Great Moments In Capitalism (Cont.)

I thought Dan Snyder couldn’t top himself after selling Sept. 11 Commemorative Hats for profit.

Note to self: Never overestimate Dan Snyder. Never. Ever ever. Never never.

Folks at FedExField for yesterday’s game reported that Snyder’s vendors were selling beer to fans IN THE RESTROOMS!

And this isn’t the first time.

(After the jump: New evidence of Snyder’s “revenue stream”?)

The above photo was posted on Snyder’s message board,, a year ago. A witness who goes by the board name of Gracelander wrote:

I’m in 418 and this one dude kept coming into our section peddling the beer and he was obviously in someone elses territory cuz there were alot of back and forth stuff said between them. Then what made me mad was when I went to the bathroom at the start of the 3rd quarter and this guy was in the BATHROOM selling beers to guy’s who waited for the urinals. I found this just wrong on so many accounts. I took a pic of him because i’m sure this isn’t typical “fed ex” rules for it’s employees.

Gracelander later posted that he had received apologies from FedExField management, who blamed the bathroom retailing on maverick vendors.

Well, Gracelander went back to the scene of the grime yesterday for the Kansas City Chiefs game. Only this time, he brought along a video camera.

So now there’s fresh video showing that the filthy sales practice is still in found at FedEx. Gracelander posted this video on

Other posters on Snyder’s message board seconded Gracelander’s yucky tale.

I mean, sure, with about half the ticketholders staying home yesterday, I can understand Snyder needs to come up with some new, um, revenue streams.

But…beer in the bathrooms?

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