oil blends available. They use 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD hemp oil, and all of the ingredients included are carefully selected.

Honest Paws’ Calm Collection presents a variety of CBD products, including calm bites, soft chews, and extracts, all tailored to address your dog’s sense of calmness. One of the key products in the line-up is the Calm CBD Oil for Dogs. It includes top-quality CBD and chamomile, renowned for its proven calming effects.

This CBD oil is thoughtfully crafted in four different strength levels, allowing you to fine-tune the dosage and potency based on your dog’s weight and overall requirements. The versatility of this product enables it to be administered directly or mixed with your dog’s food. 

>> Buy Honest Paws’ Calm CBD Oil <<


  • Supports cardiovascular and neurological functions
  • Aids in maintaining healthy inflammatory responses
  • CBD oil blend is enriched with nutritional antioxidants, such as vitamins B and D
  • Incorporates calming chamomile for improved relaxation and mental well-being
  • Ensures transparency through independent lab testing with results on website and product packaging
  • Sourced from high-quality organic hemp plants in Colorado
  • Free from GMOs and soy
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee 


  • Availability of this CBD oil for dogs can be sporadic

Hello Batch CBD Pet Oil – Best for Relaxation

Hello Batch CBD Pet Oil is an ideal pick for dogs that struggle with anxiety. It comes in two flavors, Bacon and Wild Alaskan Salmon, which makes it appealing even to the pickiest eaters. The CBD pet oil is made from Wisconsin-grown hemp and boasts a unique formula that’s designed for dogs of all age groups. 

Both flavors contain 750 mg CBD. You can place the oil under your dog’s tongue approximately one to two times per day. While it will take an hour or two before you notice the full effects of the product, your canine companion will be a lot calmer and at ease once they kick in, especially if used regularly. 

>> Buy Hello Batch CBD Pet Oil <<


  • Contains 100% organic ingredients 
  • Available in two flavors (Bacon and Wild Alaskan Salmon)
  • 30-day happiness guarantee 
  • Extensive in-house and third-party lab testing
  • Free shipping on orders above $75


  • Canceling a subscription is not straightforward

Honest Paws CBD Oil – Well – Best for Older and Aging Dogs

Honest Paws provides specialized, condition-specific CBD oils for dogs, including their wellness blend. Each blend contains 100% pure broad-spectrum CBD oil combined with carefully selected ingredients to enhance its effectiveness. 

The appropriate dosage and strength for your dog hinges on their weight. Honest Paws currently offers three strength options: for dogs under 25 lbs, for those between 25 and 50 lbs, and for larger dogs exceeding 50 lbs.

For pet owners seeking to boost their dog’s vitality and well-being, CBD Oil – Well from Honest Paws stands as an optimal choice.

>> Buy Honest Paws’ Well CBD Oil <<


  • High-quality hemp seed oil harvested from organic plants grown in Colorado
  • CBD dosage and strength can be adjusted depending on the size of your dog
  • Independent lab testing and transparent results available on the website 
  • GMO-free and soy-free ingredients
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Supports brain, joint, and muscle health
  • May improve immune system function and support healthy inflammatory responses
  • May help with allergies and related conditions


  • Slightly more expensive than other CBD products currently available 

Honest Paws CBD Oils – Mobility – Best for Movement Issues

Honest Paws offers a dedicated Mobility CBD Oil tailored for dogs dealing with joint and muscle discomfort. With a potent blend of organic ingredients that support healthy inflammatory responses, this specialized CBD oil is particularly effective for dogs with chronic pain. 

It is enriched with turmeric, known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving qualities. Additional ingredients include chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, and Boswellia serrata. 

If you’re seeking the top CBD oil targeting mobility-related issues, this option from Honest Paws is a strong choice.

>> Buy Honest Paws’ Mobility CBD Oil <<


  • Targets chronic pain and supports inflammatory responses
  • Independent lab testing and transparent results available on the website 
  • High-quality CBD sourced from organic hemp plants 
  • GMO-free and soy-free CBD oil for dogs
  • 100% organic ingredients, including organic CBD oil
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing refunds or exchanges for CBD products 


  • Specifically formulated for muscle and joint pain, so it may not be the best option for dogs dealing with anxiety

HolistaPet – Best for Organic Oil

HolistaPet creates CBD products for pets, with a strong focus on maintaining high manufacturing standards. Their pet CBD offerings use full-spectrum CBD oil and contain no artificial ingredients or flavors.

HolistaPet’s CBD oil provides several potential benefits for dogs, including an improvement on emotional responses and appetite and relief from mental health conditions like anxiety and stress. It can also help with muscle and joint pain and chronic discomfort.

