Dating is not just something that younger generations like to do or even have to do. Older individuals are finding themselves looking for relationships later in life.

Going on a traditional dating site is not ideal if you’re an older individual. You want to find a dating site that fits your age range. Senior dating websites exist for this reason. 

These websites are perfect for bringing mature singles together. They offer the right tools to not only provide compatible matches but also matches in other areas. The singles provided on the website are high quality and have been confirmed through the systems. 

We have taken the time to look into each of them, signing up for our accounts. We wanted to make sure that the quality of the dates you go on is at its best. With each option, you can ensure that you have just that and so much more. 

Learn more about each of the options available. Find the perfect place to meet other singles like you who want to meet up and chat more. You might be surprised to see who you’ll find. 

 We’ve gathered enough information to provide you with an idea of which dating site is best for you. Look for love that waiting around every corner. Sign up with one of the many senior dating sites available today. Here are some of our top picks. 

Best Senior Dating Sites

We’ve researched the top senior dating sites for you. You don’t have to worry about having to search for the one that works for you. Read our reviews to match with the one (or two!) you’d like to try.  

The top three that we’ve come across are

SiteBest For
Ashley MadisonDiscreet dating
eHarmonyAlgorithm-based dating
Adult Friend FinderMeeting lots of people quickly

These top dating sites have come with the highest rating because of what they provide. Enjoy being able to meet with top-level singles who are looking for love in the same places as you. They can offer the best place to create a common ground and talk with them more. 

With these three top sites, you can find the perfect match that you have desired.

We took our time to ensure that you are obtaining the best information on the web. We have taken one of our own and put them through the dating test on these websites to know that they are real and true to their word. We do our work, so you don’t have to. 

Enjoy meeting senior and more mature singles through these many great website options. With each offering something different, you’re sure to find the perfect match you’ve been waiting for all along. 

In addition to these top websites, we have also compiled a handful more. These other websites are catering to older individuals looking to date. Read on to learn even more about what to expect. 

Ashley Madison 

Ashley Madison is a well-known dating website that offers discreet dating to singles looking to mingle with others. Whether you’re mature and looking for a younger individual, or more mature; you can find the right person.

Ashley Madison is the perfect place to find yourself searching for that person you want to date and enjoy. They have an open-door policy and welcome everyone to come in. You will have to verify your identity, as many women prefer this when speaking with someone over the site. 

They do work off credits. This means that you will have to purchase credits to message the women that you like once you connect with them. They choose whether they want to speak with you or not. 

The platform is friendly and they do offer more for the visitor than just a dating site. You will find other content just as articles on finding the right person. They also have other specifics that you can check out as a visitor there. 

Find out how many women wait for you. Whether you’re married, looking for something serious, or just something casual; you can find the perfect match as Ashley Madison. 


  • Completely discreet 
  • Many beautiful singles to choose from 
  • Great female to male ratio 


  • You have to pay for credits to speak with anyone  
  • Can become expensive 
  • There are scammers and bots on the website 


  • Many mature seniors are using this platform now 
  • The platform is set up in a way that makes it easy for everyone, even newcomers, to navigate 
  • There are singles located throughout the entire world on this platform, so you have plenty of options 


The dating site eHarmony is also well known throughout the online dating community. This long-form, committed website brings a lot of people together to create the right look and feel for what mature singles are looking for in a match. 

Those who sign up are not looking for a one-time fling, but a forever relationship. The platform asks a series of questions to find the compatibility scores between people. This is what brings couples together for longevity. 

It uses an algorithm that other dating platforms do not use. This is what makes it different, and why many people choose this over the many other options. This site is a great platform that brings couples together in a different ways. 

Choose to embark on a journey that brings you to a new area where you can mingle with other mature singles like yourself. Find yourself talking with others who have the same things in common as you. Your compatibility scores will determine this.

If you are ready for a long-term relationship with commitment, then eHarmony might be perfect for you. Find the ideal partner when you search through your compatible matches. Being placed with them can bring you closer than ever.  


  • Compatibility scored based on quizzes and not just by looks 
  • Many mature singles to choose from over other platforms 
  • Fewer bots and fake profiles than other platforms have 


  • You have to take time to get through the sign-up process  
  • Might not be for everyone, especially if you’re not looking for something long-term
  • A bit more expensive than other types of dating platforms


  • Great for those looking for something long-term that is meant to work out
  • Bases the matches on more than looks, but on how compatible two people are 
  • Built for everyone, regardless of age, but many mature singles use it often 

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is the perfect match for those who want to find someone in their age range that they enjoy being around. This dating platform is the most ideal to go with if you want something more discreet in your area. 

You can easily get matched with other singles or even those who want something more secretive. Even younger singles looking for more mature singles are on the platform. Whatever you are looking for, many people are looking for the same. 

