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The typical Metro train contains six or eight cars. But can you imagine the creation of a mega-Metro train—-a “Frankentrain”—-with 24 cars? According to Unsuck D.C. Metro, that’s exactly what happened on Jan. 27, when an eight-car Orange Line train near Cheverly lost power and left 44 passengers stuck.

The first eight-car train sent to “rescue” the stranded train lost power too, according to the blog. That’s when another eight-car train was sent to couple to both of them, creating a 24-car mega-train straining under its own size.

It’s a feat that, if true, would rival Denzel Washington‘s Unstoppable for train-related dramatic tension. But according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel, it never happened. In an email to City Desk, Stessel denied the existence of the fanciful Frankentrain.



Photo by AgnosticPreachersKid/Creative Commons Attribution License