>> Buy HolistaPet’s CBD Oil <<


  • Adjustable dosage based on dog size
  • Wide array of potential health benefits 
  • Natural flavors, devoid of artificial additives
  • Offers the highest-quality CBD oil for dogs
  • Utilizes full-spectrum CBD extract
  • Adheres to high-quality manufacturing processes
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Third-party labs verify CBD strength and oil purity


  • Not a condition-specific pet CBD oil

Penelope’s Bloom – Best for Picky Pets

Penelope’s Bloom offers one of the highest quality pet CBD oils for dogs on the market. Their broad-spectrum CBD oil is crafted with top-tier ingredients, all of which are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. 

This CBD oil is not only safe, but it also comes in various dog-friendly flavors, simplifying the process of giving your dog their CBD dosage.

>> Buy Penelope’s Bloom’s CBD Oil <<


  • All ingredients are non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free 
  • Broad-spectrum CBD formula, ensuring THC-free content
  • Excellent customer support and policies from the company
  • Uses only high-quality ingredients and CBD oil
  • Company contributes to animal-support organizations
  • CBD oil is generally well-received by most dogs
  • Multiple flavor options available for easy administration with food


  • Not a condition-specific pet CBD oil

What Is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, which has mind-altering effects, CBD doesn’t cause a high and is used for a variety of reasons, including treating ailments, providing pain relief, improving sleep, and supporting general wellness. Due to its medicinal value, CBD is marketed in a wide range of human and pet products, including foods, lotions, cosmetics, capsules, oils, and more. 

How Does CBD Work for Dogs? What Are Its Main Benefits?

CBD works by interacting with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for regulating sleep, appetite, immune system, and pain. Regular CBD consumption helps improve the function of the digestive, immune, and nervous systems, boosting your dog’s overall well-being. 

Below are some of the main advantages of CBD for dogs: 

Reducing Anxiety

Several pet parents resort to CBD to help their pets overcome anxiety. Typically, anxiety in dogs manifests through aggression or fear, which mostly occur due to separation anxiety or unfamiliar environments. The antidepressant effects of CBD can make the compound highly useful for pets struggling with anxiety

While CBD tends to work in 5-20 minutes, it is more effective when taken consistently. A daily dose of CBD is ideal if your pup struggles with anxiety. 

Relieving Inflammation

CBD works by increasing endocannabinoid signaling, which has a direct effect on the cannabinoid receptors in the body. This helps regulate cytokines in the body, effectively helping sort inflammation issues. 

You can administer CBD in several ways, including capsules, oils, tinctures, treats and topicals. Topical CBD is particularly impactful when targeting specific areas to reduce inflammation, while ingested CBD is ideal when you desire a systemic effect. 

Relieving Pain

Several pet parents prefer using CBD instead of painkillers for pain management. This is because CBD is quite effective when it comes to relieving pain and has no harmful side effects. CBD helps in treating pain by binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the nervous system and brain, altering the way the body perceives and responds to pain. 


CBD is a great way to treat allergies without having to put your dog on meds that come with side effects. The compound is particularly helpful in treating skin conditions like itchiness or excessive dryness. 

You can opt to administer ingested CBD to deal with the allergies or apply it directly to target specific areas. 

Seizures and Epilepsy

Seizures can be terrifying for dogs and their parents. While most vets use antiepileptic drugs to treat seizures and epilepsy, CBD is a better long-term solution as it doesn’t come with negative side effects. 

A study conducted by Colorado State University revealed that 89% of dogs using CBD had reduced incidences of seizures. Therefore, by using CBD consistently on an epileptic dog, chances are your dog will have less severe and frequent seizures. 

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs

Although there is no scientific data on the side effects of giving dogs CBD, there is a risk of possible side effects depending on usage. However, you can minimize side effects by following the right dosage. A good rule of thumb is to consult with your vet before giving your pet any new products, CBD included. 

Here are some of the main side effects of giving your dog CBD. 

Dry Mouth

CBD may gradually decrease saliva production. This would manifest as increased thirst and dry mouth in your dog. To curb this, experts recommend increasing your dog’s water intake until your pup gets used to regular CBD usage. 


Several dog owners use CBD to manage anxiety due to its calming effect. However, when administered in high dosages, CBD can cause drowsiness and leave your dog feeling lethargic. The best way to address this side effect is by observing the right dosage. 

Decreased Blood Pressure

CBD in high doses often leads to a small drop in blood pressure. Although the drop is temporary, it can leave your dog feeling light-headed. Giving your dog the right dose of CBD is highly recommended to keep this side effect at bay. 

Diarrhea and Appetite Changes

Appetite changes and diarrhea are some potential side effects of using CBD. The risk of diarrhea is especially high as your dog starts using CBD. There is also a slight risk of appetite changes, more so if you give CBD in high doses. To be on the safe side, it’s best to introduce your canine companion to CBD gradually.

Mood Changes

It’s possible that dogs can become irritable or aggressive when they start using CBD. This is because CBD is known to alter serotonin levels, which increases the risk of mood changes, especially after prolonged use. 

How to Choose the Best CBD Oil for Dogs 

With several CBD oil brands out there, it’s crucial to choose high-quality products that won’t harm your pet in any way. Below are tips to consider when choosing CBD oil for dogs. 

