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Nothing has taken over the financial, investment, and tech world quite like cryptocurrency. The financial sector loves cryptocurrencies because of the investment opportunities they bring, while the tech geeks love cryptocurrencies because of the way they work, plus their underlying blockchain tech has the potential to fundamentally change how money is spent and transactions are handled. 

For people who are brand new to the world of crypto trading, there is no doubt it can be overwhelming and confusing. But thanks to helpful groups with smart crypto investors wanting to share their wisdom with others, it can be a little easier to make smart investment decisions and avoid buying failing crypto coins, all with help from industry professionals.

The world of online crypto trading signals has become quite saturated, however, and wading through the mediocre groups to find the real pros takes time and expertise. Save yourself some time. Use our guide to get started with the best crypto trading signals groups on the web.

Top 3 Crypto Trading Signals

  1. Crypto Rand Group: Paid group, focuses on trader education and community
  2. Fat Pig Signals: Free and paid tiers, emphasizes importance of portfolio diversity
  3. Rocket Wallet: Free and paid tiers, helpful tips channel for new traders

How Did We Choose the Best Services? 

When an interested person searches for crypto trading signals on their search engine of choice, they will be sure to see thousands of results, but a lot of these results might not be the most trustworthy. This opens the door to feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choices, and of course, the possibility of being scammed. We looked for a few things when sorting through some of the top crypto trading signals resources to narrow it down to the best of the best. 

  • Attention to the crypto market to provide members with timely updates and potential trade positions. 
  • How accurate the groups have been in the past in terms of signals given (or “win rate”).
  • Whether the groups are run by proven professionals in the crypto field. 
  • Clear, concise information on how the groups are formed and how subscriptions work, including pricing and benefits.

Crypto Trading Signals: Top Choices Reviewed 

With a seemingly endless amount of signal groups available and open online right now, it could take some time to whittle it down to the very best. Here are some of the top picks for trusted crypto trading signals online. 

1. Crypto Rand Group: Paid group, focuses on trader education and community


  • Paid tiers giving interested traders different levels of access to helpful information. 
  • Anyone familiar with the Crypto Rand account on Twitter will know that this group is genuinely handled by professionals who are highly experienced in the crypto scene. 
  • A true sense of community – in the Discord group, there is even a one-on-one channel to ask questions, exchange ideas and chat with the team directly.
  • Daily updates on the latest crypto, right from industry experts. 


  • High demand means they often have a waiting list to become a member.

Crypto Rand Group is a fun and professional group with thousands of traders seeking expert signals advice. Crypto Rand has been active on Twitter for some time now, offering detailed analyses on various matters in the crypto sphere. With the Crypto Rand Group on Discord, that expertise is offered to anyone who is interested in joining the group and joining the discussion.

Crypto Rand Group is a paid option, so you can feel much more confident knowing that you are receiving expert advice on crypto trades and positions you should be taking. They have two tiers for their groups, each with different reasons to choose them. 

The first option is $19.95 per month, and offers a full review of Bitcoin, altcoin indexes, crypto news, lessons and examples that traders can take advantage of, and leverage setups. This could be the better, more affordable option for someone thinking about getting their feet wet in crypto and looking for sound trading advice before dropping their hard-earned money on a coin that might not perform so well. 

The second option is $200 per month, and offers a substantially higher amount of benefits. In this higher tier, you will find lessons, a newsletter and recap, potential investment opportunities, access to the Teacher Room, a direct support line, “coin calls”, signals, and even more. For someone looking for the full crypto signals experience, this could be the perfect option if they have the cash to spare each month.

All in all, Crypto Rand Group is going to be one of the best and most accessible options for anyone who is looking to get into legitimate crypto trading signals. Not only is it run by experienced traders, but there is a nice community that has formed around it where anyone can talk, ask questions, and just have a good time with like-minded people looking to make some money in the cryptocurrency sphere.

Jump into the Crypto Rand Group Discord to see what that community vibe is all about.

Click here to visit

2. Fat Pig Signals: Free and paid tiers, emphasizes importance of portfolio diversity


  • Fat Pig Signals offers short-term, mid-term, and long-term signals, so members can get in on trading their favorite options no matter what investment horizon they have.
  • Fat Pig always has someone available for members who need assistance, with 24/7 customer support. This can be quite a bonus for people who are brand new to trading.


  • Subscriptions to their services can only be paid in ETH, which might limit accessibility for people who haven’t been trading crypto very long.

Fat Pig Signals is one of the more popular groups making themselves known on Telegram when it comes to trading signals for Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies. Fat Pig Signals has been around for awhile, and is led by traders who have been in the game for quite some time. 

Like the majority of other crypto trading signals groups, interested folks will find that Fat Pig Signals has one Telegram group that is free for anybody who would like to join, and they also offer a paid group especially for VIP members.

Anyone trying to get in on crypto trading but with no clue where to start might like to consider Fat Pig Signals for the lineup of benefits they offer the people who come to their groups. Their VIP Telegram channel has some nice, customized services for members, and they provide highly detailed analyses of potential positions on crypto members should be thinking about taking.