The entire platform keeps everything discreet, so your information is never sold or transferred in any way. They want to keep your secrets for you. The same goes for others on the platform looking for the same things as you. 

Adult Friend Finder is the perfect place to meet other singles in your area who want to hook up. With a mix of ages and great pay as you go, model, you will find others looking for the same things. Find individuals looking for mature singles on this platform today. 

If you are looking for more love, or just someone to keep you company then Adult Friend Finder can provide this. With fewer bots than before, they’ve cleaned up the website to provide more of a pleasant experience. Sign up with them today. 


  • Quality of singles is great 
  • Many mature individuals use this platform to find others   
  • Easy to use the website for everyone who wants to meet and talk with others 


  • Pay as you go model can become expensive for some 
  • More men than women in some areas 
  • May not be ideal for those looking for something more long term 


  • Great for anyone who wants to have fun and cross the lines 
  • Quality individuals to choose from, that are verified through the platform 
  • Well known company, community, and website 

Our Other Top Senior Dating Site Choices 

There were other top senior dating sites that we have come across to help you find love. When you’re looking for senior sites, the more mature the individuals the better. Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. 

If you are looking to meet up with them, then these are the sites for you. They come highly recommended by others who have hooked up on them previously. If you want something like this, read on to learn more. 

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is specifically for mature singles who want to meet other mature singles. This website is dedicated to bringing these older singles together in one common place. It is known for the ease of use that it provides to those who visit. 

The Silver Singles website is one of the best ones to navigate through because they make it easy for everyone. The features of this website are what many people speak highly of when using it. Having extras to take advantage of can help you decide that this is the best website to use to meet singles. 

Silver Singles is made up of a community that only consists of those who are older or those who like to date older individuals. This is specifically made for the senior community. This way, it is easier to find someone you’re compatible with based on age. 

Silver Singles wants to bring excitement to your door with this platform. You can find the one you’re looking for easily when you do a simple search for what exactly you’re looking for in a match. They make searching based on what you want easy. 

The community is welcoming to anyone interested in looking for a new love. It is easy to sign up with your personal information and secure to do so, as well. Sign up to start searching the singles near you today. 


  • Great pricing model 
  • Quality matches 
  • Easy for everyone to navigate through 


  • The website is a bit dated compared to others  
  • There are bots, though they do weed them out well 
  • You might not be able to search through profiles on your own  

Match is a website that so many people know and have heard of before. Regardless of age, it is one of the top-rated dating platforms that provide you with a way to connect. It brings people together on a deeper level to provide more in-depth relationships. 

Match takes care in the way that they match people together. Not only can you match by how you look, but also by profile. You get to browse to your liking when you sign up. 

You will have to verify your account to get people talking with you. They want to ensure you’re a real person when you sign up with them. Once verified, you fill out your profile, add your pictures, and you can connect with those who you’re interested in meeting.

Match makes it easy for everyone because of how easily they’re able to navigate the website. You can search based on what you’re looking for in a partner. There are easy-to-use navigational buttons at the top of the page. Sign in to your account and get access to other singles. 

Don’t worry though, you can fill out what you’re interested in in the beginning. This way, you’re only shown those mature singles that you’re interested in meeting. They make finding love a bit easier for everyone. 


  • The price is not bad when considering the success rate
  • Highest success rate over so many other dating platforms 
  • Great selection of mature singles throughout 


  • There are bots and scammers on the website, so beware
  • You might not find many people in your area, but can search further out 
  • There are restrictions on a free account 

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the perfect place to go for those looking for love. You can find both casual dating and long-term relationships on this platform. Depending on what you are looking for; Elite Singles might be the best dating website for you to use. 

The platform seems to be doing something right. They have thousands of active users every day, ranging in ages, places, and what they want. It is a great place to find variation when looking for love. 

Those who want a place where they feel safe in to explore their curiosities can also find Elite Singles great for them. They open up the doors to a great experience. Look through the pages to find more than singles, but other great resources for dating over a specific age. 

They provide filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for, nothing less. You can also enjoy the high-end security that keeps bots off the site. The website also matches individuals based on their personalities. This is done through a quiz they provide. 

Elite Singles is ideal for everyone, even seniors. Find your perfect match today when you sign up with the website. Easy to navigate, and great for relationships; your special someone awaits you. 


  • Many different people to choose from and talk with 
  • Different filters and features to help you get what you want 
  • Great security and verification process offered 


  • It can become expensive for some 
  • The free option does not allow for many features to be used 
  • There is no video chat option available 

Our Time

Like Silver Singles, Our Time provides the same sort of service for seniors looking for love. It is truly a dating platform that was made for senior daters. Many have found love while using this dating platform. 

