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UT OH:Anchorage blogger Linda Kellen Biegel, who goes by the name Celtic Diva has filed an ethics complaint with the state’s Attorney General, alleging that Palin promoted First Dude Iron Dog sponsor “Arctic Cat Inc.” while representing the state of Alaska by covering herself in head-to-toe Arctic Cat gear at the start of this year’s snowmachine race.


“Are Alaskans outraged, or at least tired of this yet—-another frivolous ethics charge by a political blogger? This would be hilarious if it weren’t so expensive for the state to process these accusations and for me to defend against these bogus harassments. Yes, I wore Arctic Cat snow gear at an outdoor event, because it was cold outside, and by the way, today, I am wearing clothes bearing the names of Alaska artists, and a Glennallen Panthers basketball hoodie. I am a walking billboard for the team’s fundraiser! Should I expect to see an ethics charge for wearing these, or the Carhartts I wear to many public events? How much will this blogger’s asinine political grandstanding cost all of us in time and money?”

HOW MUCH MONEY? RedState claims Palin has racked up $500,000 in debt “defending herself against fake/false/frivolous ethics charges” since September. Public scrutiny’s a bitch.

SENATOR STATES OBVIOUS: U.S. Senator Mark Begich (D—-Alaska) disagrees with Palin’s refusal of some federal stimulus package funds. “I worry when we throw money back to the federal government that’s designed to help our state,” said Begich. “It sends the wrong message that maybe we don’t need the money. We do need the help.”

VIDEO THROWBACK: Palin and fam moving into the Governor’s mansion for the first time (cute).


Photo via Celtic Diva