3. Rocket Wallet: Free and paid tiers, helpful tips channel for new traders


  • There are several channels available in the group, clearly marked so you can see what to expect before entering. The layout is nice and clear, so everyone is always certain of where in the group they are. 
  • Rocket Wallet provides regular insights into the crypto market, giving updates on some of the current trends in various cryptocurrencies.


  • The group is 35,000 members and growing, so it has not become uncommon for potential scammers to show up. Rocket Wallet does seem to work hard to remove these scammers when they are noticed, however. 

Here is another signals group taking advantage of the Telegram platform, and they are serious about providing advice for responsible, careful, and smart trading to their community of VIP members. Currently, their Telegram group sports over 35,000 members, where 1-3 crypto signals are posted each day. 

The group has a few different subscription models for folks wanting to become a VIP – a lifetime membership for $1300, a one year membership for $700, a six month membership for $390, a three month membership for $220, or a one month membership for $90. 

There is a nice range in price in each subscription model, so if you want to be sure you are going to like Rocket Wallet before becoming a higher-tiered or even lifetime member, you can try the one month subscription to see if you like it.

What Are Crypto Trading Signals? 

Crypto trading signals might be a new term for people newer to the cryptocurrency trading scene, but learning what it is all about is simple enough. Basically, they are ideas passed from trading experts to people looking for some advice on what cryptocurrencies they could potentially be trading. 

In crypto trading signals groups, crypto trading experts will analyze and closely monitor how a particular cryptocurrency (or cryptocurrencies) are performing in the markets. These experts will then let other members in their groups know when the right time to execute trades of that currency might be – including how much to buy and when the best time to buy or sell might be. 

Spend enough time in cryptocurrency communities online, and you will probably find that crypto trading signals providers are starting to flood the scene. 

For someone who is brand new to the world of crypto trading, it can seem like a monumental task to learn about some of the various crypto coins, as well as the time folks need to spend analyzing the markets in order to make smart trading decisions. 

These providers aim to make this whole process a little simpler for you. Being experts in the field of crypto trading, they know what signs to look for in the markets, and are willing to share their knowledge on trading, and their suggestions on which coins members of their groups should be buying and selling – for a price. 

Working with a good crypto signals provider can really come in handy for some people who are brand new to this. Signals providers could help members of their groups learn how they can identify good potential trades, learn how they can take good positions on their trades, set targets for profits, and learn the right time to get in and get out on a trade in a bid to maximize those profits. 

The ultimate idea with crypto trading signals is that, with the huge amount of different coins trading on all of the various exchanges, you would have to find a lot of time to sit around and keep a close eye on markets to know which positions you should be taking with your trades. But with good signals provided, you won’t have to spend that kind of time. 

A prevailing idea is that folks in crypto signals groups all try to make money together, and that brings a nice feeling to all members when everyone can collectively say they turned a profit together, and probably even learned a little more about trading crypto in the process. 

Crypto Signals Groups: What to Look For

There are a large variety of crypto trading signals providers out there. Look around online, check around in various groups on various platforms, and you will be sure to find someone talking about the latest signals group they have found. While some of these posts will just be someone trying to get others to join groups that might be sub-optimal, you can find some diamonds in the rough with some careful searching. 

Remember, however, that there is never any guarantee that these groups are going to help you in your financial positions. The idea with these groups is that they will provide you with solid data you can use to execute informed trades, allowing you to better manage your investments in the crypto space. 

You don’t want to just go anywhere when it comes to looking for smart ways to invest your money. Keep these key parameters in the back of your mind when you are looking around for potential groups that you can join. 

The financial aspect

With a huge number of groups available for interested investors to look into, you will quickly see that there is often going to be a financial aspect; some of them are free, some are supported by advertisements, and some are reserved for VIP members who pay a fee to be in the group. 

Each of these comes with their own set of risks and rewards. For example, if you are joining a group that is free-tier only, there is a good chance that you are not really dealing with a crypto trading expert. In these groups, make sure you take any piece of trading advice with a grain of salt and do your own research, because you could be taking a bigger risk. 

Working with paid crypto trading signals groups is often the better option. These providers are usually experts in the field with years of proven experience in the crypto trading sector, and will be much more likely to provide you with quality suggestions on how you should be considering investing in crypto.

The time frames that trades happen in

There are different kinds of crypto traders, and with different kinds of traders, there comes various methods of trading. Some of these trading styles go on at different times throughout the day, separated by day traders, position traders, swing traders, and resellers. 

If there is a crypto trading style that you tend to adhere to, you might see if there is a group that is more suited toward your trading style. It might even end up surprising you how many groups you will find that will be centered around a specific style of trading.

Strategies used in trades

As with the style of trading, because there are so many different kinds of traders you will also find a ton of different strategies employed. Just like with how you can look around for groups that are suited to a specific style, you can also find some that can be suitable to specific strategies in trading.

Remember, some of the very best crypto traders know the importance of technical analysis and smart investing, so look for signs of providers who seem to rely on hard data rather than just hunches they get when it comes to the performance of a coin in the market.