It makes dating easier for those who are unfamiliar with dating or the internet. Bringing both together for those later in life couples; provides a safe way to meet and chat with people. You can find this platform is a common ground for that. 

Our Time has gotten a big reputation for being one of the best places to find yourself dating others who are into the same things as you. This is where you can find yourself doing just that. Whether you’re a woman or man on the website, if you find someone you like, you’re able to message them. 

The platform makes dating for more mature individuals easier than ever. Whether looking for something serious or just checking the website out; it has everything that you could want. Meet other singles looking for the same things as you on Our Time. 

While some features would be nice additions, the site is great for meeting others around your age. The website does have a monthly subscription that you have to pay to gain access to all of the features. If you don’t pay, most features stay locked.

Our Time is perfect for those looking for love in their mature age. Whether something serious or just looking to chat; Our Time is the perfect platform that opens up the possibilities for that. Sign up to see who is available today.


  • It is an easy to use platform 
  • Thousands of users are active online on any given day 
  • Great for those in their late 40’s, early 50’s, and beyond 


  • Too many fake profiles pop up on the searches
  • Poor customer service
  • Can become costly for some 


OkCupid is a great choice for those who want to meet with local singles. The thoughts on this dating platform are varied depending on the person. Some say this is where they found love, while others say this is a pathetic dating site. 

Find love with help from OkCupid by using their search feature. You can put in your ideal match and they will return the results you’re looking for in a match. You can deduct or add features as you go. 

Through the use of OkCupid, many members have found the love of their lives. It all depends on what you are looking for and who is currently on the website. You may not find someone in your immediate area on this dating platform, but they do allow you to expand your reach. 

The profile process is easy, and it doesn’t give much in the way of quizzes. This means you’re not going to be graded and then put up against your matches. You can browse the options on your own time. 

OkCupid does have a lot to offer the user, especially if you’re paying. If you’re not paying, you still get access to almost everything on the website. This gives you plenty to do and people to see. The website is full of profiles. 


  • The website offers thousands of singles to choose from 
  • Many different features to customize your experience  
  • Most of the apps can be used for free 


  • You will have to watch for scammers on the website 
  • The cost is a lot for many 
  • A lot of ads are present on the website and hard to navigate around 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Online Dating Work for Adults Who Are Over the Age of 50?

Online dating does work for adults over the age of 50, and anyone else who wants to connect with someone. There is no age limit on who can go onto the internet and speak with another person looking for love. 

The important thing is to give it a shot. You may find someone special that you won’t believe was out there. .

Should I Meet Someone in Person From These Websites? Is This Safe?

Yes. This is safe to do, as long as you do it correctly. You want to meet someone for the first time in a public, well-lit place. You don’t want to meet them alone somewhere, as this can be dangerous. 

Never get into a stranger’s car, and never give someone too much of your personal information such as your address. Also, always tell someone when you are going out to meet someone so that they know that you are out and where you are. 

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Should I Put a Lot of Effort Into my Profile?

Yes. You want to show those looking at your profile that you’re serious about meeting them and what you’re looking for in a match. You want to put this effort in to show them that is the effort they’ll get. 

Make sure to add enough pictures to your profile, as well. The more pictures you have, the better your chances of meeting someone. Make sure to have at least five on your profile. 

Can I Reach out to These Dating Websites if I Need Help While on Their Website?

Yes, you’re easily able to reach out to the customer service team that works with each of the dating site options. You speak with them regarding any issues you’re having with the website. 

The teams with each of the senior dating websites mentioned are highly rated for the most part. 

Are These Websites Going to Ask for my Personal and Financial Information? Is This Safe?

Yes, they will ask for personal information and even more information for those that have specific quizzes that you have to take. They don’t sell or give away any of the information that they collect. This is only to match you with those who are in the area and to create your public profile. 

Additionally, they will never store your financial information. They use the most secured encryption to ensure that your information remains safe. They never want it to be sold, stolen, or lost in any way. 

What is the Success Rate With Online Dating? Is it Even Worth it for Me?

The success rate of online dating is around 60% positive for those who have used online dating platforms. More than 17% of marriages happened because of online dating. This number should put that into perspective. 

If a success rate and positive reviews that high makes you want to not try online dating, then you’ve decided it is not for you. It might not be for everyone, but the statistics are very high for those finding love and happiness while using online dating platforms. Find your love with them today. 


If you’re looking for the perfect place to find love, you can try any of these options. They all provide a quality way to meet others who have the same interests. 

If you’re a mature individual, you want to meet other individuals with the same mindset. These dating platforms provide a way for you to do this. They are a top choice for those who want to expand further than where they venture to go to work. 

Through the use of these dating platforms, so many others have found love. If love is what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place for everything it entails. You can have it all and more when you sign up with them.