Adult Friend Finder has enjoyed the renown of being one of the most popular adult dating sites around today!

Thanks to the enormous number of users who use the platform day in and day out. 

It’s also one of the most diverse online dating site communities around, as Adult Friend Finder is populated by people from all over the world of varying sexual orientations. 

And to make the pot even sweeter – it’s an online dating site that caters to a variety of preferences, from people who prefer cyber sex to other users who opt to go with real-life casual fun.

The point is, it almost seems that Adult Friend Finder is a hookup site that practically has everything– and everyone– in it, so I put that theory to the test in this review! 

A Quick Look at Adult Friend Finder

💗What I Like About Adult Friend Finder

  • You can sign up for a FREE account
  • Mobile phone app version is available
  • Has a massive user base
  • Contains features that go beyond the usual adult dating site
  • Affordable premium membership rates

👎What I Didn’t Like About Adult Friend Finder

  • The free version needs more features
  • Fake accounts floating around the site
  • New users can get overwhelmed by features

Some Interesting Adult Friend Finder Features

  • They have adult chat rooms that focus on a variety of topics
  • Keeps your personal information private with amazing security features
  • They offer live member webcams
  • Regular online events like photo contests
  • Erotic stories & magazine section are delightful

The Bottom Line

To say that Adult Friend Finder is just an adult dating site is a vast understatement.

Between the online dating and casual sex opportunities you can find on this hookup site, there are a wide range of incredible features and perks to choose from!

Features that allow for cyber sex; the various contacting options they offer; and the ability to watch live streams, just to name a few – are what make Adultfriendfinder legit.

And not just for people looking for an online dating experience, but for fans of adult entertainment as a whole.

Does AdultFriendFinder Work? – Our Full Review

Dating sites are pretty much a dime a dozen in today’s interconnected world, which is one of the main reasons why I didn’t immediately warm up to the idea of doing this AdultFriendFinder review. 

After all, I didn’t want to come into it with a certain stigma (or bias) that can affect how I view this and all other online dating platforms I might review in the future.

So, with a relatively clear mind and not one bit of expectation coming into this Adultfriendfinder review – I decided to just go for broke and start giving the site a look.


I have to say: as far as dating sites go, this AFF doesn’t look one bit shady.

As a matter of fact, I’m kind of into how they went with a streamlined, somewhat minimalist look to their homepage that can put even some of the most mainstream social media pages to shame.


And the fact that they offer a social media app version of their site is a feature that I can always get behind. 

Suffice it to say that Adult Friend Finder networks itself as a widely available hookup platform that you can basically access wherever, whenever.

After giving the homepage a quick look, I decided to create a FREE account with the site. Much like Facebook, the details that AFF asks for to become a free member are short and sweet.

What is so notable about AFF’s signup sheet, however, is how they basically cover every sexual orientation available in today’s world.

And the site didn’t do this as a sort of token, either; they made sure that it’s as meticulous and covers as many bases as possible.

A great example of that is AFF’s subcategories for trans members

Hookup sites don’t usually have this many options, but this one understands that the term “trans” covers a lot of ground – and it’s nice that they included them all here.

But perhaps one of the best parts about AFF is that you’re not just limited to one or two genders when it comes to what kind of people you’re looking to fulfill your sexual fantasies with –  you can tick off as many as you want!

So, I decided to tick them all off. After all, love is love and all that. 

As long as you’ve got the goods, I’m here to grab ‘em. Gender and sexual orientation are of no matter!

Once you’re done setting your preferences and selecting your region, you’ll then be led to a second signup page where you have to create your username and link your email address to AFF.

This is the part where I encountered some problems with what would otherwise be a quick and easy free account creation process.

At the risk of becoming too salty about it, I’ll just say this: it was NOT a fun experience.

My primary email address is a Gmail account, and AFF’s system says it can’t create my free membership because “Gmail is unstable.” 

The email service provider, mind you, is not my specific address. I have no idea what the futz that means, so I then just resolved to using an alternate email address I had.

This one uses Yahoo, and as before, AFF rejected it for the same reasons.

It’s super weird and increasingly frustrating to deal with this. To tell you guys the truth, I was pretty much ready to call it quits at this point.

But then I remembered that I still had one email address I could use: it’s a Hotmail account that I’ve almost completely forgotten about. So I figured I might as well try.

And it worked! 

No, that’s not a good thing. 

It just goes to show that creating your free account with AFF is kind of a hassle. Besides, they accept Hotmail addresses but not Gmail? Doesn’t look like a good business model to me.

I just hope other members didn’t have to go through this whole ordeal the way I did. 

Still, I’m just glad that I got through the whole signup process, which is way more than I can say for other sites out there, for dating or otherwise.

Adult Friend Finder– They’re More Than Just Dating Experts

You guys should know that I mainly focused on the AFF site instead of the Adultfriendfinder app (that one requires a review all its own). 