The reputation of the group

When you are searching for a crypto trading signals group to join, it can be tempting to try to hop onto some of the first ones you find. However, like with any other site you could sign up for, you don’t want to just hop into the first trading signals group you run across. 

If it is a group you have never heard of before, make sure you do some research into the reputation of the group first. Find out who leads the group, what kind of experience they have in trading cryptocurrencies, their success rate, and much more. What’s their trading style? How many members are in the group with you? Is it paid, or is it free? 

Always make sure you do your due diligence before joining any group, or especially before paying to be a member of one. Remember, this is your money you are investing, so ensure you’ve got your research on groups you think about joining under your belt before you go ahead and pull the trigger on joining up with one.

What is the win rate of the group? 

You want to find a crypto trading signals provider that has been known to call good trades, or one that has what is known as a good win rate. The win rate is the ratio of positive trade signals to negative ones.

You should steer clear of any group who claims that they have a 100% win rate. Nobody has ever called anything that perfectly over time, and the group is definitely trying to scam you if this is a claim they make about their group. 

Take a close look at the performance of the group – what is their rate of winning versus their rate of losing. Is this information even available to you? 

If you are able to find a group who has more winning signals than losing ones, and one that seems to make reasonable analyses based on the data available, then the chances are good that you have found a decent group to try working with.

Crypto Trading Signals Platforms

Crypto trading signals groups use a few different platforms to meet up on and have their discussions. Each of these platforms are ones that are well-known for community building, allowing for members to join the group and be met with a group chat where they can interface with other members of the group, separate out into different channels for discussions of various crypto-related topics, and more.

These platforms will also allow for members of groups to chat in private, and discuss prices, trades, and signals in real time as everyone watches the markets together. 

When searching for potential crypto signals groups to join, you will surely hear about the following two platforms, where the majority of these groups go to meet up. Take a second to familiarize yourself with these platforms and some of the features that are so attractive for folks looking to get into crypto trading signals communities.

1. Discord

A platform originally known for being the gathering place of groups dedicated to gaming and live streaming, Discord has come a long way from its gaming-centric roots. Nowadays, Discord appeals to communities of all types, from musicians, to programmers, small business owners and their teams, and yes, even crypto trading signals communities. 

Discord has a lot of nice features that trading signals group members can take advantage of: 

  • Private chats among other members of the group allow everyone to talk without interrupting the main chat. 
  • Live voice channels allow members to trade together in real time without having to reach for the keyboard every time they would like to say something. 
  • Group admins can separate different channels by topic, so the discussion is always on-topic and always relevant.

Discord also gives communities simple ways to shape their groups the way they want, allowing extendable roles to moderators and admins. This makes for a very attractive package for crypto signals groups such as Crypto Rand Group, who utilize Discord each day to get signals out to members looking for advice on what to trade next.

2. Telegram

Known widely for being a more privacy-centric alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram has taken on a life of its own when it comes to creating communities related to different topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has some questions at times, and it comes as no surprise that people want to find some extra assurance on this topic before they go investing their money on the suggestions of crypto traders.

If you still have some questions about joining one of these groups, take a look at these common questions related to this topic to see if your question might have already gotten an answer. 

Are crypto trading signals worth it? 

If you are able to find a crypto trading signals group with a proven win rate and technical analyses by industry pros, then crypto signals can certainly be worth it for someone new to crypto and looking to make good investments. The crypto market is very volatile – like the equity stock market on steroids – and it is way too easy for newbies to make bad trading decisions and lose money.

Legit signals groups can be a great resource for people learning how to trade crypto. Look for a group you think you can trust, listen to the recommendations from the leaders, and if it seems like solid advice, see if you make a profit. This is what these groups are all about – making money together!

How do I get into trading signals? 

It can seem simple to get into crypto trading signals groups at first, but you will want to make sure you do some research before you jump into the first group you find on Google search results. Make sure the group is going to be able to provide you with valuable information, and that the group is run by proven professionals with experience in crypto trading.

If you are going to take the advice of a trader, make sure they are true pros. You can find further reviews on various crypto trading groups simply by doing some googling and looking at reviews and posts from community members on crypto sites.

Are free or paid groups better?

You want to be very careful when following the advice of free-only crypto signals groups. When you go to a free-tier only group, you might not have even heard the name before of the person running it. Typically, it is fine for a paid group to also offer a free tier to build a sort of community, but if it is free only, you should keep your eyes peeled for potential scams. 

When you work with a paid group, you have a little more assurance that the person running the show is an actual expert in the field. People are happy to pay money to experienced experts, especially when it comes to in-depth and expert analyses on crypto markets.


As you can see, there are some solid benefits to choosing to work with a signals group if you are looking to make smart investment decisions in crypto. Professional traders often love to share their knowledge, and you can find some valuable advice from some of these groups, whether you are brand new to crypto or have been trading for years. 

At the end of the day, quality signals groups all consist of the same thing – people just like you, looking to pool their information and analyses together in an effort to make some money together.