The rumor came in late yesterday and general manager Tomaso Beggiato just now confirmed it: Sesto Senso, the Dupont Circle outlet for Italian cuisine and Eurotrash nightclubbing, is calling it quits.

Beggiato said Sesto Senso (which means “sixth sense” in Italian) will close on Saturday but will reopen at a later date with a different concept. Plans and blueprints have already been drawn up, the GM says, but the concept has not been finalized.

I told Beggiato that I heard it was going to be a Mexican eatery. “That’s one of the possibilities,” the GM says, but he’s not at liberty to discuss anything at present.

It’s been a bad week for restaurants in the D.C. area. First Posh, then Polly’s, now Sesto, which has been owned by Osmar Nuñez since late 2008. The restaurant/nightclub first opened in August 1993 and has long been a weekend magnet for transplanted Europeans.

Beggiato says the poor economy was to blame for Sesto’s demise after 17 years of service to the Dupont area. Many of the employees, the GM says, will be transferred to other operations that the owner and his partners have a hand in, all of which fall under the Latin Concepts umbrella.