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Of all the Washington Post targets that Dan Snyder‘s street team has gone after in the last few years, Nunyo Demasio was the primest. During Demasio’s days on the Redskins beat, the moderators and posters at extremeskins.com, the message board owned by Snyder, attacked pretty much every syllable he wrote.
There was even a dedicated thread, dubbed “The Nunyo Files,” that was used as a clearinghouse for any and all Demasio bashing.

Demasio left the Post two seasons ago, and current lead beater Jason La Canfora is now the top whipping boy for the minions. But Demasio is still referenced by members of Snyder’s site whenever the talk shifts to the paper’s alleged ineptitude and anti-Skins bias.

Now, Demasio hits back hard. A large portion of a recent interview Demasio gave to the sports blog the Big Lead was devoted to the attacks he got while at the Post from extremeskins. Though not by name, Demasio brutalizes Art Mills, the moderator and top media attack dog on Snyder’s site. Mills, who started the Nunyo Files thread and encouraged posters to send in their hateful thoughts about Demasio. He calls Mills “a failed journalist who felt inclined to dole out journalism tips.” (Mills had one byline in the Washington Post, having covered a high school football game for the sports section in 1996.)

But the most entertaining and enlightening bashes in the interview are when he outs Ben Domenech, whose tenure as a blogger for the Washington Post ended scandalously just days after his hiring amid years of evidence that he stole other writers’ words for his stories, as a regular poster at extremeskins.com.

“One [extremeskins.com poster] had an avatar that said: I wouldn’t pee on Nunyo Demasio if he was on fire,” Demasio said in the interview “Karma’s a bitch. Last year, the guy, Ben Domenech, was hired as a conservative blogger by the Washington Post. And it didn’t take long for him to be outed as a serial plagiarist, spurring him to quit five days after being hired. (One of Domenech’s original thoughts was calling Coretta Scott King a communist.)”

But a quick run through the extremeskins.com archives shows that Demasio wasn’t Domenech’s only bashee at the Post. Turns out that Domenech, who posts on extremeskins.com as “BD,” has spent quite a bit of time at the site bashing the newspaper that hired and quickly fired him. He pledged his support for Mills’ effort to savage Demasio upon the founding of the Nunyo Files. “Thanks for doing this, Art,” wrote BD in one of his more than 2,300 extremeskins.com posts. “I’ll do my best to spot [Demasio’s errors] as well—-though of course, most of them are pretty obvious.”

Domenech, whose plagiarism didn’t cost him his work at Redstate, has also used his more than 2,300 extremeskins.com posts to go after the Post’s La Canfora, Mark Maske, Leonard Shapiro, Paul Farhi, and Demasio’s replacement, Howard Bryant.

“In ten paragraphs,” wrote BD after Bryant’s first story on the Redskins beat, “this guy already established himself in my mind as a total dick.”

There’s no evidence that those words are anybody’s but Domenech’s.