And if you’re one of the new users here, chances are you’re going to find the transition from something as clean and smooth as this…

…to a page that looks like the one below could be quite jarring.

To clarify, the image above is what you’re going to see once you have an active account with AFF. 

It’s packed, to say the least, but I do have to commend the site for using a layout that resembles the one that Facebook uses.

It honestly took me a minute or two to get acquainted with what I’m seeing with this member’s homepage. 

But once I was able to browse around a little bit, I was able to get the hang of what it’s all about.

Right out the gate, you’re going to get a sampling of the vast membership base that’s on AFF. Next, you see suggestions from the site featuring all available members who are currently online at any given time.

The left side works as your dashboard, which efficiently records all your on-site activity. 

You’re going to find the kinds and amount of interactions that you’ve had with other members in this section.

For a more detailed look at what exactly you can do with your account, there’s also the My Stuff button on the top banner of your member’s homepage.

And since we’re on the topic of that sweet, sweet AFF banner, I have to say that I’m all kinds of impressed with what the developers were able to squeeze into this section. 

That, and they did it all in a nicely streamlined manner. Bravo!

When you scroll down your member’s homepage, you’re going to find other members in honest, legit adult chat rooms doing live cam shows

Yes, boys and girls: these aren’t “amateur” cam models; these are horny randos online who just want to give joy to the world with their genitals! Yum!

I also appreciate how you can see a short profile of any member here on the member’s homepage when you hover your cursor over their thumbnails. 

This way, you can easily check if you’re looking at a real person or, sadly, one of the many fake profiles floating around AFF.

The last part of the member’s homepage is the newsfeed. 

As with mainstream social media sites, this shows you what other AFF members are doing through text, photo, and video posts.

And don’t forget: I’m just using free features here, and there already is a whole lot of stuff that you can peruse. 

This piqued my curiosity further as to what Gold members can get from AFF.

AFF Gold Membership — Unlimited Access to All the Goodies

You can find a small icon on the left side of the member’s homepage that shows you the Gold Membership offer.

AFF is very straightforward with what they have to offer their paid members: the promise of hooking up with more people; the ability to contact anyone on the site; and full access to everything they have to offer.

Once you click on the button – you’ll then see the Gold membership signup page.

Do note that AFF Gold membership is NOT charged in JPY. 

It’s just that I set my region to Japan because I wanted to see hot Asian people on this platform. 

It’s actually commendable that AFF adjusts the currency depending on which country you choose to set your account in.

In terms of USD, a paid membership with AFF will just cost you anywhere from around 14 to $29.

And when you consider that a Gold member basically has an all-access pass to the myriad features that this platform offers – you’ll realize that the rates are pretty much a steal.

They charge on a monthly basis, with an auto-renewal option available. 

And as far as fee-based services go, a paid member is only charged when they give explicit permission to be so. So that means there aren’t any shady or hidden charges here.

When you scroll down, you’ll see the dialog boxes where people who want to become paying members can enter their credit card details. 

That’s the thing, though: AFF only accepts credit cards. 

It would have been way better if they also offered other payment methods.

The AdultFriendFinder Crowd — Fake Profiles or Real People?

Adult sites tend to have a reputation for being populated by the all too common bots, fake profiles, and scam accounts that more often than not pose as female members in order to scam you.

On the other hand, you have AFF. 

Yes, there are fake profiles here, but they’re easily identifiable. Plus, the legit ones far outnumber all the scammers and phishers out there, and this is no more evident in their Community section.

AFF Magazine

One of my personal favorites, AFF’s Magazine is an online periodical where you can find various articles about sex and dating.

As you can see, this isn’t just some half-assed attempt to create content for the site; this is a whole section in itself, all done in a nice visually-appealing site layout.

AFF Groups

AFF groups might not look like much at first glance. But, I mean, come on: just check out what it looks like.

It looks less at home on a site like this than at an office cubicle. 

Jokes aside, this is a great place where you can connect with other users based on specific interests.

Member Blogs

Now, Member Blogs are self-explanatory: it’s a place where AFF members post entries that other AFF folks can check out and read.

It’s a nice little corner within AFF’s combined app and site that further adds value to the whole paid membership package.

Erotic Stories

Now, the Erotic Stories section is one of the most interesting ones you can find on AFF. 

Although I have to say that this page would have been so much better with a different, more streamlined design.

As it stands, it looks less like a place where you can find fictional tales about hot MILFs in a sex academy offering booty call services to their students (time for me to sign that pitch up for federally registered trademarks). 


There’s the Bling section: an emoji and virtual badge store. It’s not all too necessary, but its inclusion is welcome.


You’ll see the various online events that AFF regularly holds for its members here. 

Lastly, there’s the Sex Academy section of the AFF Community pages. 

Now, I would have loved to check this one out, but the Sex Academy is exclusive to premium users, which I was not at the time of doing this review.

Finding a Friend on Adult Friend Finder

Connecting with AFF members is quick and easy

In fact, I already had someone check my profile mere minutes after creating my account.

