Over the weekend, I watched the first portion of The Carter, an unauthorized documentary on Lil Wayne released on the Internet last year. The Carter was originally undertaken with Lil Wayne’s blessing, but the rapper later withdrew his support for the film (and sued the filmmakers), ostensibly due to its depictions of Wayne’s heavy drug use. But the film shows more than just Wayne sippin’ on sizzurp, a topic that the rapper himself has covered in many of his own songs.

In the middle of The Carter, an obviously high Lil Waynejokes openly about being raped at the age of 11 with the encouragement of his surrogate father, Baby—-and informs Lil Twist, a 15-year-old member of Wayne’s record label Young Money, that Wayne is going to help him get raped, too.

The scene comes in the second section of the documentary on YouTube (where the film migrated after failing to secure a theatrical release). While reclining on a couch in the dark with a group of friends, Wayne confronts Twist about the teen’s sexual history: “You sucking clits over there?” he asks.

“How old are you, Twist?” Wayne continues. “Fifteen,” Twist responds. Lil Wayne can’t believe that a 15-year-old boy may be a virgin.

“You ain’t fuckin’ yet? . . . I was fuckin’ at eleven!” Wayne tells him. Wayne explains that Twist needs to get laid, because that’s the way things work in Young Money. “It ain’t ’cause you’re a male, it ain’t ’cause you’re 15, it’s because you’re Young Money. You’re supposed to,” he says.

“I got raped when I was eleven, Twist,” Wayne tells him. “I loved it.”

Wayne describes how it happened. “I’ll never forget that day. They was all in the kitchen, I was scared, it was good . . . I’ll never forget their words: ‘Suck Lil Wayne’s little dick! Girl, you know you’re such a good dick sucker . . . Suck Lil Wayne’s little dick!,'” he says. “I’m sitting there like, Shorty! I ain’t never had this shit happen!” Wayne tells Twist that Baby, Wayne’s father figure, was one of the men encouraging the woman to perform oral sex on him. “I’m a do you like Baby and them did me,” Wayne informs him.


After the documentary was filmed, Lil’ Wayne spoke about his childhood sexual assault again, in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel‘s show. Kimmel goaded Wayne into talking about “losing his virginity” at the age of 11. Then, Kimmel—-along with, oddly, Charlie Gibson, who was also a guest on the show that night—-teamed up to tease Wayne over the incident, which they presented as an impressive display of Wayne’s manhood. Except that this time, Wayne was no longer up for joking about the matter, and he finally explained to Kimmel that the experience was a negative one. It was also revealed that the woman who was being encouraged to “suck little Wayne’s little dick” was 14 years old.

After the Kimmel segment aired, Cara at the Curvature wrote an excellent piece about the cultural tendency to respond to sexual assaults against males by recasting the assault as a positive sexual experience for the victim:

In the majority of sexual assault cases, where a woman is the victim of a man’s violence, rape apology is rooted primarily not in the denial that male violence exists, but in the denial that male violence means something and needs to be stopped. Conversely, in cases where a man is the victim of a woman’s violence, rape apologism is strongly rooted in the denial that women’s actions can count as violence at all—and especially that their actions can count as sexual violence against men, who are routinely construed as incapable of being victims.

In light of Wayne’s account of the incident in The Carter, it’s obvious that Wayne’s sexual assault was not only recast as a positive after-the-fact, but actually orchestrated beforehand by an adult who was responsible for raising Wayne. The fact that the girl chosen to carry out this sexual assault was 14 years old shows that both Wayne and the girl are victims of that man’s actions. When sexual assault against males is excused as a joke or even held up as a badge of honor, that doesn’t just work to erase victims after the fact. This attitude directly causes sexual assaults. Twist is told he needs to have sex whether he wants to or not, just like Wayne did before him. As Wayne tells Twist, “It ain’t ’cause you’re a male, it ain’t ’cause you’re 15, it’s because you’re Young Money. You’re supposed to.”