Dick Retta‘s been out in front of the Planned Parenthood on 16th Street NW since 8:30 this morning. He’s here every Wednesday and Saturday. “That’s when they do the abortions,” he says. Today’s pretty quiet—-when I rode up, Retta was the only person outside the building. “I think they’re doing a training today,” he says. The training is purportedly about providing health care for women, but’s its really teaching women how to murder their children, he says.

Retta says abortion is a billion-dollar industry, which is why there’s no political appetite to regulate the clinics. “These could be filthy, dirty, we have no idea,” he says. Some clinics are “horrible, dirty, roach-infested places.”

Retta, who lives in Rockville, has been what pro-life advocates call a sidewalk counselor for 10 years (I found this video featuring him on a Canadian pro-life site). He became an activist when he “began to realize what abortion is.”

“You get inspired little by little,” he says. “I’m not picketing or protesting.” I’m offering women alternatives.”