Although I’m not sure if this is a real dude or another fake profile or a bot that’s making its rounds. 

Regardless, it’s nice to be noticed.

I also found out that you can send virtual gifts to one another on this casual dating platform. 

That’s–well– sort of unnecessary. 

This isn’t a live sex cam site, after all. But hey, that’s just me; some people might love these things.

But here’s really what made me raise my eyebrows:

Why is there a tip option for other members?

Shouldn’t this feature be exclusive to their live cams section? It is what it is, I suppose.

Someone also slid into my mailbox, though it’s really just one of those auto-generated messages that AFF sends to their members regularly. 

Don’t worry, though: third parties can’t just check you out all willy-nilly; AFF has some nice security settings.

There are a lot of contacting features on AFF, with the chat function chief among them:

However, entering one of the many chat rooms on this dating platform is only available to Gold AFF members, as with some of its other features. 

The same rule goes for watching videos or even viewing photos posted by other members. 

I understand that you’re already getting a lot of stuff with a free AFF account, but it would have been nice if it at least provided you with limited interaction options with other members at this membership tier.

How to Search for Other Members on AdultFriendFinder

You won’t be at the mercy of inefficient search filters here on AFF because they provide you with a bevy of search tools to help you find the right person.

AFF Chatroom

If you want to interact with other AFF members directly, head on to their chat rooms. 

I particularly love how the site can present you with categories based on region. Not only that, they even tell you how many are online at any given moment from any one state or country.

Kink Search

Kink Searches allow you to look for a partner based on sexual preferences.

There is a lot here, which range from more vanilla fare like massage to kinks like cuckold fetishes and shaved genitalia.

Hot or Not Search

Simply put, this is AFF’s way of copying other successful dating apps like Tinder. 

Except, instead of swiping left or right, you just give the suggested profile a thumbs up or down.

Members on IM

Another place where you can chat with other AFF peeps is the Members on IM section.

Whereas the chat rooms are more public, the AFF Instant Messenger provides you with an environment that has been made for private interaction via 1-on-1 chats with other users.

Cupid Preferences

If you want the site’s suggestions to be as laser-precise as possible, then go to the Cupid Preferences page.

This section allows you to filter what kind of members show up on your feed based on a large variety of things, from body type to marital status.

Members Online

If you like your searches old school, then just check out the Members Online section, which shows you all the available users who are active at any given moment.

Members Near Us/Me

Of course, any dating platform worth its salt won’t forget to add a search function that allows you to see members in your area:

All in all, AFF does a great job– in fact, it does the best job– at providing you with ways to look for users that you can meet and connect with.

Some Other Fun Stuff on AFF

Like I said earlier, AF goes beyond just being a place where you can meet other people online; it’s a full-blown adult entertainment website that features 100% legit porn content.

Member Cams

Member cams are great. These aren’t just models who do cam shows professionally; they’re more private citizens who just want to have fun online with other AFF members through live sex cams.

Premium AFF members can enter these rooms for free, though you should know that some of them work for tips, which you then pay for with AFF credits.

Professional Cams

Yup, you won’t be wrong to think that AFF is basically your one-stop porn superstore!

They also offer 100% professional cam models— girls, boys, and even trans performers– that do live sex cam shows for their viewers.

What’s Hot

The What’s Hot section of AFF is simply dedicated to showing you content like photos and videos posted by other AFF users. 

Member Photos

Here, you’ll find nude images posted by AFF members to their profiles. Apart from that, photos from contest winners also appear here.

Member Videos

As with the Member Photos section, this is where you can find pre-recorded XXX videos all done by other AFF members. 

They come with the whole Gold Adultfriendfinder membership package.

Top Broadcasters

This section shows you the most popular members who do live cams on AFF. 

Notice how the site puts an emphasis more on their member cams than their pro ones. It just goes to show that AFF doesn’t forget its roots as a casual dating website!

AFF Porn Exclusives

Lastly, there’s the AFF Porn Exclusives page. It’s a section where you’ll find honest-to-goodness porn movies featuring popular adult film stars produced by the site.

So, yeah, you can basically say that AdultFriendFinder has the whole multitasking thing down on lock!

My Adult Friend Finder Conclusion — Amazing on All Ends

AFF is the kind of adult dating platform that manages to juggle a slew of other products and services but never at the expense of their main goal – 

To provide people with an online platform explicitly made for casual dating. 

The addition of features like member sex cams, their online Magazine, erotic stories; and everything in between doesn’t make AFF appear like a platform that just keeps throwing everything at the ceiling to see what sticks.

It actually enhances the experience and makes AFF a versatile site!

Combine all the features with a nicely affordable monthly membership fee, and it’s easy to see why it remains as one of the best— if not THE BEST– adult dating website and app around right now.

And best of all?

You can join for FREE today!

My AdultFriendFinder Rating: 10 out of 10 Dating Diamonds