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It’s every D.C. dorm-room stoner’s dream. Yesterday, marijuana officially became legal in the District. We’re assuming many celebratory joints were lit across local college campuses, followed by, of course, frantic Febreezing.

Yet the rules at universities in D.C. regarding pot haven’t changed. Possessing and consuming weed is still against the rules on campuses, no matter what the pesky local voters decided. According to American University Vice President Gail Hanson, for the foreseeable future “manufacture, possession, use, and distribution of marijuana will continue to be violations of the Conduct Code.” Students found with weed on campus property will continue to face referrals to the student conduct office, rather than the cops. The same applies to students at Catholic University, which has no plans to revise its policy. Neither do Howard or Gallaudet, which both prohibit the drug.

George Washington and Georgetown take a similar approach to one another, with both basing their regulations around federal rather than local law. That means students are still going to be subject to disciplinary sanctions if they’re found in possession of the drug on campus.

But at least now if you get caught, the campus cops can’t threaten to call the real ones (unless you’re under 21, smoking in public, or violating another one of our Don’ts).

Illustration by Carey Jordan