Consider Dosage

Dog owners should always consider the dosage before purchasing CBD products for their dogs. Legitimate companies selling CBD oil usually state the correct dosage for your pup. This is usually determined by breed type and overall body weight of the dog. We recommend checking the product label to get dosage information before settling for a particular product. 

Understand Your Preferred CBD Oil Type

There are different types of CBD oil, from broad-spectrum to isolate and full-spectrum oils. Be sure to check or research what each type of CBD oil does before using it on your pet. Some are better for joint health, while others are better for allergy and skin health. Good CBD oil companies usually state the conditions that their products are designed to treat. 

Lab Testing

All vets will advise you to get CBD oil products only if they’re lab-tested. It is only through lab tests that you can determine the safety of CBD oil in terms of concentration and ingredients used. A lab report should prove the product is safe and that industry-standard regulations were observed throughout the manufacturing process. 

Check Online Reviews 

The best way to know more about a brand and its products is by reading online reviews. While most companies post reviews on their official websites, it’s advisable to read customer reviews from third-party sites. Reading reviews from trusted sources will help you determine whether or not the product is safe for dogs. You should avoid products or brands that have too many negative reviews as they’re proof of the product’s low quality. 

FAQs on CBD Oil for Dogs 

Does CBD Oil Work for Dogs? 

CBD Oil works for dogs and can be used to treat a variety of conditions for dogs of all breeds, regardless of age and size. However, it’s worth noting that low-quality CBD oil products are likely to do more harm than good, which is exactly why you should invest in top-quality products. It’s also important to check the product label to determine what condition a particular CBD product is better suited for. 

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog? 

There is no standard amount of CBD oil you should give your dog, as the right dosage depends on body weight. A good dosage rule to keep in mind, however, is to give 1-5mg CBD for every 10 lb of weight. And since CBD potency varies from product to product, it’s crucial to read the label in order to determine the right amount to give your furry buddy. 

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs?

Some of the common side effects of CBD oil for dogs include diarrhea, irritability, drowsiness, appetite changes, and dry mouth. While these side effects are often light and temporary, you can reduce the severity by giving your dog the right amounts. Consulting with your vet is highly advisable if you’re to minimize the risk of side effects. 

Is CBD Oil Addictive for Dogs? 

CBD derived from hemp is non-addictive, meaning your canine companion won’t develop a dependency on the product. Your dog will reap the many health and wellness advantages that come with CBD oil without the risk of addiction or over-dependence. 

Is CBD Oil Legal for Dogs?

The legality surrounding CBD products is confusing as cannabis laws vary from state to state. However, since hemp and hemp-derived CBD are considered federally legal, it is technically legal to produce hemp-derived CBD products for supplement use. 

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work for Dogs? 

It typically takes between 30 minutes to one hour for CBD products to have an effect on a dog’s system. The effects tend to last for around 4-6 hours, which can vary depending on the dosage given and your dog’s size. 

How Do I Know if CBD Oil is Right for My Dog?

The best way to know if CBD oil is right for your dog is to consult with your vet to determine the type of product that will work best. Ideally, you should settle for organic CBD oil and check the labeling to determine there are no fungicides, solvents, or pesticides. You should also check the manufacturer’s certificate to determine the amount of CBD present in the product. 

What Should I Talk to My Veterinarian About Before Giving CBD Oil to My Dog?

Consulting your veterinarian before giving your dog CBD oil is highly advisable, especially if your canine companion has underlying medical issues. You can ask about the risks of CBD interacting with other medications your dog might be on. The most important thing is to lay out all the underlying issues your dog is grappling with to get your vet’s perspective. 

What Are the Long-Term Effects of CBD Oil for Dogs?

There isn’t enough research on the long-term effects of CBD oil for dogs, but available data points out the risk of increased liver enzymes. Decreased blood pressure is another risk that can affect your dog after long-term CBD usage. It’s important to note that these effects aren’t scientifically proven, which is exactly why you should monitor your dog’s progress and consult with your vet regularly.

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Wrapping Up 

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at some of the best CBD oils for dogs, you should be well informed to choose one that works best for your four-legged family member. 

We’d recommend Honest Paws CBD Oil – Calm if you’re looking for a high-quality product that can curb anxiety, promote healthy sleep patterns, and reduce nervousness. The product contains nutritional antioxidants and vitamins D and B, which are vital to your dog’s overall health. 

We also recommend Honest Paws CBD Oil – Well, as it’s known to help with allergies while boosting your dog’s immune system. It’s GMO and soy-free and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Whatever CBD oil you choose to give your dog, it’s advisable to take your time to check online reviews and product labeling. Buying from reputable brands is a surefire way to ensure your dog gets the best CBD oil products out there. 

Consulting with your vet is also highly advisable before introducing your dog to any new products. 

Disclaimer: The following information is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered as veterinary advice. Always consult with a qualified veterinarian before using CBD or any supplements for your dog’s anxiety.