The Washington Post has a scary and fun story about the town of New Carrolton’s longtime feud with a resident named Mark Levy. Depending on who you believe, the squabble started either over his vehicle hoarding ways or his anti-City Hall bent.

The scary part is that, no matter how these things start, The Man eventually crushes anybody The Man wants crushed. So, despite all the smug and dismissive comments from local authorities, odds are Mr. Levy’s fighting a losing battle.

But, the fun part of the story: Levy’s hairdo. The guy’s coif in the photo accompanying the article is as vintage as any of the vehicles that local law enforcement is harassing him about. It’s a ‘do you won’t find much away from Loverboy shows or high school reunions in Canada.

(Hell, while we’re being juvenile and petty: Only one of Levy’s neighbors was willing to go on record in the story, and he’s identified as “Richard Salamy.” Seventh grade must’ve been tuff with that handle. If it’s real…)