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Remember D.C. Jail guard Jonathan Womble, busted in February after a drug-sniffing dog allegedly found pot in his locker? It always looked like the drugs were being smuggled in to inmates, but prosecutors confirmed that suspicion last week when they charged Greenbelt resident Joel Tillery with helping Womble get the drugs, the Examiner reports.

According to prosecutors, Tillery was operating on the orders of an inmate identified only as “Freaky.” Once Womble had the drugs, prosecutors say, he would give them to Freaky in the shower.

In a note to Tillery, prosecutors say, Freaky created a system of codewords for talking on the phone about which drugs and which amounts he needed:

  • Marijuana: “Uncle Reggie.”
  • Pills: “Skates 4 rollin'” or “Skittles for da different color.”
  • An ounce: “Wizard of Oz.”
  • Heroin: “Dog food 2 feed my dog” or “D-Angleo (sic) for brown sugar.”

The use of R&B artist D’Angelo‘s “Brown Sugar” is a nice touch. According to his note, Freaky was able to leverage his code into selling the drugs for between $100 and $150 a gram.

Drug photo by Shutterstock