Last week, my wife, who rarely forwards me anything other than satirical Onion stories and adorable dog videos (the great ying/yang of our daily existence), passed along an e-mail with photos of some hilariously bad restaurant names. Two days later, Igor, my Russian intellectual bud in Houston, sent me the very same e-mail. These are two people with the kind of IQs you equate with MacArthur genius grants, not e-mail spam about eateries with names like The Golden Stool, Phât Phúc, and Cabbages & Condoms.

Last week, I also noticed that Todd Kliman at the Washingtonian was fishing around on his weekly chat for pretentious restaurant names. I figured I could buck this mini-trend no more.

More bad restaurant names/photos after the jump.

This one has to be fake, right? I mean, cum on!

No way! This has to be Photoshopped.

This one is real. It’s located in Houston.

To view the complete list, go to Food Network Humor and prepare to have your lunch ruined.