Tutu-clad gay rights activist Qween Amor has been through a lot since December, when we first saw her earning an indecent exposure arrest for tangling with Black Israelites in front of the Chinatown Metro stop. She eventually declared victory over the hate group, but now she’s facing an even more implacable foe—-snatch-and-grab robbers.

On Tuesday, Amor was dancing in New York City’s Union Square when a man bumped into her luggage, she tells City Desk. The dispute escalated, with the man punching Amor. While Amor pursued her assailant, another man made off with her luggage.

The robbery has left Amor without most of her possessions, including the amplifier she uses to blast pop music around the city. Still, she thinks the robbery might have an upside.  “I’m hoping that one day I can make it on Ellen and maybe Wendy Williams,” says Amor.

Also gone like Amor’s boombox: her signature pink hair, which really completed the “what is going on at this Metro station?” effect of her D.C. performances. “I fried it so much with dye and bleach,” says Amor. “It was just really crispy so I just shaved it all off.”

She’s raised enough in Paypal donations to buy another amplifier but is continuing to accept donations on Paypal at